08 July 2015

Wacky Wednesday

So if your flying United you probably already know by now that they grounded all of their flights this morning due to a computer problem.  Sounds serious but who knows.  I am sure there will be more in the news about this as the day goes on. 

I am still living in the Rainforest at least that is what it seems like.  Rain yesterday and more rain today.  Driving in the rain, sleeping in the rain (not literally) and living you guessed it in the rain.  Please bring back my sunshine. 

Speaking of which Marvin appears to be feeling better.  Meanwhile Bear has diarrhea.  I came home to it.  He had another attack after I was ready for bed and I found another one this morning.  I gave him a pill to help control it.  I think this is brought on by the fact I had Friday off and his medication schedule suffered.  I try to stay regular but when my routine changes so does everyone else's.  Poor kitty I feel sorry for him.  I think he will have to have a bath tonight, even though he is pretty well clean.  The smell is what is left behind and I don’t like it, I can only imagine that he doesn’t like it either.  It doesn’t exactly attract anything to be around you other than flies and I don’t have any of those. 

Dinner last night was really good.  Stouffers put in sweet potatoes with the turkey and green beans followed by a light gravy.  It was very tasty and was missing some bread.  Otherwise it was like Thanksgiving in a box.  I followed up with a large slice of cake and called it a night.  I was late getting home due to the weather and traffic, plus I also left the office a little late.  Rest assured that no one went hungry!  I had to feed the beggars their evening treat early.  Then when it was time for their treat they expect it again.  Sorry, not the way the game is played.  I passed out again last night watching TV.  I suppose my busy days here at work help out a lot with that. 

I forgot that I had an emergency rebuild yesterday so that took priority over setting up a new person.  I now have both to finish up on, so today will be busy but I prefer that to idle time.  It just seems to make the day go faster and anything to bring me closer to quitting time is fine by me.  I am not sure what is on the menu for tonight but it will be something frozen.  White Castle sounds good so I might go with that.  I’ve got frozen cheeseburgers – not the same as fresh but they are good.

Hard to believe but the concert is next week.  Looking forward to seeing Charlie Puth live and in person.  I could care less about Meghan Trainor.  This will be the last of my days off that are scheduled.  Not that I can’t schedule more but nothing in the works just yet.  The car will eventually need service, I need to make my podiatrist appointment and who knows I could just want a day to be lazy outside of the weekend. 

I am still using Tindr for dating.  It’s kind of fun but today is the first time in months that I got a match.  The guy is younger than me, which is a plus.  I don’t want to seem desperate so I didn’t make a move, I want to see what he will do.  In the past some guys make the move and other guys just ‘unlike’ me.  I have made plenty of first moves and hit off a few conversations but they quickly dead end.  While I am excited that I finally got a match I am no longer giddy like a school girl as I was when I first started this adventure. 

Just got off the phone with one of our screamers.  He is traveling and having all sorts of problems.  Apparently he didn’t like my answer so he has called back and now it’s turned into a cluster fuck.  That’s okay at least I am not talking to him now.  Unless he calls from another office I screen out his calls, which is why I fell for this one.  I wasn’t pleased when he identified himself on the phone.  I was like oh fuck me and not in a good way.  Like all of my problems I will blame it on the rain. 

We have a staff meeting today, which means no lunch time but I get paid for it.  There is apparently lots to talk about.  It’s a mess in that it’s a remote teleconference and most people are late, we never start on time.  It’s like organized chaos.  I guess that is how it goes when you have remote workers and try to bring them all together for a single meeting.  We use Go To Meeting for the visual stuff so that is kind of cool, but we don’t have web cams so you can’t see anyone.  Once and a while we will do a video conference and that usually means free lunch.  Larger offices will get pizza but the places that have a single tech, like myself we get box lunches.  Not too shabby, I mean free is free.  I take most everything that is offered. 

I think this is massage week, I am still waiting to hear but I could seriously use a good massage  My neck and upper back are a mess.  Picking up Bear doesn’t help things.  I think a new office chair would go a long way in helping my back.  Might as well be comfortable or as comfortable as one can be at work.  There is a guy here who has a nice large leather recliner in his office.  It’s one of those chairs that you sit in and sink in.  Then pull the lever on the side for the foot rest to pop out and presto your all set for nap time.  I wish that thing was in my cube, I would use it each and everyday that I was here.  Maybe not for a nap but it would be as comfortable to sit in as it would be to float on a cloud.  As soon as I found it, I said if I am ever trapped here over night I will be sleeping in that chair and sleep I shall. 

Tonight is the big TV night of the week for me.  Suits is on which is one of my favorite shows.  There are some other shows that I like as well set to record but I look forward to Suits.  That’s how I know it’s Wednesday!  Well my morning phone shift is coming to an end and that means that my day will finally have some pep to it.  So in preparation for that I bid you all a good day.  Talk with you peeps later.

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