03 March 2017

Marching on

I am glad this week is over with.  Thursday & Friday were supposed to be peaceful days but they turned into anything but peaceful.  I worked solid from the moment I walked in and even had to put in some over time.  It was brutal, I made it through but now I am trying to unwind.

Thursday was an ordinary day for the most part.  I got a 2 new hires snuck in on me.  That sent me scrambling to get these people in the system.  They start on Monday so it’s something that I had to take care of.  I did as much as I could, then left at my normal time.  Got home, saw that my neighbors car had the dome light on.  This is the piece of shit that I refer to that is purposely parked where I can hit it.  Anyway, I went to the neighbors house and was doing a good deed.  I got to walk in the dark and I pushed where the door bell should have been but all I got was a hole to stick my finger into, not the hole I was looking for.  Then these two curtain climbers start looking outside.  I see an adult and hear the famous who is it question.  I wanted to respond it’s the big bad wolf, i’ve come to huff and puff and blow your house down.  I said it’s your neighbor.  They opened the door and I mentioned the car.  Right away the lady got in defense mode, then I told her about the light and she relaxed.  Yeah I should have let the battery run down but I’d want someone to tell me, that is the only reason why I went over.  Time for my next surprise when I walked in the door I fed the children.  Then saw that Marvin had a very busy day making crap, all over the carpet in multiple places.  Poor guy. 

Now you’d probably think this is the point where I said I was able to go to bed and call it a day, nope.  I got an alert from work that I had to respond to.  Got that taken care of, then put my supper in the microwave.  For giggles since I was feeling pretty bad at this point I checked my sugar and it was in the 2 digit number range which is way too low for me.  I know my doctor likes it but my body says fuck you.  I gobbled down my supper and tried to salvage the evening.  I put the mail by the computer, came upstairs and decided to try to get in some TV time, but that didn’t work.  The phone went off again with a fraud alert.  I jumped on that and in going back to the basement I noticed that it smelled slightly like a sewer.  I figured someone did something and it will pass.  I had to run upstairs to get my headset and when I came back down the odor was much worse.  I finished up dealing with work.  Then I started nosing around.  Momma was running around frantic like she was on fire or some one was chasing after her.  I picked her up and gave her a hug, she calmed down.  Then I put two and two together.  I looked at her and said tell me where you did it, I won’t be mad I just need to clean it up.  Then I said we both know I just lied to you, I will be pissed but I still need to clean it up.  Found it, in a corner under a piece of furniture was an old school keyboard the belonged to my late partner.  She dumped all over that thing.  It was in a precarious place and took me forever to get to it.  I cleaned it up, rinsed off the keyboard (which is going to be recycled) and then built a barrier to prevent her or anyone else from getting in there again.  This turned into a 10 hour work day but it was like one crisis after another.  Holy fuck I was glad the day was done. 

I had been thinking about a new porn scene that was released and I figured it would help me greatly if I watched it.  Turns out I couldn’t preform which was frustrating as well.  I was just too tired and too ticked off.  The animals and the stupid people at work – it was all just far too much.  I elected to watch TV, got sleepy pretty quick and kicked everyone out.  I thought Marv stayed with me for a bit but when I woke up this morning he was gone.  Not sure if I let him out or if I was mistaken and he went on his own.  Oh I also had a massage but I told her to be a little gentler and now I hurt worse than if she would have gone full bore on me.  That didn’t help things either. 

Friday ah the best day of the week, except today wasn’t so great for me.  Started out with a call from our monitoring service with a critical alert.  We had an infected machine on the network.  I lost my marbles and forgot what I was supposed to do in order to figure out which machine it was.  Thankfully a call to the boss and he jogged my memory.  Got that taken care of.  Then I had to finish up my new hires from yesterday and make a change to another recent hire.  Plus deal with all of the regular tickets that were coming in.  I also had people walking up to my desk, which was probably my saving grace because it forced me to get away from my desk.  It put me behind but some how in the end with my perseverance it all worked out.  Everything was done, I pray I made no mistakes but I know they will be rubbed in my nose if I did. 

Drove home and almost got side swiped not once but twice.  Treated myself to Wendy’s since it’s been rough.  Spent a little time with the cats and then oh crap I need to pay my auto insurance.  I had one more day but I never cut it this close.  So I came downstairs to deal with that.  Decided to blog a bit, since some of you may have been wondering what happened to me. 

That is the crux of the day.  I am wiped out.  Getting up tomorrow and going to say my well wishes to the waitress at steak n shake that is leaving.  I am going to try to order the cute guy working at the grill that I know is straight but still has an amazing ass.  I don’t think it will work but I told her she needs to help me find a man.  I helped her with finding a job.  Turn about is fair play.  Some how I always come up on the losing end and as they say no good deed goes unpunished. 

Before I pass out at the keyboard I am hauling my body upstairs so that I can enter the sleep zone.  It’s back to winter temps here that is until tomorrow afternoon then it’s back to spring for a few days.  Goofy Weather. 

I am sure I will be posting again over the weekend.  Right now I just hate computers because I have spent so much time with one that all I want to do is get away.  A nice drive, A TV, anything but a computer.  So my bed is pretty appealing to both me and my body.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps again soon.

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