03 July 2015

Magical Day

I was a little late leaving the office yesterday, but still managed to leave early as we were told we could.  I made my way to the tire shop and I was furious when I left.  I was turned away because they were ‘too busy’ and I was invited to come back today and ‘camp out’ they would get to me as soon as possible and it sounded like a break problem to them not a tire problem.  I called some other shops and every one was full up because of the holiday.  What to do? 

I did what I do best, I put it in a letter and faxed it to the president of the tire shop (they are a chain store) and then hand delivered a copy to the store manager this morning.  I went to Steak N Shake to grab a bite to eat for breakfast and while I was eating my food, the phone rang.  I just knew it would.  The manager was pretty upset that I was treated as shitty as I was.  He took my car out for a road test and then came back.  He told me that he had his guys looking at it.  Turns out one tire was slightly out of balance.  They also adjusted the air pressure.  The alignment was dead on center.  Turns out that when they align the tires they force your car to go to the right so that if you loose consciousness it goes in the ditch and doesn’t collide into another vehicle.  Unless you so happen to be in the fast lane on the interstate/freeway then your going into who ever is next to you. 

After the guys were done making the adjustments, the manager and I went out for a test drive.  I still felt the vibration and told him about it.  He told me that the tires need time to break in and that I should drive it more.  That is more typical with performance tires' and not typical at all with touring tires, which is what I have.  He was pleased with the ride but did tell me he didn’t drive the car every day.  Once we were done I headed out on the highway and drove normal speed which is 70mph for me.  The car preformed exactly the same as it did earlier in the week.  At this point I can only attribute this to the tires needing to be broken in.  I got a free oil change coupon out of the deal for the inconvenience.  I would rather have had the job done right the first time.  After all we are all time poor!


This afternoon I went to see Magic Mike XXL.  Only $9.05 which I didn’t think was bad at all.  There was at least one other gay guy in the theater with me.  He was two rows down for me.  While he wasn’t my time, I did think about making a move just to see how it would turn out.  However, I resisted because he wasn’t my type.  I was surrounded by women.  When we got close to the end of the movie, one lady started screaming.  I think she might have had an orgasm.  It was loud and I thought to myself Gay Porn is way hotter than this.  The only guy that I really liked was Channing Tatum and he was the reason why I went to see the movie in the first place.  It took me back to when the 1st Magic Mike came out and me and my late partner went.  It was more entertaining and much more of a good time for me.  Mostly because he was there.  This afternoon as we made our way back to our cars the screamer was identified, not that it was any big deal to me.  She was just happy to see a nearly naked man.  As for me no screaming, I was hot and sleepy – it took every ounce to stay awake.  The movie plot was boring to me.  Not a waste of time or money because I did see some good looking guys but that was it. 

To top off my afternoon I decided to get a bite to eat.  My problem was deciding on where to go.  I went where I was last Friday.  Cracker Barrel.  The new guy that I have a crush on was my cashier.  He asked me if I needing anything to go.  I was going to make a comment but there were people around and I just responded with a no.  He is fuckin’ cute and I just can’t help myself.  Perhaps next time I will be able to ask. 

Then it was time for some gas for the car and a car wash.  We have had so much rain but my car was dirty.  I went to a cheap wash so they didn’t do a superb job, but there is more rain on the way so I figured why invest big bucks in a wash when the work will fade away.  Now my car gets to rest for 2 whole days.  Then it’s back to the vibrating bumpy grind for 5 long days. 

I fed the children and watched some TV.  I got sleepy and my neck was bothering me.  Eventually I passed out.  Then my mother called up and tried to guilt me into taking her out to lunch this weekend.  That didn’t work to well for her.  She asked me if I called any of the numbers she gave me.  I told her that she was delusional and that she only gave me a website.  Oh yeah that’s what I meant.  I looked it up and said that it was a cult, they practice abstinence.  It’s okay to be gay and have sexual attraction to other guys but just don’t act on it.  I didn’t want to be apart of something like that.  It was a very short lived conversation, not much for either of us to talk about.  If I would have told her that I had the day off she would have jumped me for not coming over.  Yeah, well I have shit to do as well.  I mean we all have our lives to live.  That sounds very close to something my brother has said, but it’s true. 

Once I was done with that wonderful experience, I headed off to the kitchen to visit my two best friends … Ben & Jerry.  I ate Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.  It was so damn good that I ate the whole quart, which was not my intention.  However, can’t undo that.  Momma (the cat) helped me polish it off.  Her daughters wanted some but she gave them hell and they quickly went away.  No justice – No peace for Momma.  Someone is always stealing her thunder.  She lets her children eat before she will and if she digs in it’s just for a couple bites.  Then when they are done, she will move in.  It’s been that way since day 1, she is just the best momma anyone could ever ask for. 

My friend called and BBQ is on for tomorrow at 3p, which means we won’t eat until 4p if were lucky.  I am going to be wearing my rainbow flag shirt just to see if I get any reaction.  I am proud of the shirt and enjoy wearing it.

I am going to enjoy myself and relax before life goes back to normal all too quickly.  The final bit of good news is that my check came in from the Warranty company today.  Very happy to have that in the bank!  Bring on the rest of my money!

You all take care and have a safe weekend.  If your in the US Happy 4th, make sure to get your firecracker off.  :-)

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