14 February 2017

Oh Crappy Day

I am so tired but my body will not allow me to fall asleep.  I was actually on my way to dreamland when I got a call back from the car dealer, I was informed that they are no longer doing business with me.  That just amped up my blood pressure, it got me out of bed and I started making calls to my attorney.  Turns out dealerships do this all the time.  So now the attorney has reached out to the manufacturer and they are trying to make my appointment happen this week.  I am not sure if that will materialize, given the short notice I would rather schedule something for next week and schedule a day off, rather than take more time from this week. 

Today is a wasted day.  I watched as much TV as I could.  Saw Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart (it’s on HBO) it was funny and entertaining, I got sleepy and tried to nod off but once again my body said nope, no dice.  I have had plenty of cuddle time with the children and they got their lunch, which makes them happy. 

I received an alert that there is mail waiting for me at the post office so I am going to go fetch it and hope that there is something good waiting for me, like my check for my iPhone.  Lord knows that today I could use something good to happen to me.  I had thoughts about going out to eat but I remembered the casserole in the freezer, it’s two meals and it only cost $8.  I would spend at least that if I went out.  I really want Mexican so I am debating my options. 

I haven’t heard anything from ATT so I reached out to them by phone and am waiting for a call back, should happen in 48 hours.  Time is of the essence here Saturday is my 14th day and that is when I am locked in and won’t be able to return the phone.  I honestly don’t want to return it, I have grown quite fond of it but I know that iPhones on other networks will function basically the same way.  I have high confidence that ATT will do their best to keep me as a customer. 

My bills are paid and instead of sending some money to savings that usually pays for the roof loan, I opted to send the money to credit cards.  There is enough in savings to make the next payment for the roof loan and I feel much better about things.  I need breathing room and doing this gives me that room. 

I’m guessing I will sleep pretty good tonight or so I hope.  As I mentioned in my previous post I plan on taking extra medicine to induce sleep, I may be a little groggy when I first get up but my body really needs some serious down time. 

Just checked one of my bank accounts and my refund from Best Buy finally posted so now I am thinking, treat yo self and go have that Mexican food you want.  I mean the frozen dish will stay frozen and life will go on.  Might as well make something good come from what has been a wasted day for me. 

I did get a text from my friend that just lost his wife, he wished me a happy valentines day.  I sent one back to him wishing him the same.  I had thought about sending him a card but I changed my mind.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he called me tonight but then again he may not.  I don’t really want to do a lot of jabbering on the phone.  The one person I’d love to talk to and hear from isn’t here.  It would also be nice to find someone on-line.  I think that I can make some good happen to help salvage the day but I don’t think I will be over the moon or ecstatic. 

Tomorrow will be a better day, I just keep telling myself that and no matter what happens tomorrow will be better than today.  Just like the song … Left, Right, Left. 

Hope your having a great V Day.  I’m off to fetch the mail and get Mexican food.  Ole!

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