05 February 2017

The Pens

vanishing point

This is the crown jewel of my recent purchase.  It is by far the smoothest Fountain Pen that I have ever written with.  The blue color is a bit more shiny in this photo, in reality my pen is more Navy that this bright blue.  Making the shade of blue match the photo is the only change I would make to this pen.  It’s expensive as pens go but well worth every penny, so long as you use it and it’s not sitting around collecting dust.  I went the extra mile and had this engraved with my name.  I have many pens I value and this is among them.


This is a nice pen, nothing terribly fancy.  I like the fact that you can’t put it in your pocket unless it’s retracted.  When you push down on the plunger to expose the ball point the pocket clip becomes flush with the pen.  No more messy shirts or ink stains with this pen around.  The color like the pen above is more navy than bright blue.  That is the only thing I would change about this pen.  Lamy makes quality pens.  I own this, one like this in silver.  I have a Lamy Fountain Pen and Two additional rollerballs that are fairly inexpensive.  This particular pen goes for around $60.

A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing these pens, writing with them I am sure that you too would and could easily fall in love.  It’s far better to visit a pen store and have the experience in person, so that you don’t purchase something that you wind up returning.  I mail order a good portion of my pens and have yet to return one.  I am not quite sure why I am such a pen fanatic or a writing instrument enthusiast, but I have the bug and once it bites you always have a desire for something new.

If your just getting into pen collecting, I would suggest starting with a decent rollerball.  I like them because they are smoother than your typical ball point pen.  Think of it as Gel ink.  If money is an issue check out the Pilot G2, it’s a disposable and refillable pen.  Most people throw them away and grab a new one.  These are the choice pen of many, many people.  I remember when they were first on the market, I thought they were better than sliced bread.  You can get them most anywhere from your local drugstore, office supply company, Target, Wal-Mart and probably even find them at your local grocery store.  I am a huge fan of Medium Point.  However, these only come in Fine which is as close as your going to get to Medium. These are a couple dollars for 2 and come in many different colors.

Pilot G2 

If you want to get something nice, with a bright lacquer finish then I suggest going with a Retro 1951 Tornado Pen.  You can get ink in many colors, these pens will use Parker Gel Refills, which write amazing.  If you want to go the extra step you can get your pen engraved.  They come in a round tube and the pen is in a velvet like sleeve.  The pen that is pictured below is one that I purchased for my late partner.  I had it engraved it’s said Jeremy loves and his name.  He loved it and it was his favorite pen, until I introduced him to a Tombow Zoom, that he really liked and couldn’t put it down.  The color on the Tornado is just as bright as you see it in a photo.  I own one in Blue, one with a padded grip in a light blue and of course the Red one, which is tucked away and only used on occasion. 


So there you have it.  No matter what your hobby, they all cost money.  Pens are interesting and it helps to change up your day by switching from day to day.  A different ink, a different point or just a different color pen can change your whole mood and outlook on the day.  If your stuck writing a good portion of the day, it helps to have a pen that you enjoy and are comfortable with.  I hope I helped bring some clarity to this hobby of mine and that you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your having a great day!

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