24 July 2015


Happy Friday everyone!  Wow what a week.  Things have been very busy here.  I had to do a lot of phone calling but I finally got my mortgage company to pay the homeowner’s policy before it cancelled.  Between that and work I am so worn out. 

I got a new chair at work on a trial basis.  I like it but the back isn’t tall enough – I asked for a full back and they keep giving me chairs with mid back support.  Office chairs can be super expensive.  I found out that the next model up from the one I am sitting in that would offer full back support is $2,500.  Funny thing is if they would just get me the chair I asked for in the first place it would only cost $800, my intention certainly isn’t for them to spend $2,500 and I don’t even think that is an option they are considering.  So we will touch base again on Monday and see what options I have.  At least I am making progress here.

Bankruptcy has had no movement at all.  Hopefully, a decision will be handed down next week.  At least I can take comfort in the fact that it is ending.  I just want to know how it’s going to end.  Waiting is not one of my strong qualities. 

Things are going okay in Cat Land.  Bear is always a worry for me.  As of the time I left this morning I have been unable to find that he urinated since Wednesday night.  I am hoping that he is using the litter box, but I am concerned.  So it’s just something that I will watch for over the weekend. 

Weekend plans… need to go to the post office to see the clerk to pick up pee pads.  Nothing else planned but the usual and I will be napping on Saturday.  So looking forward to that.  Who knows what other kind of trouble I will get into.  I am just so happy to have a full weekend.  Next week I have to work Saturday.  The on-call schedule just came out and I will be up again in 4 weeks, plus I am on for the week of Thanksgiving.  I will get Thanksgiving day off but the day after I will be on call so it will be 3 days of fun, hopefully everyone will be out shopping and I won’t be bothered.  Then I am good until February and we shall see what the future holds.  Not terrible.  We lost a person and also have a new position open so that’s why on-call is more than 4 times as I had calculated.  I am not happy about it but it’s not terribly upsetting either.  I just wish I didn’t have the week of turkey day.  Ah well, so be it. 

I heard about one of my co-worker friends that I am concerned about.  Apparently things are worse off with her than I thought.  Not only is she an animal hoarder but she also hords everything.  Her health is failing and she spends the majority of her money on her animals.  While I will say that is her right and a freedom that she has, it’s not a good thing.  She will get a shake from McDonald’s and call that supper or eat a bowl of cereal on the couch.  You can’t get into her bedroom because it’s packed full of crap.  Her shower doesn’t work so she has to visit a relative every 2 weeks to shower (yuk).  The electric only works in part of her trailer, her stove is broken, she only has a college dorm size refrigerator.  I mean this is very bad.  I think that her health will take a turn for the worse and then there won’t be anyone for the animals and they too will suffer.  She had a friend that will come check on her and help out once and a while but that person is moving.  So now she will be all alone.  I wish that there was something that I could do.  She remarked yesterday that her window ac went out and she was going to go pick one up at Wal-Mart.  I told her don’t bother I’ve got one sitting in my garage and I will give it to you.  She offered to pay me but I am not taking her money, considering I know more about her circumstances than she would want me to know.  I feel sorry for her.  However, she has to want to make a change or it will never happen.  It’s like dealing with any addiction.  My late partner had to have window units because the house was never cold enough for him.  The one that was in his office works very well and I am giving her that one.  The one he used in the bedroom, I think is shot but you can’t just set it out for the garbage man to pick up so it sits in the garage for now.  I look at it like I am doing something good and it makes me feel good – after all I am all about helping people.  I like to solve problems.  I can’t solve them all but I still seem to strive to. 

I had my massage yesterday and I was once again all knotted up.  It hurt like hell.  I also came out to the massage therapist and told her my life story about losing my partner.  She was talking about a friend of hers who lost her husband.  I just felt like it was the right thing to do.  I really thought a lot about it.  Telling my story isn’t something that I will share with everyone.  I have to feel comfortable about it, otherwise it will never happen.

So thankful it’s Friday I am very tired and it’s taken a lot to keep on pushing myself.  All I wanted to do this morning was sleep but I had 3 cats in my room and one of them (gator) couldn’t keep quiet.  Imagine that!  Little girl wants her food and attention and she wants it now so come on already.  Yeah, okay up in a minute.  No, NOW!  So up I go like a good staff member.  :)

I do hope that all is going well for you, that the sun is shining and you aren’t dealing with any troubles at all.  Have a good weekend and I will talk with you peeps again soon. 

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Jude said...

Great news about the mortgage company, finally! :)

That's such a sad situation for the lady who hoards, and it's very nice of you to give her an AC unit.

Have a good weekend!