14 February 2017

Sleepless Night

Last night just before it was about time to call it a day, I got a call from my attorneys office that is dealing with the car issue.  They told me that I was made an offer.  It sounded well and good, then they told me how much they are charging and that sucked the life right out of the offer.  Since I am still having issues with the car I am going to try to go back to the dealer.  I’ve never had a legal issue like this before and I am unsure if the dealer will still allow me to do business with them, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t.  I mean no matter how you look at it, they are making money. 

This had me pretty upset and I dealt with this last night in a hurried manner.  I went to bed mad which probably explains why I was awake off and on last night.  I got a lousy nights sleep.  Right now I can feel the morning boost of energy slowly fading away.  I called into work so I have the day off. 

My plan was to contact the dealer and make arrangements to take a day off later in the week.  Well now that I have the day off, I am calling first thing which is in about a 1/2 hour and letting them know I am still having problems.  I’d like to get the oil changed if I can to help minimize the time I will need to take off work.  I know the car tells you when to change the oil but if I can change it early and avoid that warning all the better.

Sitting at the table eating breakfast, it hit me that today is Valentines Day.  In the back of my mind I wondered if that played a roll in my sleep last night.  I still miss my guy but I really feel it’s all due to the car issue.  I just can’t deal all that well with things when I get angry.  In hindsight I used to have little flair ups while my guy was alive but since he has gone there have only been a couple times when I was angry, I mean like Ruth fire breathing, red faced, dragon angry.  It really messes with the blood pressure and alters how I feel.  I do feel bad for taking the day off, but I would rather fall asleep at home than fall asleep while driving to or from work.

I checked on Bro last night and got a message from one of the guys that I sent a fist bump to.  He wrote only to tell me that he was allergic to cats.  Well here I got all excited and it was for nothing.  Maybe I will have better luck in the coming days.  The guys all tend to blend together and you see the same people on multiple apps.  The one guy who I dated that walked out on me, yeah him he’s all over the place.  On most every app I have and I have to block him.  While I don’t think I’d ever hear from him again in case he suffers from amnesia I wouldn’t want to try to start a conversation with me.  Besides that I really don’t want him to know I am still looking.  I’d love nothing more than to close down all of my accounts but I have to find that someone or give up for that to happen.  I may take breaks but I don’t see myself giving up.

I’ve got 10 more minutes to wait and I am already longing for my bed.  Momma and Marvin slept with me.  She cuddled with me and then she jumped ship to the chair.  Once she was gone I pulled Marv in.  He was wet, as if he was bathing.  We got our cuddle on and then I remember him leaving me to go to the foot of the bed.  Momma started up about 1 or 2 am asking to be let out.  Marvin took off after her and there I was all alone.  You’d think that I could have gotten some decent rest but it was nothing more than tossing and turning.  Tonight that won’t happen because I will take some extra medicine to ensure that I sleep and don’t toss and turn.

I was very surprised to see that Last Week Tonight is back on the air.  I’ve missed John Oliver and his humor.  Lord knows we can all use a good laugh.  I watched and his show didn’t disappoint.  I also finished up my movie The Trial.  It was an interesting movie with some twists and turns.  I got to hear all about a Red Herring defense and learned something about the Red Herring Fish and how smart it is.  Who knew. 

Well I am going to get psyched up to make my phone call and then I will either be getting dressed and headed to the dealer or going back to bed.  They may push me off until tomorrow, I really don’t want to take two days off.  I am just wasting my time and that is not how I want to spend it, by flushing it down the toilet.  I am greatful that I am afforded time off as well as my employer understanding but I want to work and use my time for something more pleasant or for when I am sick and I need to take a day or my furry family needs me to take a day.  They no doubt will be upset with me that I will be disturbing their routine today but they will get lunch out of the deal, so it’s not so bad after all. 

Hope you have a great Tuesday and a great Valentines Day.  Talk with you all again soon.

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