21 July 2015


Supper last night was delicious.  Chicken Monterey – chicken, potatoes topped with bbq sauce and cheese.  A side of green beans.  Not bad for a TV dinner.  Stouffers is doing some good things with food. 

I am so frustrated I have spent a good portion of my morning on the phone with the mortgage company.  I am trying to obtain the tracking number for the package they allegedly sent to my insurance company.  Funny thing is that no one can provide me with a tracking number.  That causes me to doubt if they actually sent payment.  The mortgage company is operating with the understanding that there is a grace period beyond the cancellation date.  In talking with my insurance company I found out that is not the case.  They will cancel the policy if they don’t get payment.  They are already operating within the grace period.  Now I’m told that I won’t be penalized because it’s not my fault, however I shouldn’t have to babysit this matter.  This should be an automatic process that doesn’t involve me to interact with it.  What a joke these mortgage companies are.  I am finding they are all the same so if the name changes, doesn’t mean that the service will.  They love to keep you spinning and guessing as to where or when you will stop.  The problem might be fixed today and it might never be fixed, you just have to keep on them. 

This most definitely constitutes Breach of Contract and is actionable.  I told them that in a voice mail I left a few minutes ago.  I told them I had spoken with an attorney, which is true.  My intention is not to turn this into a legal battle but to simple get the bill paid.  It’s a simple task that has taken up way too much of my time.  I am glad that I didn’t mail the letter to the President of the mortgage company because I am going to revise it.  I did try to call him today but got diverted to an associate in his office that agreed to help me.  Yeah, he won’t fucking talk to the little people and I knew that going in.  However, if you make noise at the Executive Level you have decent odds at getting your problem fixed.  I just hate to argue and keep forging forward, it’s hassles like this that can get me down and also at the same time infuriate me.  I hope this is solved today but my gut tells me it won’t be. 

I also had a difficult caller yesterday and haven’t been able to get rid of his ticket.  I tried but it keeps coming back to me.  I don’t know why people have to call and be assholes.  I mean he hadn’t rebooted in 26 days, of course your going to have problems.  I am now waiting on him to respond to me.  I need to try a repair on a program and hopefully that resolves the issue.  He isn’t one that wants to let me work on his machine, he would rather bitch about it not performing.  Whatever!!

All is still well in the cat household.  Picking up some Amazon orders tonight for them.  Had to beg Marvin to sleep with me again, he just sat at the door and looked like duh I don’t know what to do.  Climb in bed so we can get to sleeping.  Slept pretty good last night but morning came and screwed that all up. 

Traffic was heavy last night and it took maybe 5 minutes longer.  I pushed the car to go faster when things opened up so I got home at an average acceptable time.  Tonight might be a different story, we shall see.  Coming to work is no problem at all – leave early and arrive early.  Going home well I can’t leave early and if I did I it would need to be at 3 or 4 at the latest and that would require permission and me using my time.  Not going there, it’s not how I want to spend my time. 

Not sure if I mentioned it but I got a benefits book all about my free insurance.  I learned they don’t cover specialist and going to a podiatrist would be going to a specialist so it would all be at my expense.  That could be a few dollars or a whole lot of dollars.  Either way it’s not something that I want to rush into.  Speaking of my feet last night on the way home it felt like I had a bug in my shoe or sock.  Something was tickling the crap out of my foot and it was really bothersome.  When your doing 70 to 80 mph isn’t the time to address it.  You just drive and hope for the best.  I got home and it was nothing.  My foot was being odd.  I encountered the same thing on the way to work this morning.  Once I got here all was okay.  Last night it lasted for hours, even after my shoes and socks were off. 

So today isn’t the greatest day for me, but I am still here and I keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Moving into lunch time, got me some more cherries and I look forward to eating them.  They are however expensive, I didn’t realize it but I got 2 lbs in a pre packed bag it was almost $9 which is a lot for some fruit.  Eating right can be costly!  I am starting to get sleepy as well, which isn’t a good thing.  I know I am having chicken something tonight not sure if I want Italian or Mexican, it’s a tough choice.  I finished off the bad Ben & Jerry's and hope that I never have to repeat that experience again, bad ice cream is horrible.  

Toodles for now. 

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