27 February 2017

Super Busy Monday

If today is any indication of how the week is going to play out, I am in for one hell of a ride.  It has been busy from the time I walked in the door.  I was pelted with tickets this morning but managed to take each and everyone and get them done.  Now I am working on setting up a new person, don’t have all of their information but working with what I have and doing what I can.  Wow is all I can say.  Can’t believe it’s 1p already. 

Woke up this morning and looked at my thumb, you know the one I bbq last Sunday.  Well there is a white dot but all of the fluid that was in the blister is gone. The blister is gone just the dot left behind.  I suspect as the new skin grows it will fall off and there won’t be any permeant scaring, for which I will be thankful if that is the case.  The human body is truly amazing in how it operates and how it heals.

Ruth and I are friends again, she was buttering up to me at supper time.  The casserole was good as always.  The ice cream was even better.  Holy cow, I just didn’t want to put it down.  Edy’s knows the way to my heart and my wallet. 

I worked on Momma and Bears claws last night, they weren’t terribly happy about it.  Bear lets me do whatever I want so long as it doesn’t cause him pain.  Ruth was intently watching as I went from nail to nail.  I looked up at her and said see you should take after your big brother, this is how a nail trim should go.  Momma on the other hand put up a fight and screamed at me a little bit.  I screamed right back and said the sooner you give me your paw the sooner we can be done.  I went after her back claws as well which isn’t something I normally do.  She was sticking when she walked and I hate that.  Got to get the Gator.  I got Marv the other day. 

My sleeping pill kicked in last night and there was no John Oliver for me.  I’ll be watching him when I get home tonight it’s just as funny to watch the recording as it is to watch it play out live.  I kicked everyone out at 10p.  Marv was with me for a couple hours and then he too wanted out.  Had the strangest dream I could have told you all about it after I woke up but now I don’t remember it at all other than it was odd. 

In looking at my new iPhone yesterday I noticed an odd mark on the screen.  I couldn’t get rid of it and figured well it’s just something odd with the plastic (screen cover).  Today it’s spread, it’s not a crack or fracture but like an air bubble got in and is wreaking havoc.  The screen displays fine, it’s when there is no content on the screen that you notice it.  Kind of odd, I’d remove and reapply the plastic cover but with my luck I wouldn’t be able to put it back on.  That’s why I had the heffer the store put it on, guess she didn’t do a good job.  I could go back and complain but really don’t care to ever see her again.

Got an email this morning that my pen shipped.  They have a link in the email to click when you receive your order and then another to let them know if your happy or not.  Isn’t that special.  I am anxious to see it and if it will take genuine refills or if I will have to get some odd ball refill, like I do with a couple of other fakes that I own.  Got another email that Bear’s pee pads are on the way as well, I will have them on Wednesday. 

Had my delicious Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch.  It was very good.  Looking forward to going home to see the children and having the left over casserole.  Then on to paying bills.  I got a very nice paycheck with lots of over time on it, wish they all could be that nice w/o requiring me to work so much.  I’m due for a raise this year, it will be interesting to see what I get and if I will get another bonus.  However, that is months away.  Any more money I can get will help, then again I don’t know anyone who can’t say the same thing. 

I have a little bit of time left then it’s back to the grind.  Hope your Monday is going well. I will talk with you all again soon.

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