01 July 2015

Moore Good News

My friend responded and is receptive to getting together.  Unfortunately he said later this summer.  To which I responded and said that I would contact him about a Saturday in August.  It will be interesting seeing him.  I didn’t say anything about this being a date.  I will bring up sexuality and it will depend upon his reaction as to how I proceed.  By that I mean I will tell him that I am gay – as if he hasn’t already figured that out.  Still it will be good to make it clear.  Then I hope that I have a clear idea of how to proceed. 

I don’t think of it as a date but it could easily turn into that, depending upon what he says.  So perhaps things will look up for me.  I am still looking – sort of like with a job.  Until you found what you want and know it’s a sure thing there is no reason to stop.

All I can say is keep the good news flowing I love it and not to sound snobbish but I think it’s about fucking time!  Back to the salt mine. 

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