24 February 2017


Turns out by going to the top, more often than not you get what you want.  I heard from a local executive with the power company calling on the CEO’s behalf.  I was told that in a marriage when one spouse dies they make an exception on a deposit if you have to put service into your name because your spouse passed away.  She asked me for documentation of our marriage.  I think they were expecting that I wouldn’t have anything and that just because we lived together we considered ourselves common law married.  However, I just laid on the sadness and said sure I have a copy of our Civil Union License, we got it and three (3) months later he died.  I emailed it off and within a few minutes my phone rang and they are waiving the deposit.  Since I foolishly elected to pay it, they will be issuing me a refund. 

This probably wasn’t the best thought process but I figured pay it because they aren’t going to give in, I was told no two (2) times and the odds were pretty slim that the CEO was going to give in.  I am glad that it all worked out and now I will only have to deal with a slightly higher bill. 

I called the energy supplier of my choice and enrolled in our aggregate, which has a 6 cents rate per KWH and is good until 2019.  If the city renews the contract with the same provider then I don’t have to do anything.  If they don’t renew with the same provider then I will have to enroll with the new provider.  It is a long way away so I am glad to be done with this for now. 

As for my car, I got a call it was ready and fetched it.  They did a nice job in making sure that it was clean on the outside and the tires were all shined up.  Too bad it’s going to rain on Monday and it will all turn to crap then.  They couldn’t duplicate any of my problems and I was told that I will have to get used to the transmission because it’s not like that of a traditional car.  You don’t say!  The hesitation has gotten worse with time instead of better.  They documented that they drove a like vehicle and it preformed the same as mine.  I am guessing this will not fair well for my case, however I passed along the necessary documentation and a strongly worded letter that hopefully will result in a high settlement offer.  I am looking to take the sting out of this for me and ensure that if I elect to trade the car once the pending legal matter is done that I won’t have to take a bath on the balance of the loan.  I assure you that no matter what I would be offered for a trade in, there would be a balance on the loan.  All I can do now is wait and see what happens.  I hope this works out in my favor.  I want to be done with it quickly, so that I can move on with my life. 

I’ve quelled Marvin’s diarrhea, he doesn’t like the medicine routine and he fights pretty hard.  I risk injury to my hands when giving him the medication.  He doesn’t hiss or get mad, he just resists like a child – because it’s icky.  I get it and I am truly sorry but if it helps him I will give it to him.  I wish that the older we got the less likely the need for pills but it’s just the way of life. 

Bears is still being a bit stubborn on eating.  He is eating and today he dumped what looked like two days worth of urine.  I caught him and tested the Ph, nothing to be overly concerned about.  I still worry about him and always will so long as he is alive. 

Momma I believe has some allergy issue going on where she is sneezing and coughing.  It got really bad this week.  Now that our temperatures are headed back to Winter from Spring for a couple days I am interested to see if this provides her with some relief.  I am going to give her some Zyrtec to help her out.  Poor little girl I feel sorry for her. 

The other girls are competing for my attention which is nothing new.  It’s claw trimming weekend so let’s hope that this 2nd trim for the year goes better than the 1st did.  I want to avoid a trip for medical care be it for Ruth or for me. 

I did get a nap in and woke up to start watching TV.  Then the calls came in and I had to take a break.  Grabbed the mail before coming back home, nothing scary waiting for me.  That’s it.  Had some pre-prepared BBQ from Jack Daniels which was good.  Made a mess of the microwave.  That’s it.  Time to check my email at work and clean up in inbox as well as update my timecard.  Then who knows what is in store for the rest of the evening. 

I did read the other day that later on this year they are supposed to release Oreo’s that will taste like a Jelly Donut.  I love Jelly Donuts, they are so damn good.  Makes me feel like making a trip to the bakery, but I won’t. 

I dropped one of the newer dating apps I signed up on.  I wasn’t getting any responses.  I kept looking and checking in.  Plenty of attractive guys but no one would message me.  I made some moves and only got 1 response back and that was the guy who said he was allergic to cats.  As for the other apps, they aren’t any more promising.  Thinking of dropping off of them for a while as well.  The worst part of it is I take a break and then want to jump back in but you have to create a profile first and jump through all of the hoops.  That’s the downside.  I have thought for sometime that I am going to be single for the rest of my life but who knows that all could change.  My next move is getting up the courage to visit a local gay bar.  I am not a drinker or a smoker and chances are pretty good that if I meet someone there they will either drink, smoke or do both.  Neither of which is attractive or appealing to me.  I don’t mind the occasional Pina Colada but anything more than 1 time every couple months could easily be a deal breaker.  If you have to get hammered to have a good time then were not a match.  Like most other people in this world looking for a mate, I want quality and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ‘nice guys’ like myself out there.  If they do exist they are either taken or hiding very, very well. 

Happy Friday once again.  I hope that you have a great weekend.  Not sure what I am going to do, I am on the fence about travel, just thinking of expenses.  My debt is down considerably and I am very close to getting even more comfortable and wiping more of it away.  I don’t want to jump back in head first because that would be a disaster.  I really like breathing room and the ability to sock away money.  Rainy days come more often that one thinks and it’s better to be prepared.  Talk with you all again soon!

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