07 July 2015

Bieber Moons Us

So if you haven’t seen the news Justin Bieber has posted a photo of his ripe ass on Insagram.  I am in love with his body but him as a person, not so much.  It was a nice treat for a otherwise normal Tuesday.

Recapping last night.  There were traffic troubles on the way home, got in to a huge waiting line but eventually made my way through.  I was like 5 minutes late to home but I left the office early so I guess we will call that a good thing.  Made my Fit & Healthy Beef Fajita TV Dinner.  It was good and satisfying, love the black beans.  I was scared of the sauce on top but it was pretty good. I had to have some cake and ice cream to follow.  I mean I ate healthy why not treat myself.  Then processed the mail, saw that Adam Lambert is on the cover of Out.  There is another hottie I like.  I put the magazine on the table and will look at it eventually.  Took care of the trash and made it to the basement for a little bit.  Then I had to pass out treats and food again.  Prepared for today and watched some more of Baby Daddy until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer and called it an early night at 9:30p.

I woke up around midnight and Marv wanted out of the room, I accommodated him and used the restroom.  Then back to bed.  I started having dreams of peeing and then having to pee again.  I woke up and realized I had indeed peed a little bit.  Got up and went to the bathroom.  Came back to bed and slept on the other side of the bed.  When I woke up all was dry.  Not sure what caused that, it was strange.  I was a bed wetter for a very long time but thankfully it turned off in my 20’s.  It’s not a good habit to have but right now I am not terribly concerned about it.  I mean stuff happens. 

Marv was in hiding when I went to pass out breakfast.  He came out for a bit, ate with his brother and then went back into hiding.  So not like him.  I guess he doesn’t feel good.  I was thinking the other day I couldn’t live without my Marvin.  I hope I didn’t jinx him.  I really need him, he’s my bed buddy, even if only part time.  He did bite me last night and barley broke the skin and I pulled my hand back his tooth grazed my thumb.  I wasn’t terribly happy about it.  I’ve looked in on the kids once since I have been at work and there wasn’t anything to see, except Gator warming up Bear’s bed for him.  They all love the pet bed and take turns in it.  I purchased it for Bear.  It’s nice that he shares. 

Rain on the way to work, a little bit of a traffic snag but I still made it to work on time.  It’s nice having peace and quiet here but I’d still rather be at home but being paid and employed.  You know normal woes of the working life. 

My laptop prompted me for a reboot, got a new version of Norton.  Shortly afterwards I got a reminder notice from them saying that my subscription will renew in August and then they showed me the price.  I wanted to pass out - $80 it’s not terrible but I think it’s a little on the high side.  I really would like to switch to Sophos but they are primarily a business product so I guess I will stick with what I have.  I could go to a product that my cable company offers for subscribers at no additional charge but what I have works.  I hate the little expenses like this that climb out of the wood work when you least expect it.  I mean you get a pay raise and then someone is there to gobble it all up.  Taint fair!

I went looking for a Herman Miller chair.  Certain people have them here in the office and I envy each and every one of them.  We all do a fair amount of sitting on our asses here – I mean most of what is accomplished here is done by people sitting at computers, it’s the same thing in many offices across the world.  Why not be comfortable.  Well Herman Miller can make you comfortable but they want to get paid for doing it.  $500 to $900 for a simple office chair.  Want a headrest with that, no problem tack on $100.  I thought about buying my own since there is no way I can get one through work but at those prices I guess I will keep what I have.  Maybe if I didn’t already buy tires I would use my bonus for the chair.  It would be a nice reward but it would also be a pain to take home if I ever separated from this place. 

I took some time to read over the Mobile Device policy.  Your not supposed to store nude photos on your phone or anything illegal, illicit or offensive.  Well it’s not offensive to me and the few photos that I have on my phone aren’t of me, so I am not worried.  They think because they give you a stipend they own your phone and can tell you how and where it can be used.  At the end of the day they are out of the business of owning phones and it’s still my personal device, which I elect to use for work in addition to personal use.  I will install what I want, take photos of anything and use my phone as I deem fit.  If they don’t like it then stop paying me to use the phone,it’s pretty simple.  This is the whole reason why I would rather carry 2 devices.  1 for personal and I can keep my expectation of privacy.  1 for work that I know has no expectation of privacy.  I have the option of getting a 2nd device and paying for it but carrying two devices is a pain in the ass, not to mention the cost.  Sure 1 of the phone bills would be paid for.  I would still have to fork out the money for a new device and I just don’t think that is fair or practical.  For all I know they are spying on me now and keep track of my every movement, they already know the contents of my phone.  It’s all pretty much a given when you turn it on for work.  You have to agree to terms and conditions that pop up – but no one ever reads that stuff, you just tap agree and with that there goes your right to privacy.  BYOD is a big win for business but I think a big loss for the individual.  If they would create a wall that would separate business from personal, that would be awesome.  I of course can’t complain or I risk putting my job in jeopardy and why in the world would I want to do that?  So I just go on with my life and use my phone as I see fit, until work says there is a problem and then I will deal with it from there.  I don’t really think anyone is spying on me or is tracking my movements, but if they are they will soon find out how boring my life truly is.  Not to mention the fact that I am gay, which isn’t a huge secret it’s just part of my life that I chose to not share at work. 

Tonight’s dinner will be Rotisserie Turkey from Stouffer’s Fit & Healthy, I hope it’s just as good as last night.  I will be having cake as well.  The children will get their fair share of food and treats.  I just hope Marv is feeling better by the time I get home.  I worry about him and well all of them when they aren’t feeling well.  Bear is just a constant worry given his health.  They are part of what makes coming home enjoyable, even if they are work and cost me money.  I still very much enjoy their company and companionship. 

Have you reserved your copy of Windows 10?  Are you going to upgrade?  I have my copies reserved and in talking with a friend he seems to think Microsoft is making the product free if you upgrade within the first year but after that you will have to pay for it if you want to upgrade.  My take is that they are giving us the product free for the 1st year, then subsequent years will charge us for it.  I think eventually the OS model will follow cloud computing and cloud based subscription services, if you want to use it and have the latest then you will have to pay the subscription fee.  Now that is my take and I have no advanced knowledge but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if something like this unfolds.  It’s like leading the sheep to the slaughter, we all buy into it and presto – changeo they flip a switch and were all screwed.  This most likely won’t happen with Windows 10 but eventually down the line I predict that it will.  I am kind of on the fence about the upgrade, I’d like to see it and feel it but not sure that I want to own it just yet.  What I have works quite well for me and I don’t want to mess it up or have other software that ceases to work because of the upgrade, but that is always a risk you take for upgrading.  

Well I guess I should get some real work done.  I’ve got to finish up a configuration and then work on installing the equipment.  The person doesn’t start until next week but it’s always nice to be ahead of the game.  You never know when they will sneak another new person in.  Lately they have been coming in quickly with no advance knowledge.  I think were at the end but you just never know.  I know we will have 1 person leaving next month because they are just here for the summer.  Outside of that I think that it will be stable from a manpower perspective.  Y’all take care, I hope all is well in your world and that your doing awesome.  Talk with you all again soon!

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Jude said...

Yes just the other day I reserved the free upgrade to Windows 10.

You still use Norton? Why don't you try Emsisoft, much less expensive and is VERY HIGHLY rated. It's anti virus and anti malware.... anyway read about it here, just scroll down for the details:

http://thundercloud.net/emsisoft/ Frankly I wouldn't use anything else.

Have a good week!