02 July 2015

Early departure

Well the cat’s out of the bag.  Were closing 2 hours early as I had thought.  This is perfect because it will give me the time to go by the tire place and see if its all in my head or if there is in fact something wrong. 

It’s been a semi crazy day.  Started out with rain on the way to work, slow commute but still arrived early.  Got a normal parking place.  The phones are dead because everyone is out partying so not many calls.  Were all in holiday mode around here.  I didn’t get lunch because I was helping someone and got sucked into a huge problem.  Then the user got snippy with me.  I was just trying to fix the problem, not my fault they didn’t like the solution.

One more hour and 30 minutes then I will be on my way to get my rubbers checked.  Then in holiday mode.  Going to try to get a jump on laundry and cleaning since I think I might be out with friends on Saturday afternoon.  If it doesn’t come together, well then at least it will be one less thing on my plate.  Monday is going to suck – back to 5 days again.  Good news is the concert will be coming up the following week so I will get 2 days off in the middle of the week.  Then I have to work Saturday.  Ugh. 

Be safe and I will talk with you all again soon.

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Jude said...

Happy Independence Day weekend!