13 July 2015


My allergies kicked in full swing and that along with life has kept me away from ye old blog.  It all started on Friday when I moved a scanner at work.  I had dust on my hands.  I am highly allergic and kept getting interrupted.  I felt my nose start and from there it was a mess for the next few days.  Things got so bad that I had to start steroids.  I can’t live on Benadryl, it knocks me out and life requires more often than not that your active if you wish to participate.  Right now I am fine, we shall see how things go as the week progresses and I taper down my dose.

Mr. Bear is hanging in there.  I gave him a bath on Saturday.  I didn’t get to get him as clean as I would have liked because of the position he had in the sink.  I think he has developed a slight skin infection.  It’s red and hot to the touch.  He is on medicated spray and antibiotics, which hopefully will clear things up.  He still isn’t back to his normal self in the way of disposition  He has taken up residence in my room and isn’t keen on leaving.  He moves forward for meals and I have left him a water dish.  He is eating.  He went to the bathroom last night (urine) but I haven’t seen anything else since Friday.  Hopefully things will return to normal today.  I hate to take him to the vet but I will certainly have the time on Tuesday or Wednesday.  He is always on my mind.  It’s times like this that I think of him more often and worry.  I know it doesn’t do any good, but it’s just part of the ownership experience for me.  I have a hint that we are edging closer to the end, but I don’t think we are quite there yet.  I told him last night that if he wants to give up, to let me know.  He just looked at me and I wasn’t sure how to read his response. 

Work today is like 100mph.  I have 1 person who’s hard drive failed and I am working on getting him a new machine.  However, I have imaged it once and it failed.  So I have to start over again and that takes another hour.  The sooner I can start configuring the sooner he can have it.  He’s not happy because he lost 4 hours worth of work.  My answer sorry but you should have saved your work to the system.  Now he is trying to cover for lost time.  Monday is always a busy day and today is no exception to that.  I am glad that I will be out for the next 2 days.  Nervous about going to the concert but once I get there and have my seat, it will be all good. 

I got a notice that my homeowners policy is pending cancellation because of non payment.  The mortgage company says they have paid it but the insurance company doesn’t have the money.  I got an e-mail back in June telling me that the policy was paid.  Then I got an e-mail the other day that said the same thing.  I wondered if they paid twice.  Yeah they did but the first payment was re-deposited back in to my account last week and the same day they reissued payment.  It makes me wonder if they know what they are doing and if they also really paid the property tax.  Escrow is a great thing to have but if you can’t rely on the administrator of the account to disperse funds when bills are due then you might as well take care of it on your own.  For now I get to keep an eye on the situation.  If payment isn’t made in time then I will have to cough up my own funds to pay it.  Then if/when the insurance company gets payment from the mortgage company they will refund that payment to me.  I really don’t want to have to go that route but it’s all about survival and NOT getting cancelled.  I know how to pay my bills very well and I wish that the mortgage company did too.

There are issues with the truck, I think it might need some work despite the dealer telling me everything was okay.  It’s not something that I am eager to have looked at.  I am only driving it on the weekends and well if I would crash I have coverage for that and it would be one way of getting rid of it.  Not that I want to crash it, I would rather trade it – I would get a much better deal. 

Life just seems to always have something in store for me.  Well back to the grind.  Talk with you peeps later.

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