03 February 2017

Executive Order

In checking out my social media I see that there is a Trump Executive Order generator.  It was created because of all of the wacky orders that our President is issuing.  The creator wants people to generate wacky stuff as well and then take a photo and then spread it via social media.  I had some fun with my co-workers and my boss today.  Perfect timing on a Friday and people are typically in a good mood.

I was set to make my post at lunch time but I no sooner got finished with my lunch and a crisis erupted.  Nothing like a crisis to make your afternoon fly by.  Here we are some three hours later and now I can finish up lunch.

Last night I had a dream and Taz was in it.  Sure do miss him and I still feel guilty that he died at home while I was sleeping.  What a good boy he was. 

The massage therapist really beat me up yesterday.  Last week I got the same treatment but I was on steroids so the swelling and soreness wasn’t bad at all.  This morning no steroids and I felt pain.  I am also sore.  At least I can take a shower without pain, I’ve had massages in the past where it hurt for the water to hit my back.  Really don’t want to experience that type of pain again because showering is necessary. 

Last night I spent time with the kids.  We watched Big Bang Theory and Superstore.  Both are good for a laugh or two.  As I was watching I happened to glance out the window and I noticed that my neighbors still have their Christmas decorations up – lights and all.  But they just put out their Valentines Day decorations.  If this continues it should be interesting come the 4th of July (Independence Day).  I suspect they will clean things up soon.  I just couldn’t believe the lights were still on, I mean lots of people leave their lights up until the weather is nice but they don’t turn them on after the holidays are done, usually by the 2nd week in January.  These are the neighbors I don’t like – they are odd and this just adds more fuel to solidify that my opinion is valid. 

Bear made his way to my room last night so Marv was with me for a couple hours.  Then he took off.  Bear kept clawing at the box springs when he sensed I was awake, he wanted food and/or attention or both.  Such a ham.  He’s been in my room most of the day and I suspect that is where I will find him when I get home.  I haven’t seen him on camera and it’s not like I could miss a large black cat.  I have seen most everyone else.  Momma is doing well and still eating like a horse.  She came in for her belly rub this morning and when she rolled over she was face to face with Bear and she hissed at him.  She just hates her children, one day the switch went on and it’s never gone off.  She wasn’t like that when they were younger but now she is mean to them most of the time.  She still does her motherly manners and lets all of the kids eat first before she digs in, most of the time.  Really wish that I could bring the sweetness out in her where her kids are concerned but hey she still likes me so I guess it’s not that bad. 

Paid my post office box rent last night.  It wasn’t due until the end of the month but I wanted to get it out of the way.  Turns out that when postage rates go up in the US, a lot of things are impacted and PO Boxes usually follow that.  I was surprised as this time rent actually went down from 6 months ago.  So I am good for a while.  Next major planned expense is car insurance. 

There are a few movies available to watch, so I will be relaxing at home with the kids renting movies for part of the weekend.  I want to upgrade my iPhone to get a 7.  Mophie has batteries and carrying cases out.  I wanted to pay cash for the phone but I can’t do that.  I will have to chose to pay the monthly amount, which is not something I am a fan of but it appears to be the way that American Cell Phone Providers have gone.  Funny thing is if you switch to a different carrier, the carrier will give you the phone for free but they require that you stick with them for 2 years.  I am going to try to talk AT&T into giving me the phone but I don’t think that I will fair so well in that endeavor.  It’s in my plans to visit a store and talk about upgrading, pulling the trigger is another story.  So far as I know as long as your credit checks out it’s a 0 percent loan and there is no deposit required.  However, if you purchase any accessories you have to pay for those in full like you always have had to.  A Mophie battery goes for $100 and a case I figure no more than $40.  I do get a 25% discount on accessories but still I always walk out feeling like I was just robbed, sort of like a vet visit.  I am on call next week so if I don’t upgrade this weekend I will have to wait until I am not on-call.  I am trying to talk myself out of it saying things like well what you have works, think of all of the work in customizing the settings and syncing you will have to do.  It will take hours.  Is that really the way you want to spend your time?  The answer is no.  However, it’s not like I have a better plan than watching movies, shopping, eating out and napping.  So it’s like might as well.  Right now we’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I am up.  I know that it’s better to get to the store early because the later you go the longer the damn line and I hate those. 

I did check and found Bleed for this on Vudu but it’s only available for purchase.  $15 which isn’t bad but I don’t want to own a movie I just want to see it once and then I can move on.  Buying it would be a waste of money for me, regardless of how fine Miles Teller is.  I am hoping that when I look again there will be a rental option.  If not then I guess I will have to hold out longer before seeing it.  So far as I know nothing good in theaters that interest me now.  I will have to take a look at Fandango. 

Plan on eating canned chili tonight and loafing.  Catching up on The First 48 and finishing watching Night Watch.  I do need to have my haircut this weekend but outside of that nothing else going, just trying to get to the grocery store before the super bowl fans rob it of everything that I need in a normal week to get by.  You know things like lunch meat, bread, soda – I gave up on chips and bought them last week so I am good in at least one area.  We always used to wait until late in the afternoon on Super bowl Sunday to grocery shop but now I am all about early morning for grocery shopping – get in, get what I want/need and get out.  Hooray!

Here’s hoping you have an awesome weekend.  Stay warm and be well.  I’ll catch up with you again soon.   

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