30 July 2015

It’s all good

Yesterday I made the brave move and called my co-worker that I started with a year ago.  Turns out he wasn’t mad at all, he’s just lazy.  Those were his words.  In looking at him through the phone (we have video phones) he looks like he has added a bit of muscle and he is still as fine looking as ever.  It was nice to chat for a bit.  I hear there is some big project coming down the pike in the next couple months but it won’t involve me and he didn’t share any details.  Shame because now I really want to know what is up.  I am sure with time I will hear all about it.  If it’s going to impact our user base it will come my way, it’s just a matter of time.  Glad that the air has been cleared.  As for the co-worker that sits by me, I have determined that he isn’t mad at me, he just has a lot of bad days. 

Speaking of work and co-workers, one of the ladies I work with brought me a piece of Carrot Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  It was delicious, tasted like Carrot Cake.  My body felt the sugar rush and now I am in desperate need of a nap.  I should go to my hiding place and take a nap.  I’ve never done that and don’t plan to start today – I will just be miserable and suffer through it.  Today was the wrong day to bring gummy bears to work in my lunch.  I had to inhale my lunch because there were meetings to setup for.  Now that I can relax I am blogging and feeling bloated and tired. 

Things are okay at home.  The children are behaving, despite the fact they had me hopping last night.  I had a project that I set out to complete and I did finish it but it put me much later into my evening routine than normal.  I had to scramble to make things come together so that I could go to bed.  Bear decided to join me last night and I was so happy about that.  I love it when he sleeps in the same room with me.  I think the feeling is mutual.  He was quick to run out this morning when I opened the door, he plowed right throw and hit Gator in the process.  When he is walking through you just don’t get in his way because he will run you over, like a steamroller.  Mobility is a difficult thing for him, he moves in short bursts.  Still not shy to ask for anything he wants because he knows that eventually I will come through for him.  Haven’t failed him yet and don’t plan on it now. 

I got an email from my postage provider that their software isn’t compatible with Windows 10 so they are asking everyone not to upgrade until they write a new version.  I am thankful they said something because otherwise I would have upgraded when my number came up.  I will probably do my laptop first because it will have the least impact on me.  All of the major stuff I use and deal with is on my home PC.  I have noticed several pieces of software installing new versions or advertising upgrades.  That is the only bad thing about a new version of Windows you have to upgrade other programs in order to keep them working.  Sometimes it’s free and other times it costs money. 

Last night I got my Dollar Shave Club box in the mail.  I really like the razor handle, easy to hold on to.  The shave experience was just okay, I mean it wasn’t my normal weekly shave so kind of tough to expect outstanding results.  I managed to knick myself several times.  Thus far I don’t care for the Shave Butter, it just appears to be fancy hand lotion.  The after shave is good.  I need to use all of the products for a couple weeks before I can make a final determination.

Sad day today, it’s the last day I will have this demo chair.  My chair is on order but who knows how long it will be before it comes in.  They are coming to take away the demo chair tomorrow at some point.  I suspect they will be here early like me.  Ah well, hopefully the new chair will be in very soon.  Herman Miller makes good stuff it’s just super expensive. 

Despite starting lunch late and having it interrupted a couple times, I am still due time but I am going back.  I figure I might as well just get as much done as possible before this sugar coma kicks in and I collapse from sheer exhaustion.  Actually I am hoping that it helps pass the time faster, even though we are long ways from quitting time.  Today would be a good day to go home early.  Except for the fact that I would have to pass out lunch when I got home.

1 more day for the average person.  I have what I will call 1 and a 1/2 days left.  I look at Saturday as a half day and I am eager to put it behind me.  Hang in there I will do the same and we shall talk again soon. 

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