16 February 2017

One More Day

So the good news is only one day more and then it will be the weekend!  On the car front I was encouraged pretty strongly to go back to the same dealer.  Reluctantly I called this morning and scheduled an appointment for next Friday.  Even over the phone I was treated like a red headed step child.  I can imagine this is going to be an awkward interaction.  I take great pleasure in forcing their hand, it’s just another demonstration that you can’t fuck with me, if you do there will be consequences.  I really wish I would have never bought this bucket of bolts, it’s just been one damn thing after another.  So much for rewarding myself.  I scheduled next Friday off so hopefully they can wrap things up in one day and I am not stuck driving a loaner any longer than is necessary.  I am hesitant to go back because I feel like they are going to sabotage the car but that will just bring me back for yet another repair and add even more fuel to the fire. 

I had to rush to get to work this morning.  The cunt I work with needed to come in late and the boss wanted early coverage.  I didn’t volunteer but I am usually a 1/2 hour early not exactly what he was looking for but I at least made that happen.  I could leave early but I would rather collect the overtime.  There are so many little things that are being taken away from us because they are trying to reduce cost, I need all of the $$ that I can get. 

Found out with a little discovery that I can pay off my phone in one lump sum through the ATT app.  I was happy to see that.  I am thinking that if the car issue settles and I get a decent sum of money, pay it off early so that will reduce my overall bill.  Not only can I rest easier but if I wanted to upgrade I would be eligible, plus ATT will unlock the phone once I pay it off – so it will be worth more to sell or if I wanted to change carriers all I would need is a new SIM.  It just feels like the right move to make. 

Had fun last night playing cat soccer with Marv.  He would bat the ball to me, I would send it back his way and he would do his best to keep up.  Eventually he overwhelmed me.  I love playing with him.  Sort of like when I taught him fetch, now he’s older and smarter so no need to do all that running when you can just bat the ball back to daddy.  He slept with me for a little while last night.  I had to let him out in the middle of the night.  I am not partial to waking up once I am asleep unless of course it’s time.  However, I do most anything for the kids. 

Were in a picky eating mode right now and all of the food daddy has they want to turn their nose up.  I will have to freshen things up over the weekend.  Last weekend not only was I rushed but the cat food isle had people in it, which is odd.  I am used to having the isle to myself.  Perhaps this weekends experience will be different and can buy something that will pacify their pallets. 

That’s about all I have.  Getting ready to go in for my massage and hoping that I feel better when I come out.  Hope your Thursday is rocking and that life is treating you well. 

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