17 July 2015


I am really having some fun with Twitter, getting some attention that I have wanted from some people.  I just wish one of them was Charlie Puth.  I have some strange followers, it’s like the minute you register your account people start following you.  There won’t be any of my secrets there so it’s not a big deal.  The thing is you have to realize that whatever you say will live forever.  Somewhere someone has a screen shot or record of it.  So as long as you know that going in, you can take the right amount of caution and life should be well.

My employer does kind of scare me.  They don’t want you to tarnish the image of the Firm, which I totally understand.  However, I don’t follow my employer and really don’t want to interact with them via Social Media.  My account is mine and separate from work, what I say so long as I don’t disparage them shouldn’t impact my continued employment.  I feel the same way about my phone.  They think they have exclusive ownership rights because Firm email is on my device.  However, I still pay the bill and the phone is in my name.  If you don’t like the fact that I have shirtless & naked guys on my phone and you have an objection on the way I am using my phone, well then you can just buy me a device.  Just because I accept funding to pay the bill doesn’t mean that they own the device.  Lots of my co-workers are upset by the mobile device policy and really think that big brother is spying on them.  Yeah, he is and always will be.  Don’t be up to no good and you have nothing to worry about.  I totally understand their objection but there is no way to fight it.  Our employer doesn’t want to be in the mobile phone business and have money tied up in equipment.  More and more business are going to this BYOD or Bring Your Own Device platform.  If you can’t comply and your employer won’t budge then you might need to look for a new employer.  The bigger risk is that you have personal information on the device and one day someone decides to just randomly send a wipe to your device.  Well if you haven’t backed up your data then your fucked, it’s gone and not coming back.  That is the bigger risk.  I use iCloud and have Backup turned on so that when I dock my phone at night it is automatically backed up.  I also go a step further and occasionally backup my device to my pc at home.  Just because I am paranoid of data loss.  Now outside of a few photos and cat videos  - everything else is replaceable.  So I feel that by doing both methods I minimize my risk.

Ah okay so back to regular programming.  My day is moving along, I really wish that I didn’t have to spend my day here tomorrow.  I checked with the insurance company and still no payment from the mortgage company.  I called the mortgage company and they are going to ink a special check today.  It will go out via Overnight on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.  That should put an end to this.  If the original check is cashed then I will have to get a refund from the insurance company and in turn reimburse my escrow account.  Fuck so complicated.  I wish that they would have sent the payment electronically but that apparently makes too much sense and is far too efficient.  All I know is that this better be a one time thing.  If I have to go through this next year then there will be problems.  Still I don’t trust the mortgage company so I am keeping very close tabs on this, I need to know it’s paid so I can relax a bit.  It’s a big deal to have homeowner’s insurance. 

I last checked yesterday on Bankruptcy and no movement yet.  I am happy with that, we are coming closer to judgment time.  I really think I will get the hardship discharge but it’s not over until the judge swings the gavel. 

Bear is back to his normal self, but he longs for attention.  I got his claws trimmed last night and brushed him.  He ate up every second of it and still asked for more.  I wound up carrying him to bed because he wanted to sleep with me.  The things I do for him.  Love it causes you to loose your mind at times.  I mean I wouldn’t otherwise carry a large cat around my house, but since it’s my cat that is a different story.  It’s not just Bear but all of them, they are attention whores and I am right there with them I want attention as well, just a different kind than what they are wanting.

The standard chair they have me in at work isn’t cutting the mustard.  Monday we will be reaching out to a vendor for a different chair.  Meanwhile I am sitting in my old chair and now find it oddly comfortable.  So there you have it ala update.  Weekend plans are just to survive.  The usual stuff for Sunday and Saturday will be work and then I will fit in whatever after that.  Back to the grind. 

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