20 February 2017

Leather Thumb

Last night I noticed that the light in the living room wasn’t on when it was supposed to be.  I tapped it and presto it turned on.  I figured might as well check the bulb.  I went to touch the bulb and instantly fried my thumb.  See I thought since the light wasn’t on the bulb should be cold but apparently I was wrong.  That really put a damper on my evening.  I ran cold water on it and then put an ice pack on it.  Then went to my late aunts go to which is mustard.  That didn’t help much so then I decided to see what Siri would tell me to do.  My thumb wasn’t recognized as authentication because my fingerprint was damaged in the process.  Thankfully I enrolled a different fingerprint.  I got sage advice from Siri and found some gauze and broke out the aloe vera.  The pain was too intense so I had to go back on ice.  Eventually I went back to the aloe.  The pain was a lot but I tried to focus on other things.  Finally things calmed way down.  Then I started to get ready for bed and that irritated things because I needed to brush my teeth.  I put a fresh gauze pad on and lots of aloe vera and slept that way. 

This morning things were calm until I got moving.  Holy crap I never knew I used my thumb for so many things.  Especially when passing out medicine to the kids.  It hurts a little bit but mostly feels odd.  It works now to authenticate me to my phone which is really far out.  I’ve got quite the blister.  The internet is full of opinions on what to do with the blister pop or not pop.  The majority says leave it alone, so that is what I am going to do.  I don’t want to sign up for more pain or make things worse than they already are.  I’ll never ever touch a light bulb unless I am sure it’s cool, I won’t unlearn that ever. 

I decided to do some Facebook snooping last night.  Remember the lady that was my friend, I got a job and then she stabbed me in the back?  Yeah well I learned last night that she has stage IV Colon Cancer it’s spread and she dropped a lot of weight.  Yet she doesn’t think that it’s going to kill her, she thinks she is going to survive.  I saw pictures of her and man she looks horrible.  Just like my late friends wife.  She is 90 pounds which is not an acceptable weight for any adult.  She has had a lot of health problems and I honestly don’t see how she is going to survive this but stranger things have happened.  There was a benefit for her over the weekend, there is a go fund me page for her medical expenses.  She has to come up with a very large amount of money, I don’t get it because she should be covered by her husbands health insurance.  She has no job other than her notary business which I can’t imagine that she can still run being as sick as she is.  This whole thing is rather unfortunate.  It kind of makes me want to reach out to her but my Spidey senses say don’t do it, you’ll be sorry.  So I am going with ye old gut on this one and leaving it alone.  I will say that she has the right mind set and attitude from what I see on line but then again that could all be for show.  her thought process is that she is going to survive because otherwise God wouldn’t have anyone else to play jokes on.  She thinks her cancer is a joke from God.  She is a neat person, knows how to make me laugh but there is an evil side to her and that is something that I’ve seen and been the victim of so my gut is probably giving me the best advice ever. 

No one wanted to sleep with me last night.  Marvin was in my room but as I was closing my door he meowed and wanted out.  I was looking forward to sleeping with him but was a little worried given my thumb.  So it all worked out for the best.  Speaking of Dear Marvin, I rounded him up to give him fluids and as I suspected changed the needle and everything flowed like it was supposed to.  Ruth decided to move and Marvin jumped as I was holding him and the needle.  I felt the needle move and was a little concerned but he’s no worse for the wear this morning.  He was a little more reserved on jumping in to get something to eat.  I opened a special can of food just for him and he had some of that.  I believe they talk about things just before feeding time and they get me to setup a little buffet line so they can have some of this and some of that.  I of course fall for it because a cat that is not eating is in trouble. 

Had a really good Sausage and Tomato Pizza. I jazzed it up by adding Peperoni and the last of the shredded Mexican cheese mix I had.  I saved two slices so I could enjoy it again tonight.  Then for desert I had some Washington Pie Ice Cream made by Edy’s.  Damn they know their stuff, this is a new flavor for them and you taste the apple and even get bites of crust.  I’ll have no problems polishing this off  Last week I got Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and it doesn’t thrill me.  Not that I should be having ice cream at all. 

Used the Hanz De Fuko Shampoo and Conditioner this morning.  I don’t remember a scent from the Shampoo, I’ll try to pay better attention tomorrow.  The conditioner smelled like spearmint.  I got my hair clean which was the goal.  I used some Quicksand paste and wow it has no shine to it, you get some sculpt ability but that’s it.  I’m trying Claymation tomorrow.  My two goals here are to get a smooth freshly clean head of hair and shine it up.  Pomade does the best job by far.  Sebastian used to make something called Leather (I think).  I have a very small amount of it and it makes my hair sparkle like a diamond.  Shame they don’t make it anymore.  As for conditioners Sebastian Light seems to smooth out my hair the most.  I am always up to try something new.

Just about time to dive into lunch.  Got my usual sandwich jazzed up with Ranch Dip and 2 peperoni slices.  That should put some extra pep in lunch.  Just wish I had some You Tube videos to watch.  There are only a couple of people who create content on a some what regular basis.  Before I had to schedule it out to watch this channel on this day and that channel on the next, etc.  I understand content creators have lives as well just would be nice to see regular updates. 

Got a departure tonight, shouldn’t take up much time and then it should be smooth sailing home.  Since today is President’s Day schools, banks, courts, etc. are closed.  There are a fair number of people that have the day off from work, but as for my place they don’t observe today as a holiday.  It’s business as usual.  It made for a smooth commute into work and I hope a smooth one home as well. 

I hope your having an awesome Monday, if there is such a thing.  I’m doing okay overall and looking forward to seeing the kids tonight.  Talk with you all again soon!

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