08 July 2015

Massage not :(

Turns out with my time off and the holiday I lost track of the Massage Therapists schedule.  She won’t be in this week but will be here next week.  It gets worse in that I will be out on Wednesday when we sign up for Thursday massages.  Thankfully she returns on Friday if there is enough participation.  So I will have to take my chances and hope that I am able to get a spot.

I am also requesting a new chair, I want something fancy and it costs a pretty penny.  Not exactly certain if I will get my way but it’s worth a shot.  My upper back seems to be where the majority of my issues are and I think that if I get a different chair it will help out.  I told my boss about it and she said she would support whatever I need.  She really, really likes me and while I wouldn’t leave over a chair, she wants to make sure that I am well taken care of, so that I am not even tempted to look.  While I appreciate that I still keep my eyes open, you never know what will pop up.  Granted a potential new job would have to be something that was out of this world amazing.  It’s nice knowing that your appreciated. 

Last night I watched a video from Davey Wavey that said a guy loses his sh*t while being autoblown.  The autoblown part is what lured me in.  Turns out it’s a sex toy that gives blow jobs.  Now I doubt that it’s as good as the real thing.  I looked at the price and with the discount code one can be procured just under a hundred dollars.  I am interested, would like to try it and if it’s as good as they say then it would be money well spent.  Otherwise take it back and sell it to some other sucker – no pun intended.  Problem is sex toys aren’t returnable and for good reason.  It just amazed me that someone thought of this idea.  Now kids you no longer have to use the vacuum cleaner we have autoblow or as I think it should be called autosuck. 

It’s been a boring afternoon.  I was told to hold off on the setup of the new person, looks like we are going to be doing some shuffling and then I can set the new person up.  It’s all political but when the big dog says jump, you jump.  So it will be extra work for me but sounds like that is the way it will be.  Oh my back, I feel the burn already. 

Well just a little bit more time before I head out on the Rainforest Expressway and ride it until I get to the Cat House.  Looking forward to seeing my guys and gals.  Here’s hoping that the medicine worked on Bear and that he is clean when I get home.  Talk with you peeps later.

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