24 February 2017

New Problem

Every once and a while I get a feeling that I need to get to the post office, because there is something important waiting for me.  I had this feeling on Wednesday but opted not to act on it.  Well surprise I found out on Thursday that there was in fact something important waiting for me.  It was a letter from the power company informing me that they learned my spouse passed away and informing me that if I didn’t call and establish a new account they would turn service off in 10 days. 

I left service in my spouses name because I feared two things would happen.  First the rates would go up and Second they would ask for a deposit.  Turns out that I was right on both counts.  I made it home in time to call and reach a human.  I got a new account setup and they told me the monthly amount which is $10 higher than what I previously paid.  Then I was told that I had to put a deposit down based upon my credit score, so they require two months of service and it could be broken up into 5 installments.  As soon as they get the last payment the clock starts ticking and when we reach the 1 year mark they will refund the money so long as my account has been current.  Holy fuck I came unglued.  I stifled my anger and polity asked if the deposit could be waived, based upon the fact that I had been paying since my spouse passed away and that was just about 3 years ago.  Well turns out anyone can make a payment on anyone's account but the account holder is the one who gets the credit and not the paying party.  In other words I am shit out of luck.  I could call back the next day and talk with a supervisor but they were unlikely to waive the deposit.  

I was t-totally pissed, I ate my supper and got on the phone to pass the evening away.  That little event ruined my night, caused me to loose sleep and it generally has me upset. 

I got up and fed the kids.  Passed out their medication and then shuffled off to the dealer.  That wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be.  I asked my rock star in service if after the dust clears if I would be welcomed back as a customer.  He said yes.  In fact he told me that he helped defend me and saying that I was unhappy with the car and not the dealership.  In talking about my car problems the service guy told me he has the same issues with his car and it’s a different model.  Well whoop whoop, just because he puts up with it doesn’t mean I have to.  I paid for the fucker to work not for it to act up.  Fucking fix it.  I have high hopes that I will get it back tonight but that I will still likely have issues. 

So I went out to breakfast in the hopes of seeing my favorite waitress but she wasn’t working.  Thankfully the cook I have a crush on was.  His ass looked so fine I almost ordered it.  I can’t believe how much stronger my attractions have grown and how my feelings are just running what I consider to be out of control.  It’s like I must have a man to have sex with and the sooner the better.  First of all he’s straight and second of all I know the logical and common sense approach but it’s really growing tough to keep myself in check.  Oh that boy was so fine!  He’s pasty white, could use a little color but I like him a lot. 

Then home where I began my battle with the power company.  Spoke with a stupidvisor who told me that they were unable to waive the deposit, it’s based on credit score.  I argued that I was financially sound and that I had been paying the bill for years, but none of that mattered.  I am a new customer and as such there is no trust and based upon my credit score that they saw at the time my report was pulled I am a deadbeat and need to cough up the dough.  Now he was more professional than I put it but he used words to that effect.  Wow, seriously dude.  They are the only power company in town and they act like it.  Rather than have the deposit broken up I opted to pay it in one lump sum.  For that privilege I had to pay a convenience fee to use my credit card.  So I called back and confirmed that were all set and I would only get billed for monthly service and not my deposit.  The stupidvisor took a few dollars off monthly service but went into this rant about how they are regulated and that the rates didn’t go up.  Whatever dude.  All I know is I was paying x dollar before and now you want xxx dollar, to me that is a rate increase. 

Being the customer service oriented type person I am as well as the fighter in me, I reached directly out to the CEO of the company.  I called his direct dial and got his voice mail.  I left a message and have since sent him an email pleading my case.  I don’t know if he will help me but if not then the next stop is to involve a legislative body.  I mean I’ve been living in this house for 20 years, I am clearly not going anywhere, I have a decent job with a stable company, I have plenty of credit as well as a mortgage and car loan I really don’t see what the problem is.  I am much more than my credit score which is only a number that doesn’t mean jack.  It doesn’t define me as a person and and I think I have proven that I am credit worthy based upon my past payments, despite the account not being in my name.  Why is it that common sense is just no so common these days. 

Life seems to be one challenge or problem after another, how you deal with them helps shape who you are as a person and it also dictates how much sanity you will have left in the end.  I am running out of sanity, I am sick to death of problems.  I just want to be left the fuck alone and allowed to work, sleep and eat peacefully without any issues.  I know there is no charge for dreaming but seriously I think I have been through more than my fair share in my 45 years on this planet.  If I can’t have some peace and some good things happen to me, then beam me up scotty I want off of this fucking merry go round.  I am dead serious, I have had it. 

Ah well at least I can take a nap now.  There is plenty for me to do and I had some plans but hey the day is young might as well try to rest up and spend some time with the kids. 

Happy Friday, we made it finally. 

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