20 July 2015

Monday Traffic

As I anticipated when I was late going to bed last night, 6am came around rather quickly.  Marv didn’t do me any favors last night and I had to eventually chase him into my room.  Both of the boys (Marv & Bear) were really drinking the water last night.  Thirsty fellows.  My fear was that Marvin would either wake me or not wake me and I would find a mess.  Nah, once he slows down and is ready to sleep that is what takes over.  He is a sleeping machine and outside of eating I’d say that is his 2nd favorite activity.  All is well in the cat community at my place. 

I got moving even if it was slower than I anticipated.  I mean it’s Monday how chipper and fast is one supposed to be at 6a?  I was able to leave the house early, not as early as I wanted to but I still was early.  Of course there weren’t any issues going to work.  Looking in the other direction, it looked like a nightmare to try to go home.  Not sure for my plans to return home tonight.  I will go the usual way and if it’s mega backed up then I will ditch and switch to an alternate route.  Hopefully, it’s not horrible.  I need to get home to the babies because they will be starving and then I will get yelled at when I open the door.  Sitting in traffic is not how I want to spend my night. 

Got a surprise this morning.  My Go To My PC Account renewed.  I had a promo price and have been paying the same amount for years.  Well, they had a rate increase and my promo rate went bye bye.  I wish they would have told me in advance.  I called in and got them to lower the amount but it’s no where close to the promo price I had.  Not happy about that but I like their product and the extra security they have built in.  I got the product when I was traveling so I could connect back home, but honestly it works well for me just to get into my machine from work.  It’s a handy thing to have access to another machine, especially in my field of work.  Troubleshooting connectivity to websites, etc. 

Last night I sent out my first ever Snapchat.  Bet you can’t guess who I sent it to.  You were going to say Charlie Puth right?  Well you’d be wrong.  I sent it to SHEP689 – aka Will Sheperd.  Then I sent a second one out to Charlie.  I really anticipated a response from both of them but got nothing.  Kind of disappointed.  Still having fun with Twitter, there are some folks on there that show their appreciation, just wish that it was the people I am a big fan of. 

The watch saga … I decided to set it last night to make sure it was 100% accurate and it hasn’t lost a beat since.  I wore it to work just to see if I could see it lose time and nope, still going like a champ.  I held off on sending my letter but will mail it tomorrow.  I’d love to have this spec thing fixed, it’s annoying despite the fact that it’s not causing any problems. 

Bankruptcy… No news.

Homeowner’s Insurance … Still no payment posted.  The overnight payment should be leaving tonight.  I will be calling tomorrow.  I held off mailing my letter on this just to see how it plays out, if were okay then I will send the letter in a day or so.  If not then I will be able to revise it and then send it.  No matter the situation it’s always helpful to have options.

The Chair … I have officially rejected the staff chair that they said to try first.  Now I have a meeting this afternoon to discuss how we move forward.  They need to get another chair in is how we move forward.  I can’t believe how difficult this process is – they are going to draw it out in the hopes that I will give up or just settle for something else.  NEVER!  I want and need what I want and need, give it to me and give it to me now.  Sounds reasonable right?

This is staff meeting and massage week.  Looking forward to the massage, not so much on the staff meeting.  Today is heavy with calls and problems.  Understandable after the weekend work.  It will be like this for a few more weeks, then we can all relax.  I am sure there will be some kind of a celebration and the most I expect is a box lunch, but you never know.  I might just get a thank you.  No worries, it all pays the same. 

Yesterday I dropped $101 at the grocery store.  I went to the upscale store and I got a lot of good food.  Turkey & Chicken frozen dinners, new from Stouffers.  Looking forward to supper every night this week.  Still have 1/2 of a Lemon cake to polish off as well.  Yesterday was National or World Ice Cream day.  I broke out the Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  It had been in the fridge way too long.  It was bad, I still ate some of it and put the rest away.  I don’t plan on throwing it out.  I just got it last week and it should last for more than a week.  Ah well. 

Heard some great car commercials last night.  Dealers want to get rid of the 15’s so they can make room for the 16’s – it’s a decent time to buy.  Lots of the offers come with 0% and I heard 2 offers that said no payments until fall.  Yeah so you drive it for a couple months, then realize you have to pay for it and that’s when your finances go to hell.  I am tempted to move forward but am still holding out.  Not exactly sure when I will move forward.  Need to build up ye old nest egg.  More expenses coming down the pipeline.  Auto Insurance, PO BOX and of course the bill for my tires.  There is always someone or something to take your money – realize that and you will be A okay.  I expect that I will be fine but still would be nice to pocket some money for longer than 1 or 2 months before I have to spend it.  I mean I like free money and that would be interest I am speaking of.  The more I get of that the happier I am. 

I see there is a 2nd season of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job on Here TV!  I saw an episode last night where the guys tried out being Vancouver Police Officers.  Wow very physically challenging job.  Rob Easton is still looking fine, but I hate the fact that he has a mustache.  I also saw the entire series of Cover Guy Montreal Edition.  Very nice men to look at.  It was a contest to be an underwear model – nice very nice!

Well back to the bump and grind for a few more hours and then it will be traffic time again  - eat some supper, relax and rest and repeat again tomorrow.  4 more days until Friday and then I have a full weekend to myself.  Looking forward to it.  It’s nice to be able to kick back and do nothing – not worry about anything just be a big lazy lump of a person taking up space and napping with my cats.  Ah well like I said back to reality.  Take care peeps!

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Jude said...

Glad to hear all is well in the kitty world at your house. :)

You're right there are always people wanting to take our money, too many people in my opinion. ;) Have a good week!