12 February 2017

Sunday Fun day

I was able to sleep in my own bed last night until 6a this morning, at which time Gator decided to start waking me up.  I changed beds but that didn’t stop her she sang even louder but eventually gave up and then I was able to go back to sleep.  Oddly enough I am had a dream about the grocery store.  I wanted this case of soda and it was on sale for $100.  I opted to pass.  It had to be a dream but it was so real. 

I woke up and checked ye old iPhone and thankfully nothing to deal with.  Fed the pussy cats and then got dressed and ventured off to the restaurant where the one legged waitress’ work.  Yep, IHOP you got it.  I had a full order of Blueberry Stuffed French Toast with a side of 3 scrambled eggs and 2 pork sausage links.  Washed it all down with Diet Pepsi.  It was good but then I got the bill and knew I should have gone some place else.  It was something different.  The Blueberry was a little too sweet for me but I ate it any way.  I took an extra pill in the hopes of keeping my sugar in check.

With breakfast all done, I shuffled off to the gas station top off my tank and get my car washed.  It wasn’t until I arrived at ye old grocery store that I discovered the automated wash did a lousy job on the back of the car, every place else is clean but the back.  Looks like I had a blind man wash my car.  I won’t be using that wash again unless I am desperate $10 for nothing. 

Came home, serenaded Bears while I put the groceries away and then he got a belly rub which made him happy.  He craves his daddy’s attention like daddy craves sweets.  Yeah he has it bad. 

I started the dishes going and resumed laundry.  Updated my finances and did some web surfing. 

I put on my elbow brace and have been wearing it for a good portion of the day.  Feels awkward as hell but it helps a little bit.  I am worried that the doctor has it wrong and there is something else going on with my arm.  I’ve a couple months before I go back but if it’s still bothering me I will say something.  I really want the pain to stop.  I’ve tried different keyboards, keeping the arm straight as much as possible and even backed off of picking Bear up unless it was necessary.  A couple days into the course of steroids I was doing much better but now that they are gone and have been for a few weeks the pain is back.  As for keyboards I haven’t come across one that I am t-totally in love with.  A trip to Micro Center would probably change that but I am also afraid that it would get me in debt.  I have said I am going to get to that store eventually and everyone I talk to says make sure you bring your wallet, you’ll need it.  There are lots of gadgets and gizmos that I will find as must haves and that will cause me to part with my money or perhaps spend money that I have yet to earn. 

Speaking of money, I took the time to check about amending my return since I got a corrected W-2 from work.  Turns out it’s just like I was told there is no impact on my taxes whatsoever.  So no need to file an amended return.  All of this is because they screwed up and thought the office was in a city that it is not in so taxes were inadvertently paid to that city.  They got it fixed, got their money back and fixed our paychecks.  I just knew that come tax time it would be a mess and that it was. 

Presently I am backing up ye old iPhone to my PC.  I elected to encrypt the backup so that all of my passwords that are cached will be saved.  I need to get a text message off of the phone and having an extra backup never hurt anyone.  I will be adding some music to it as well.  I really went all out with 128mb of space and the damn thing is no where near 1/2 full.  Might as well treat yourself, who knows what I will find in the next few years that I want.  I can say that the performance of the iPhone 7 at home is way better than my 5S was.  The screen is larger and the speed is remarkable, it’s a true pleasure to use.  I feel more complete now that I have my Official Mophie case, used it last night and again today.  Looking forward to wearing it during the week as well. 

Opted not to shower, Friday was the last time I washed.  Normally I take a shower on Sunday but last weekend I opted out and well it is kind of nice.  I will be shaving before I go to bed.  My next shower will be tomorrow morning and I can tell you even after I wash my hair with two shampoos it will still itch.  Nothing a little Tea Tree Oil can’t fix.  Weekends for me are a time that I am truly as lazy as possible.  I only do what is necessary and spend a good amount of time watching TV, Movies, playing on the PC and of course sleeping.  It’s my down time and I really enjoy as much of it as I possibly can. 

Made a pizza and left it in a little too long.  Some of the crust is burnt on top, but the bottom is just fine.  I cut it a little differently so I have some left overs for tomorrow night.  That will be something to look forward to after a Monday at work.  I have no idea what is in store for tomorrow let alone next week but I hope that things are a little calmer than they have been.  1/2 of our team will be tied up with some audit, that means me and the other guy I work with will be primarily holding down the fort.  Plus there will be arrivals and departures to deal with.  I really enjoy departures, thought I’d never learn it because there were like a million steps to it, but now it’s like 10 to 15 minutes and I can have someone totally out of the system.  Arrivals well I am still learning them and there is a thousand parts to it, you have to depend upon other people to get you information and I hate depending upon other people, they always let me down and never move fast enough for me.  Ah well I’ll get it down pat as well, just takes time.  Eventually the long term plan is that I will be dealing with both arrivals and departures by myself, which is a full time job in and of it’s self. 

Speaking of work, considering how much praise I continually get from my boss and the wonderful reviews, I am very interested to see what kind of a raise I get this year.  I would also love to see what extra tools we are going to get to help us do our job.  Putting new tools in place and learning them could make for an easier job and I am all for that.  I like the fact that when I have to leave a voice mail for someone I can tell them I am with Network Security or Information Security – that usually gets me an instant call back, kind of like the police calling you.  It’s nice.

Moving along I signed on to Bro and a couple of the guys that I fist bumped I sent messages to.  Thus far no responses but they are some good lookers.  Lets hope at least one of them responds and that they are as beautiful on the inside as they appear on the outside. 

My ice cream flavor this week is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and I am looking to dive right in.  Plus spend a little bit more time with the kids before I have to wrap things up and call it a night.  I hope that you had a great Sunday and accomplished all that you wanted to.  We have some unseasonably warm weather and it’s messing with everyone.  It’s suppose to be cold outside but it’s warm.  Hell last night I had my AC on in my car I was just that hot.  I’ll be glad when or if temperatures even out. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading this.  I hope for a great week ahead for all of us.  Take care and come back again really soon. 

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