29 July 2015

In the middle

Yes we have once again made it to the middle of the week.  The weekend isn’t too terribly far away and I will relish every single moment I get to spend it away from the office and not thinking about work.  Each morning I sit at the table and I sense the routine and how things repeat constantly throughout the week.  While I do work best with a routine and a schedule, it does get old after a while.  To think that I have many, many more years to put up with this makes me wonder how I am going to make it.

Last night on the way home I saw a man who had pulled off the road, his door was open and he appeared to be falling out of his vehicle.  He could have had a heart attack, been shot or who knows what.  I was thinking about turning around but then dismissed it and said it’s someone else's problem.  Then as I approached the sweet spot where the police like to sit, I decided to give it a go.  I pushed it and was flying in no time.  I had to travel in the opposite direction, drive past the exit and turn around again.  I got there as fast as I could, of course I broke several laws in doing it.  Not to mention the amount of gas I used and the stress it put on my car.  Sure enough I got there and he was gone.  I knew I should have kept going but I would have always wondered.  My plan if he was still there was to stop far back and call 9 1 1.  I had no intentions of getting out of my car, you just never know it could have been a setup to rob someone – things like that happen.  I thought I had a chance to be a hero and make a difference and all I did was waste my time & gas.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get caught.  As a rule of thumb since I thought I was going to get shot the last time I stopped to help someone, I no longer stop.  I keep going and call for help.  However, there are certain situations that would probably cause me to stop, just out of human compassion.  If someone looks like they are dead that is pretty much a given.  I wanted and still want to be a police officer.  I know that I could make a huge difference, but the demands of the job along with the public perception as well as how the public treats you – no thanks.  I will stick to my present job.  At least there aren’t bullets flying at my head in the office.  Once I leave I am fair game just like everyone else, kind of makes you never want to go back outside if you think about it long enough. 

So after that snafu was done, I walk in the door at home and my phone receives a text message.  It’s my female friend that I am still kind of pissed at.  She can’t make any calls out from her cell phone and wants to see if she can get calls.  I called her and it worked.  Then I had her call my home, nothing.  I told her to use the dial pad and not her contacts.  That worked.  Then she tried to make another call from her contacts and it didn’t work.  Then we got on the subject of backing up her phone.  Holy Moses!  Long story short here I spent my entire evening helping her.  First it was the phone, then it was Apple and finally it was getting her phone connected to her WIFI Network.  It felt like I never left work.  I told her when we were done that I was happy to finally be off work.  She didn’t get it, so I had to explain.  I also told her that if I was charging her that I could have made a small mint now.  She told me how she appreciates it and how it means so much to her.  While she calls at least once per week to check in, I haven’t put forth any effort in calling her since I was lied to.  The friendship doesn’t mean that much to me today, it’s been cheapened by what happened.  I should have cut ties but figured that would cause more harm than good.  Hanging on like I am really isn’t doing me a whole lot of good either.  I am just so flabbergasted that she actually had the balls to lie to me.  I know I need to let it go but it’s just so difficult.  This was not how I planned on spending my evening.  I was surprised at how well I was able to function and get everything done, while still talking to her.  The cats got their treats, the litter boxes were emptied, I ate supper and took my medicine, brushed my teeth and got my lunch ready for today.  It wasn’t easy but I did it.  Go me!

I made a decision on the chair and decided to order the new one.  I liked the one I tried yesterday so I put forth an option.  Get the new chair and if I don’t like it I can swap out for the one I tried yesterday.  That’s no big deal.  I got them to put a cover on the back and it’s a matter of us paying for it, then the order will be placed and probably in a couple weeks I should be sitting in the new chair.  Sad part is the demo model that I have now, will be leaving on Friday.  Boo hiss. 

The mail brought me my 2 rebates that I have been waiting for.  $80 in my pocket.  I need to activate the cards before I can use them.  I couldn’t do that while I was talking on the phone, it requires you to make a phone call.  I had the extra line but trying to go between 2 conversations and potentially messing it up, yeah not worth it to me.  I will take care of it tonight. 

You would think that I would have heard from the Bankruptcy Attorney by now.  He has no clue that I already know were done.  I am anticipating a letter from him, he will of course drag his feet before he sends it.  The notice of the discharge won’t reach me for at least a week, because of the way the government processes all of that.  It comes from a central location and apparently it’s cross county, so snail mail doesn’t move that fast.  Still knowing the verdict ahead of time is far better than sitting, waiting and wondering. 

For some odd reason things are slow right now.  There are no conferences to setup today which is very odd.  That will change tomorrow.  It’s nice to have a break but it kind of makes for a bit longer of a day.  Considering the fact that I was here super early this morning.  Shame I cant leave early.  I got a walk up while I was waiting for my shift to start, so I started early and billed for that.  Overtime is my kind of time.  Speaking of which payday is on Friday.  Looking forward to that!  I don’t know why because I just wind up giving my money away to pay bills.  It keeps the goons off of my back, which is a very good thing.  Speaking of which my certified letter was delivered to the mortgage company yesterday, I am very interested in their response and if they will actually send me anything for my inconvenience.  I asked for it, because if you don’t ask you will never get it. 

Today is Windows 10 day, it is officially released.  I don’t have it yet and I am perfectly fine with waiting, actually the longer the better.  Well this is getting kind of lengthy so I will wrap it all up and call it done.  I shall talk with you peeps again soon. 

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