06 July 2015

Calm Monday

What’s up party people?  Today is a rather calm Monday, I think lots of people are trying to get their feet working again as we embark on a full week.  It seems foreign after having the extra day off and while it went by slow it seems like a blur to me now.  It was a fun and productive weekend.  Laundry and most of the Trash stuff was done on Friday.  My car got looked at.  Did grocery and pet food shopping on Sunday as well as Vacuuming the house.  Cleaned out both vehicles.  Spent time with friends and chatted, had some good food for a change.  Shame every weekend can’t be 3 days and as nice as this one. 

Last night I ripped some CD’s into iTunes so that I could carry them with me.  I had a bright idea to do every CD in my collection but that would literally take me months, so I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.  It’s a nice idea but just seems impractical.  I worked out a network issue with my phone at home.  I love to watch YouTube and reality type videos.  My problem was when I played them at home, I had to switch to LTE because my wifi sucked.  It would start out playing and then pause and sit there while it tried to catch up.  It was super annoying.  So I configured my router to give my iPhone priority and I also changed the channels that I broadcast on.  It was set to Auto but I picked a channel.  Generally higher is better, but you have to play around with it to figure out where you get the best bang in your home.  Now I can start a video and it’s just like I am on LTE but I am using WIFI.  I have checked my other devices and performance isn’t a problem.  I can still watch stuff from my Roku’s w/o any problem. 

In cleaning out what used to be my late partners vehicle I found a cassette tape.  Rather odd because there is no tape deck in the car.  I wondered what is on here.  I fired up what used to be his stereo in the house and it’s a conversation with an Oncologist of when he had his Rectal Cancer.  I guess my head was in the clouds.  I listened to the tape and learned a lot.  First originally he had Stage 1 but with Radiation it grew and he quickly was in Stage 3.  The highest stage you can get is 4.  They gave him really good odds.  It was nice to hear his voice.  The doctor made a tape like that for each new patient.  That way if you couldn’t remember what he said or if a loved one had questions, you could refer to the tape.  It was a nice and thoughtful thing to do.  I remembered back to when he was dealing with that and how I thought it was going to be the end of the world.  It wasn’t, but it did change our relationship forever.  We became stronger and also seemed to fight a little more because well it affected our sex life negatively.  Still we both made it and there was hope that they could prolong his life but that in the end Cancer would rob him eventually of his life.  Turns out they were dead wrong.  No pun intended. 

My mother wanted to go out for lunch on Saturday or Sunday but that didn’t happen.  I had my plans with friends on Saturday and Sunday was my recovery day.  I did call her and was going to ask her about supper but she told me that my brother was home, so I didn’t bother mentioning anything.  We had a very short lived conversation, which was fine by me. 

No more Nurse Jackie, that is done.  Last Week Tonight took a break.  So I was left with finding something to watch.  I started watching from the start the series Baby Daddy.  It’s very interesting how things all came together.  I watch it now because of the hunky guys but there is a good story there.  Melissa Peterman is kind of funny as well.  I am no where caught up and will watch more episodes tonight and throughout the week.  There is plenty there to keep me busy for a while. 

Found out this morning on the news that they are going to be doing construction on the Freeway I take to and from work.  They are taking it from 3 lanes in each direction down to 2 lanes.  Plus we will have some re-routes which will make for a much longer commute.  They say to plan an extra 30 minutes but I think it’s more like an hour.  I guess that depends upon how things go.  Traffic is hella light this week because I think lots of folks took this week off in combination with the holiday last week, makes for a great time to get away.  Next week it will be hella slow and messy.  Not looking forward to that. 

I am on my own here with 2 of my fellow IT coworkers out, but that isn’t a problem.  I’ve managed without them before and I am sure I will be just fine.  It is actually nice having peace and quiet.  I put both of their phones in DO NOT DISTURB mode this morning so I wouldn’t hear them ringing off the hook.  Despite telling people your out, they forget and still call in hopes that you will answer the phone.  Then they hear the out of office message and give up.

Looking forward to supper because Stouffers came out with this Fit N Healthy Meal.  I got a couple of them, one of them is Mexican and I think that is what I will call dinner tonight.  Last night I had California Pizza Kitchen (frozen) White Pizza.  It was pretty good, but not enough Spinach for me. 

That’s all I know.  I’ve got an emergency infected computer coming in so I need to get ready to deal with that.  Fun stuff for a Monday.  Car is still riding somewhat similar to last week but only in certain places, so maybe it’s the road or maybe it’s the tires.  Either way I will give it sometime and we shall see what happens.  Thus far no additional news in the Bankruptcy, which is good.  I will keep you all posted.  Now off to save the world or something like that.  Have fun!

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