26 July 2015


Typical Sunday for me.  I wanted to buy Cat Food at the grocery store but forgot.  It’s a good thing that my arms are attached or I would forget them too.  Went to the Cat Food store and forgot to use the awesome coupon I have.  Said something after I paid and the cashier offered to re-ring the order but I said, nah I will just use it next week.  Now if I forget next week I will really be upset because that is when it expires.  Thinking that since I have to work on Saturday that I may stop off on Friday night. 

I went hog wild at my normal grocery store, I thought I was pacing myself but nope $101 – that’s a lot.  Washing Machine Cleaner and Trash Bags are what helped raise my bill.  Of course so did everything else that I got that I really didn’t need like cookies, ice cream and gummy bears.  I also got a lot of frozen food.  Those Fit & Lean dinners are da bomb and I am really very pleased with them. 

Gator has been my police cat getting me to do the stuff I need to do by begging me with her incessant meowing.  I did get a nap in today it was like 45 minutes and I wanted to go longer but she wouldn’t let me. 

I did something today that I hope that I don’t regret.  I put premium gas in my car.  It’s never, ever seen a drop of the stuff.  I follow the recommendation of the mfg. and only use 87 octane but today I used 93 octane.  It was a little pokey last week so I thought it could use some pep in it’s step.  This is a one time thing, I will go back to 87 octane next week. 

Joined the Dollar Shave Club.  I was already a member at Harry’s.  I like Harry’s prices and blades - - they are super sharp.  I need a razor that has a trimmer on the top, too used to that and it helps out a lot.  Harry’s makes the best aftershave, it smells great and it actually works, at least on my face.  I don’t plan on keeping up the monthly shipment that Dollar Shave Club offers, I just want to try it to say that I have.  If it’s all that and a bag of chips, then I may change my mind.  My face itches so bad right now and I am looking very forward to shaving tonight!  I hate to shave and only do it once per week, unless I feel otherwise motivated, which is not the norm.  I could easily be a beard guy within a couple weeks.  Problem is that it shows white hair and that it’s something that I want to sport.  Yeah I know there is dye but why.  I’ve always been a clean shaven guy and can’t see any reason to change from that.  Besides I never, ever make it past the itchy stage, that is my downfall. 

Not sure if you heard about the Jeep technology flaw but a tech journalist had some hackers (on purpose) gain control of a jeep he was in and shut it down while he was driving on the freeway.  They also were able to do lots of other things as well, like activate the wipers and then squirt washing fluid on the window.  Chrysler has addressed this flaw.  The big thing at play here is the vehicle had a built in 3G connection, so it was connected to the internet.  While it sounds convenient I would rather opt out, call me old fashion but I don’t mind a computerized car I just don’t want anyone to have access to it over the internet.  I mean it could come down to it that we have windows updates for our cars - - forget to patch your car and it’s stolen, it does crazy shit like honking the horn, stopping and starting.  I mean there is the potential for this to be really bad.  If I need the internet that is what I’ve got a smart phone for.  Yeah so I can’t remote start my car, big deal.  Never had that convenience with any of my other cars, why start now. 

Just kicking it at home this evening with the kids.  Found some new Charlie Puth Music that I really like.  I really wish Scotty Dynamo would put out some more new tracks, the same with The Life of Dillon.  Music makes me feel alive, it is entertaining but also like a friend and it can make you relax and give you energy.  I like to spend as much time as I can with all different types of music.  I give everything a chance and if I don’t like it, well so be it.  Finding something that really sounds good and makes me move is something that I really enjoy.  That said, Charlie is all about the ladies and he doesn’t really acknowledge his guy fans – at least not me anyway.  I wish what wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t mind some attention from him.  It’s not like I am asking him on a date or to marry me.  Just say hi.  I really wish I would have stuck around after the concert and met him in person, that would have been awesome.  I’m sure like every musician he will tour again and be back in the neighborhood.  I am looking forward to it. 

Speaking of music, I leave you with something great from Scotty Dynamo, enjoy and I will talk with you again soon.

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