13 February 2017

The Trial

Last night I gave in and started watching a movie on Amazon called The Trial.  It’s about a guy who is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. He says he didn’t do it but the evidence thus far points in a different direction.  The accused is played by Randy Wayne.  Go look him up on Google nice blue eyed blond haired guy who is just smoking hot.  The movie came up when I was browsing Amazon for something to watch just after I finished up with the OJ thing.  I avoided it because well I wanted to step away from the legal perspective.  However, I find that my old flame of being an attorney just drew me in like a candy to a kid.  I am very glad that I started watching not only for the plot but because of Randy.  I mean a great movie is fine but if you can add in eye candy well then why not. 

Speaking of eye candy I see where Magic Mike is now available on Netflix.  It came out in 2012 and I remember buying tickets to go with my partner. He wasn’t terribly impressed but boy I sure was.  Channing Tatum wow he’s on fire.  I may watch it again eventually but it’s not on my top 10 must see now list.  Then again there isn’t anything on my top 10 must see now list. 

Daniel Tosh is coming to town on his college comedy tour.  I’d really like to see him in person he has to be funny.  However, I may have a seizure and start drooling because I have a mad crush on him.  Never could tell if he was or is gay or if he is straight.  He plays up both sides of the isle so well that it’s tough to discern. 

I got in my quality time with Momma last night and even had a minute with Ruth.  Bear of course was clamoring for attention so I had to tend to him as well.  Most importantly I had my ice cream and it was okay, not as spectacular as I was expecting. 

Much to my surprise I wound up sleeping with Momma last night.  She was a good girl and let me sleep in until around 2 am when she had to be let out.  I was reluctant to sleep with her because she is known for doing crazy ass things to wake me up, like walking on my head.  However, she was very well behaved last night and we got our snuggle on.  Really wish I could have some alone time with Ruth I imagine if she would relax we too could have a good snuggle but I am afraid she wouldn’t do that of her own power and it would take lots of medicine to make it happen.  She is warming up though so maybe she won’t be such an evil little monster.  Saturday night Bear was in his litter box and she didn’t like it because it was blocking her path so she started hissing and growling t him.  He just looked at her like so what exactly do you want me to do.  I tossed an empty medicine bottle towards her and that made her move.

Ah here we are at yet another Monday.  We had a mandatory meeting to attend this morning and it was so boring it wasted an entire hour but it was an hour that we didn’t have to work and it brought us closer to lunch time.  It’s just now that I have had lunch I’d like nothing more than a nap.  It’s been a fairly chill day which is good.  There is another meeting this afternoon that I have to go to by phone, it’s only a 1/2 hour which isn’t bad.  Were on the down hill slide of things and sooner rather than later I will be walking in the door greeting my furry family and warming up my left over pizza.  Yeah I know I got to come back tomorrow.  Right now my focus is on leaving tonight, small victories. 

I’ve been back on the dating apps, no response to the messages that I have sent out.  I know I am not the most good looking person to ever walk the earth but I am not stone ugly either.  If we only had labels that were unalterable that told the truth for dating purposes there is some guy out there who would see me as a real catch and snap me up.  I know that eventually we will meet but I’d really like a fast forward button, waiting is clearly not my strong suite. 

Now back to the salt mine for around 4 more hours and then it will be time to boogie down the road.  I hope your Monday is going well.  Take care and come back soon.  Talk with you all later.

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