10 July 2015

Dry and Quiet

Mr. Bear was dry when I got home.  No messes to clean up and he didn’t leave my room until early this morning.  He is eating and drinking.  I think he knows that this one was close to him getting medical treatment.  I am so very pleased that the medication I gave him worked.  We are back on our normal routine as of today and hopefully that will not cause him any distress.  I left a water bowl out for him just in case he wanted some.  I saw him drinking this morning and he used the litter box.  Shame he wasn’t all the way in but at least he tried.  I am so proud of him for being a brave boy. 

Meanwhile back at work I am busy doing my job and the doctors office calls and leaves a voice mail.  They are mailing me an order to get my blood work done.  I called back and said I don’t need an order the work was done 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to know if you got the results and if not I can make them available.  I logged in and copied and pasted from one health portal to another so that my doc had access to them.  Then I asked about my note for a chair.  Funny how he’s more concerned with blood work.  The results aren’t horrible and they could be better but I think I will live.  As the doc though I do not have gout, my uric acid level is perfectly fine.  So there has to be something else going on with my feet.  This week they are just sore, it’s been a marathon around this place go here and run there.  I have been on my feet more this week than I have in a while.  My pedometers battery couldn’t keep up with me.  Now that I have it charged it is calling me a slacker and telling me what a lousy job I did this week.  How’s that for motivation.  Yeah whatever.  It’s like my doctor put down that he encouraged me to eat a better diet.  Funny thing is we never talked about diet and he is just as overweight as I am. 

Last night I broke down and decided to make the first move with the guy on Tinder.  He hasn’t written back but the ice has been broken, now it’s up to him to make the next move.  I have low hopes of hearing from him anytime soon.  Most people aren’t addicted to it like I am.  For me it’s just the same as checking my e-mail or social media.  Plus it’s the only way you find out who else could be a possible match. 

Plans for the weekend?  Therapy tomorrow.  Then I am seriously thinking of being lazy.  Money is low, I can afford to do what I want to this weekend but sleeping and being lazy really sounds attractive.  I suppose a lot of this depends upon how I feel tomorrow.  I do think I will be in bed early I am already beat.  I’ve been running the stairs today.  Thinking frozen Lasagna for supper.  It sounds wonderful and I can fire up the TV and just relax with the kids.  I think it’s a win for both of us.  Really have the desire to get away from technology for a while.

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful weekend and that it is enjoyable, relaxing and everything that you need and want it to be.  Maybe that is high hopes for 2 days but why not shoot for the stars?  Take care.

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