25 February 2017

Boring Saturday

I went to bed late and Ms. Gator woke me up with her usual serenade.  I got up and fed the kids.  I got dressed and ventured out for breakfast.  Once again I managed to evade my favorite waitress at Steak N Shake.  She is in New Orleans but will be back next Saturday and then she moves to a new job.  She is going to work in an all male facility for a state prison.  She is probably 90 pounds soaking wet, I have no idea how she plans on defending herself.  She has training but honestly I don’t think all of the training in the world will prepare you for real world situations.  I could be wrong but let’s hope that things go well for her. 

My trip was not in vain the same fine ass chef was working.  Although his shirt was untucked a bit I could still see his fine ass.  So that made the trip 1/2 way worth it.  I also ordered completely different but managed to spend the exact same amount as I did yesterday.  What in the worlds are the odds of that happening? 

I ventured over to Target and got some razor blades, some q-tips and picked up a couple jugs of cat litter.  Then on to the post office where more bills were waiting for me.  Oh joy.  Then to home.  Got everything put away and then started on laundry.

I always put everyone else first in my life and save myself for last.  I do the basics for me but that’s pretty much it.  Today I am treating myself and washing the bed sheets and the comforter.  Got my sweats in as well.  Tonight I am going to take a nice hot shower and then try something new afterwards.  I am going to shave.  Never done it in that order, that is shower first and shave after.  It’s supposed to help make things smooth and easy. 

I tried to find something to watch on TV but no such luck.  There is a movie I want to watch on Amazon but it’s purchase only and I just want to rent it.  It’s associated with Here which is a Gay TV Subscription that is available.  They really don’t have much in the way of content but I may look at what it costs and subscribe for a month just to be able to see the movie for free.  I played on the computer for the longest time.  Finally the buzzer went off on the washer and an hour had gone by.  I rotated clothes and then went upstairs. 

Spent time with the kids.  I had my Bluetooth headset in my hand and started walking towards Bear he got scared and ran away.  Not exactly sure what that is all about.  His eating habits sure could use an improvement.  He is trying to set himself up to block and that isn’t something I want to happen.  Oddly enough he just went through a box of pads, I brought another one in but some how that causes him anxiety.  It’s not like I would let him run out, we have come close thought.  I sure hope things change and he doesn’t block.  I think they all like to see me squirm a little bit. 

Decided to confront Ruth about her claw trimming while she was in a good mood.  I put on the gloves and she turned into an instant bitch.  I let her run away and didn’t chase her.  Later in the day I approached her to try to pet her and she wouldn’t have it, she was hissing and growling at me.  She has been put on notice and I think she just wants it over with as much as I do.  She did let me peek at her claws last night and they are most definitely due to be trimmed. 

I curled up with Gator on my bed and we took a nap.  When she had enough sleeping and I was 1/2 awake and rolled over she demanded that I get up.  Okay anything to shut her up.  Passed out lunch around 2p.  I finished off the last of the pecan melts that I ordered, they weren’t that good which is why they weren’t gone in the first week they got here.  Passed away some additional time on the computer.

Eventually I headed out again.  Went to Cracker Barrel for supper.  Then I stopped and picked up cat food.  I’ve been wanting a refill for my Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pen, didn’t need it but wanted to change to blue ink.  Went in thought I was getting a bargain until I came home and realized I bought rollerball refills instead of Ballpoint Pen refills.  I’ll use them in time, so I am keeping them.  I’ve got the proper refills on my Amazon shopping list.  Also need some pee pads for Mr. Bear. 

Sold my PF Chang’s gift card to a site on-line.  The card has $100 on it but they are giving me $75 and it’s coming in the form of an Amazon Gift Card so why not.  I mean it’s a little bit of a loss that I am taking but I didn’t shell out my money for the card and I am not a fan of the Chang’s.  I get a couple percent more by asking for an Amazon card instead of waiting for a check.  Nice! 

I really want a black Mont Blanc Rollerball it would complete the set that I have but if I go on Amazon it’s super expensive, just as it would be if I bought it direct from Mont Blanc.  I found a clearance site but it’s overseas, I’m going to check it out and see how much it would cost.  Your probably asking yourself why do you want another pen?  I know I don’t need it but I want it.  The one I have has a Maroon Barrel and Black looks more elegant.

Dropped off of the remaining gay dating sites that I had on my phone.  Now I am ready to jump back on but will try to contain myself.  I did some research on the Gay Bar that I was thinking of visiting and there isn’t anything bad posted.  They apparently like to have drag shows on the weekend, not so sure that is my thing.  Looks like a stereotypical gay club where there is dancing and I am sure other things that I don’t want.  I’ve talked myself out of visiting for the moment.  Wish I had a friend to go with me, then it would be easier but I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I am the only one watching my back.  Plus I have a huge fear of being drugged and then waking up in a strange place.  I know it’s silly but the fear is real. 

Decided to try to free up some disk space and zipped up a bunch of porn.  Defragging the drive now to see how successful I was.  I am very much bored out of my mind.  It’s super cold outside and travel was just not in my future today.  I’ll get there eventually, probably will be a little warmer out or so I hope. 

My friend called last night to tell me that he is taking his girl friend to a function tonight to sample some wine, taste some food and listen to music.  Zipadee do dah.  Kind of feels like he is rubbing it in my face.  I gave him the update from my end and then listened to him.  He’s got concerns that his late wife’s death was the results of medical malpractice and I honestly agree with him.  I know how he feels and he wants to blame someone but it’s like I told him no matter if you have a case or not, nothing in the world will bring her back.  He understands but if he could get enough money he would pay off his house and retire.  Yeah that might be smart but he would have oodles of time on his hands and I think that would be very bad for him.  He’s on an anti-depressant and looking for counseling to help with processing the loss.  He doesn’t understand how one overcomes this.  I told him the secret is time.  It’s the ingredient or factor in dealing with most anything negative.  Plus were all different and we process grief differently.  I can tell that he is deeply hurting and there are some bottled up feelings that he wants to let go of.  Plus he has the daily reminder of all of her possessions around him.  He told me that he will be getting together with her family next month and celebrating her birthday.  It was 6 weeks yesterday that she has been gone.  Today marks 6 months since her initial surgery.  He remembers those dates clearly and when it’s the one close to you, of course it’s only natural.  I did it and still do now.  I remember the anniversary of my guys passing as well as his birthday and our anniversary, it is something that sticks with you. 

So that’s how my Saturday is going.  I will be leaving in the morning for breakfast once again and my trip to the grocery store, stopping next at the gas station to fill my other tank and then it will be home for the day where I will have to take time to clean the house up and get ready for Monday.  Relax and probably fit in a nap, maybe there will be something that I am interested in on TV.  If not then I’ll be playing on the computer. 

I hope all is well in your world and that you had a great Saturday!  Just a couple more days and this month will be history.  My next payday will be Tuesday so Monday night I will be busy scheduling bills to be paid.  Plus I will also be on call next week.  Those 2 weeks of a break that I get go by pretty fast.  Before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas again.  I love the money though, it’s $100 for the aggravation calls or no calls, the money is mine.  Plus if I get calls I can bill for my time, so all in all it’s not a bad deal, just kind of a hassle. I really wish we had 1 more person on our team, 3 minions and 1 boss.  There is a lot of unnecessary drama and I think 1 extra person may fix that, then again maybe not. 

Talk with you all again soon. Take care!

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