28 July 2015

Construction + Rain = Major traffic delay

Last night for the start of my commute, it was pouring rain and then once I got towards the construction it just stopped.  Kind of strange.  Traffic was backed up a little more than usual and moving much slower, I suppose because someone saw water falling from the sky.  I never understood and will never understand why rain causes such a backup.  In any case I was late and decided to forego the post office.  I got home to the children and they were all starving.  Meanwhile I am struggling to fix myself dinner as Bear decides that he wants a buffet of food.  A sample of this, a sample of that, open me a new can, don’t like that, open another can.  Then after he is done eating, he meows for more because it wasn’t enough.  He sent me in circles when finally I had enough and just told him no. 

My dinner was BBQ Pork and Mac & Cheese.  Having leftovers tonight.  2 things that I picked up at the primo grocery store.  Both were microwave and ready in minutes.  While I am fairly certain there isn’t anything in them that is good for me, they both tasted really good.  I had to pry myself away from the Mac & Cheese, so that there would be something to eat tonight. 

I spent a little time at the PC and then it was up to play on my phone and spend more time with the children.  Yes I had to pass out more food – it was time then for evening treats.  That is the last thing and the kitchen is closed.  No more food until morning. 

I watched the film on Logo ‘Matthew Shepard is a friend of mine’.  The whole thing was very sad.  It’s a shame that because he told two guys that he was gay, that it cost him his life.  The world has come a long way since Matthew’s murder but there is still so much more that we need to accomplish.  Everyone’s life has meaning and value and no one should have the right to extinguish another persons life.  It’s okay to disagree and have differences, even be offended but it’s never okay to resort to violence.  I can picture him maybe being attracted to them and thinking maybe one or both of them were going to show him a good time, so if I was in the same position I probably would have come out to them as well.  Words can’t describe how horrible the actual final outcome for Matthew was.  It’s not just because I am gay that this story touched me, it’s because that could have easily been me when I was his age, but for the fact that I didn't hang out at bars.   Thinking about Matthew’s killers, I can’t imagine how they feel each and every day living with the poor choice they made and knowing that they killed someone.  How does one deal with that?  It would drive me to insanity very quickly. 

Stepping off the soap box.  I went to bed after that, I was really tired.  Monday was a busy one and I needed to rest up for Tuesday.  Tuesday is here and my back was bothering me.  I didn’t really want to come to work but it’s better than lying in bed drugged up on muscle relaxers, thinking boy I should have gone to work today because I didn’t accomplish a thing here at home.  Turns out there isn’t a whole lot going on right now and I could have easily called in.  Better for me to be here because I get paid and don’t have to use time.  Traffic this morning was messy.  An accident snarled traffic for miles and miles.  I eventually made it to the office and still had plenty of time to spare. 

Tomorrow is the day Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10.  I am ready but really don’t want to be one of the first to get it because I am not eager to upgrade.  Windows 8.1 works fine for me but since they are giving it away why look a gift horse in the mouth.  I hope that I am equally as satisfied with Windows 10, only time will tell.  One of my friends who did Beta testing got his copy already and he is happy with it.  I saw a news article that said there were some flaws that were discovered.  You’d think that would stop the rollout but nope, they are pressing onward .  There will probably be a windows update to fix whatever those flaws were, I didn’t take time to read the article. 

I got the chair I want at work on a trial basis.  Turns out it’s not everything that I thought it was.  I think it’s a matter of choosing to keep this or going back to the other chair that was here on a trial.  Decisions … we all know I hate to make them.  Let’s hope whatever I chose I can live with it.  Lunch time is about over and it’s been another busy day here.  We have a new schedule, nothing changed for me but it did for a lot of people.  No one really followed the old schedule to a T and this new schedule isn’t any different.  If we all did what we were supposed to, there would be no need to constantly ask for help.  When I find myself left all alone I just make the best of it and don’t cry about it.  Everyone else throws a fit and sends out an e-mail and tattles.  You can’t make friends like that. 

Speaking of friends the guy I started with a year ago, we kept in touch.  He works in a different office.  I have noticed a change in his behavior since you can obviously tell from my FB profile that I am queer.  I sent him a note yesterday talking about it being our 1 year anniversary here at work.  No response.  Normally he would be on top of that.  Yeah I have a major crush on him but he is in a different part of the country, he’s married and has a daughter – he is clearly off limits and besides that were like miles and miles apart.  Still doesn’t mean I can’t admire him from a far.  It’s pretty clear that I need to get laid and need a boyfriend but everything in time.  I am too sensitive for my own good at times.  I am hurt by his lack of a response. 

Last night I did find a couple of guys that I went to school with.  One that I have been searching for a long time lives pretty close to me.  He’s straight, :( .  The other guy I just stumbled upon turns out he is a detective and deals with financial cases.  Kind of interesting to see how peoples future panned out.  I wanted to be a lawyer but look I’m in technology.  I work in the legal field and that is about as close as I will ever get to being a lawyer.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  My dream is to win the lottery!

Back to it lunch break is done.  Talk with you peeps later.

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