27 July 2015

Yeah, Yeah it’s Monday

I wasn’t terribly happy about getting out of bed this morning, but knew it had to be done.  Ugh time to face another Monday.  I noticed that Momma isn’t eating.  I hope that this is very temporary, because she was eating last night.  She always lets the children eat first, I even opened a special can of food for her and she turned her nose up at it.  Perhaps there is a fur ball brewing.  So long as she eats supper I will be a happy camper.  Cats and not eating doesn’t mix well at all.

Traffic was a little better this morning.  Progress on the construction so hopefully they stay on schedule and we can go back to normal quickly.  I am interested to see how the ride home is tonight. 

My mom called me over the weekend and left what sounded like a frantic message.  I called her back multiple times and got voice mail, so I left a message.  No call back.  I got an email this morning that she had lab results waiting, so I logged on and picked them up so that I could mail them to her.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I still don’t know what the crisis was and with her memory being the way it is, perhaps she forgot. 

Today has been busy like any other Monday.  I will be so happy when this little transition project is over with.  Hard to believe it but today is my 1 year anniversary here at work.  Last year at this time I was on the road headed out for training.  I ate some really good food and had a blast.  Glad I am not going backwards but this was one event that changed my life in a very positive way.  It’s like my boss told me we each did the other a huge favor.  That is so true. 

I am so hungry, I gulped down my breakfast and didn’t really take time to enjoy my food.  I am on some new vitamins.  They are the GNC Diabetic formula.  They are supposed to help regulate blood sugar.  They have a B complex among other things in them and they are time released.  They smell horrible.  This is my 2nd day on them and so far no complaints.  They will probably take time to build up in my system, which is fine.  I just hope they help me out.  I realize that I can’t down a pint of ice cream or a cake and expect a vitamin to help me out.  My expectations are real and I am not looking for or expecting any miracle, just slightly better sugar results. 

That’s really it from here, nothing special.  I am still living a little bit on Cloud 9 from the victory over Bankruptcy, but that is starting to wear off.  It is a small reminder that he is gone.  I know that he would be proud of me and how I am carrying on and with the progress that I have made.  The next two big hurdles to cross are getting rid of the stuff that I will never use and finding a boyfriend.  Anything is possible I just can’t tell you how much time it will take to accomplish both of those goals.  Parting with the stuff will be bitter sweet but also easy.  The boyfriend thing well I still have questions if that will work out, will I be able to let myself love again.  There is no time frame I am up against but my age is working against me and I know I really don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.  In a way if that is what is going to happen, I’d kind of like to know now so that I can prepare myself.  However, that isn’t the way the world works. 

Okay so time to move on and get ready for lunch and for a fast moving afternoon.  Password hell coming this afternoon – hopefully there won’t be too many calls but I wouldn’t bed on it.  Take care and I will talk with you all again soon.

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