26 February 2017

The Movie

I accomplished all of my goals for last night.  I determined that it’s better to shave first then shower.  I understand it’s supposed to open your pours if you shower first and create a better experience.  However, I got a fair amount of irritation and would rather do it my ‘normal’ way.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I got to see the movie I wanted last night for free.  All of the channels or subscriptions on Amazon come with a free trial.  Here offers 7 days and then they charge $7 and some change.  I just wanted to see this movie.  As it played I realized I’ve seen it before.  Because it was stamped with a 2017 release date made me think it was something fresh.  I don’t remember either title but it was something to watch and once I got into it I was vested so I had to see how it played out since my memory was not that clear.  I looked around and Here doesn’t really have much content that interests me, I cancelled the subscription this afternoon.

My gift card for Amazon arrived by email this morning.  I redeemed it and have placed an order.  So Bear gets his pee pads and I get some pen refills.  There are a few dollars left, plus I have points on my Amazon card that will help with my next order.  I am very much trying to be a good boy and not go hog wild with spending money. 

It was refreshing to wake up this morning knowing that I didn’t have that much to do around here.  Kind of felt a bit odd.  I went to IHOP for breakfast.  Saw some cute guys and had a salty but otherwise decent breakfast.  The waitress tried her best to talk me into buying more food since I ordered something different and it was way less than what I normally get.  I abstained and left as quickly as I could.  I knew my stomach wanted more but my brain said keep the cost down. 

Ruth got her claw trim.  She lost her bladder multiple times so I had a mess.  I also stepped in it and am now washing my whites.  That wasn’t the plan for the day but beats having urine soaked socks sitting in my closet for a week.  That would be horrible.  She is pretty mad at me.  I had to come after her and she froze like she normally does.  Then I had to reach towards her and pull her out.  No matter how much talking I did or petting, she really wasn’t happy and when she gets like that there is no calming her down.  I will say that her disposition this time was nothing in the way it was last time.  This time she was mad.  Last time she was out right angry and vindictive.  I know my little girl and while I think she understands that I am trying to help her, she doesn’t like to be held hostage and lose control.  I wish that I could keep her calm over this claw trimming business for fear that she is going to get so angry she is going to have a heart attack.  I don’t want her to go out like that because there would be a huge amount of guilt on my part.  At least this claw trim didn’t cost me a penny, other than manual labor of cleaning up after her.  That’s the way it should be each and every time.  We will do it again in 7 more weeks, it’s on my calendar.  It will suck then just as much as it sucked now, which is why I put it off.  It’s something that neither her or I really want to face. 

I got a nice nap in after I got home from the grocery store.  Woke up and it semi feels like I am getting sick.  I hope I am wrong, because now is not a good time for that.  Being on call next week and there is plenty of stuff that will transpire this week, I need to be able to bring my A game, whatever that is.  I get 2 days without the bitch I work with, so that will be like having 2 days off in it’s self.  Now if I could just get her and the boss out of the office at the same time, it would be heaven.  No meetings, no drama and a peaceful day. 

Bear used the bathroom last night.  He has a knack for knowing when I am about to watch porn and he either does it just before I start watching or he will let me watch for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he has a need.  Oh that makes me angry and I think he does it on purpose.  It’s okay I get him cleaned up and then I can go back to the TV.  For the most part his bathroom time is always ill timed.  Like just before it’s time for me to eat or just as I sit down to the table.  Sometimes I deal with it right away and other times I tell him he is going to have to wait a few minutes.  That cat has me on a string and anytime he moves his paw I dance like Geppetto.  He knows it which is what makes it worse.  He knows that I can tell him no but that eventually under normal circumstances I will give him what he wants or at least try to pacify him. 

I dropped way more money than I wanted to at the grocery store this week.  I rushed myself and it took a lot of restraint to pass by the sweets.  Last week I had Washington Apple Pie Ice Cream and it was so good it’s gone.  This week I am trying Texas Pecan Pie Ice Cream.  I really wanted some cake or pastry to have on hand.  I know it’s poison so I just resisted.  It wasn’t easy especially when you have the wicked sweet tooth I do.  I was raised on all of that junk which is why it is what I want today.

Oh almost forgot to tell you, I ordered my Mont Blanc Pen last night.  I found a replica site in China and they were selling them for $5.  I mean for $5 what could go wrong, right?  Yes it could be a sham, the pen could fall apart or not work right.  However, it’s a very small investment.  They even offered free shipping to the US.  They were sending it ground which would take up to a little over a month before it arrives.  For $2 more I could speed things up and have it in 12 to 21 days.  I opted to spend the $2.  Now when it came to payment I learned from my past mistake.  It may have been a coincidence but last time I bought a pen from overseas that was a known fake, my credit card got hacked as well.  This time I used a disposable card.  I set it up for a purchase limit of $20, I figured there could be hidden fees and that was as much as I was willing to gamble away.  I put the card # in, they charged to it right away and then I shut it down.  So the charge they submitted will go through but that’s it.  The card can’t be used again, pretty smart!  Glad I do business with a bank that offers this valuable service. I am interested to see what I get in the mail when it arrives.  They were also eager to get my mobile phone number.  Maybe they want to text me updates but I entered in 000 000 0000 and their system didn’t question it.  There is no reason in the world they need a telephone number.  Lets hope I am a happy camper when and if the package does arrive.

Another day another dollar.  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will be on HBO tonight and I am always interested to watch.  He makes me laugh at least once and no doubt he will have plenty to say about our president.  That is someone that has managed to make everyone talk.  When I went in to Steak N Shake on Friday, there were some old people huddled up talking loudly about politics.  As I sat looking at social media and all of the gayness in my news feeds.  I thought oh lord they are going to lynch me.  Turns out they calmed down after a while and I have no idea if they saw my phone or not, my back was to them. 

Now on to play on the PC and relax away the rest of the day.  Having the Broccoli, Chicken, Pasta and Cheese Casserole for supper tonight.  Looking so forward to that.  Got my Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Let’s hope it’s a good Monday.  I put a higher octane gas in the car in the hopes it will help with the acceleration issue, it’s not something that I want to do all the time but a one time test shouldn’t cause any harm.  I went mid-grade with an 89 octane instead of basic with an 87 octane.  I could go full on premium with a 91 octane but that is extra expensive and I’m not driving a race car but there are days when you could question that. 

I hope that you are having a great weekend.  I need to go throw my whites in the dryer and check on the kids upstairs.  It’s quiet which is normal but I need to make sure no one is into any mischief.  Take care!

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