15 February 2017

19th Nervous Breakdown

I really feel like I am headed to having a nervous breakdown or that I am going to crack.  Perhaps I am just feeling sorry for myself but it’s like the problem treadmill keeps on coming and there is no way off. 

So I got a call from my attorney about my car, I was told that I should be able to return to the dealer.  I would need to call first to make sure that is the case but they have heard that this issue has been smoothed out.  There is something called the Moss Magnum Warranty Act or words to that effect.  Basically it means you can’t refuse to make warranty repairs.  I found it last night on line and if you have a dealer that is refusing to repair your car then you have a case for Auto Fraud.  Of course there are attorneys that specialize in that field as well.  Right now I want to get as far away from attorneys that are working for me, regardless of the reason so that I can preserve what little sanity I have left.  I am hesitant to return to the same dealer, considering the circumstances.  It just makes me wonder what are they going to do.  I may have brakes when I leave but the next day when I am doing 70mph on the highway no brakes and then it’s goodbye to me.  I also am hesitant to start fresh with a new dealer, but I think at some point that is inevitable.  This whole experience has tainted the good relationship I had with the dealer and I have also lost trust and respect for them.  Just think about it for a second this whole thing was avoidable, they just needed to move quickly to make it right and if they did that before I engaged an attorney we wouldn’t be where we are today.  I warned them I was going to seek legal counsel but I suppose they hear that often and thought it was a bluff.  One thing about me is my word is my bond and if I tell you I am going to do something then it’s going to happen.  I’ll bet they don’t doubt me again!

I talked things over with a few people at work.  The best advise I got was come up with a number, communicate that to your attorney and they will likely be willing to make further adjustments to their fees to bring this to a quick end.  That could easily be true, I am mulling over numbers but I still want to get the repairs done that are needed and see what kind of offer I get back.  I think it’s pretty apparent that I will get to keep this car.  The value has significantly depreciated from what I paid, which is normal.  I just didn’t realize how much value on cars sinks like a rock.

Work was okay today, I kept myself busy and took a few breaks.  I am so loyal that I watch my phone during lunch.  Considering I am eating at my desk, might as well.  I picked up a Phishing Email today and that cut my lunch short.  Thankfully I had already consumed my sandwich and a few pretzels.  It took about 45 minutes to settle down and then I gulped down my yogurt and lunch was done.  I have a lot of OT that will be on my next check, that will be really nice!  When I pick stuff up during lunch I charge for that and it’s what my boss wants.  I mean I should be able to enjoy my lunch but if I so chose to monitor my mail and jump on something hot that comes in then it’s only right that I get paid for it.  I am empowered to a degree.  I hesitated in taking it but the guy who is on call doesn’t jump for anything, he’s older and set in his ways.  I figured he was likely at lunch so I’d do him a favor.  He is salaried so truly it all pays the same, whereas I get overtime so most things pay the same but not all of them. 

I can’t tell you how incredibly stupid people are.  The email went to 3 people, thankfully no one took the bait but they all did things that we have said not to do.  Like corresponding with the sender, you think it’s your buddy but it’s really a malicious actor.  That’s because your buddy uses the same password for everything, so taking over his or her accounts is very easy.  The other thing is 2 of the 3 clicked on the link to see what happened.  That could have been a costly move, it may look like it’s going to a file sharing service, but you get tricked and the next thing you know there is Cryptoware on your machine – not a good situation.  If you have any doubts calls for help, don’t try to go it on your own, unless of course you actually know what your doing.  We say it time and time again but no one listens.  I think it’s going to take something horrific to happen before the law is laid down or further restrictions are put in place.  Cybersecurity is no joke, each day malicious actors are getting more clever.  I mean it keeps me employed but it also puts a lot of pressure on me and my co-workers that are working to keep our environment safe. 

Lots of good TV on tonight and my all time fav show Suits is on.  I really wish that Harvey Specter existed in real life, I know he could solve all of my legal issues.  Okay momma is squalling because I have gone over my time.  Need to get upstairs and get my quality time started with the furry family.  Getting my back rubbed tomorrow and it really hurts today.  Hopefully, I feel better.  Who knows maybe I will be able to buy a new bed with whatever settlement I get from this car fiasco. 

I hope you had a great day and that tomorrow is even better for all of us.  2 more days until the weekend and I always look forward to time off and a break from work.  Take care and thanks for your visit. 

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