05 February 2017

Super Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday, it’s just another Sunday for me.  I know a lot of people watch the game, place bets and have parties.  Sports is just not my thing.  I can say that some of the guys look really good in their uniforms.  Baseball players by far show off their assets really well. 

Yesterday I went through with the upgrade of my phone.  Wow I got there later than I wanted but walked in and got helped right away.  I explained that I was apprehensive about the upgrade due to cost and that I needed to know what it would cost me before I went through with moving to a new phone.  The sales person I got took this as a green light that I was going to upgrade.  She said $25 per month on top of what your paying.  Great I knew I could afford that.  Now wait for it, there are hidden fees and surprise charges that I wasn’t told about until the deal was done.  First, there is a $25.00 upgrade fee, it’s a one-time charge and I’ll never be charged it again when upgrading.  Second, AT&T forces insurance coverage on the device at the cost of $8.99 per month.  You can cancel the insurance but you can never put it back on once cancelled.  I always get Apple Care.  However, the salesperson really sold the insurance in that anything and everything is covered, no matter what you bring it back to an AT&T store and they will take care of it.  There is a sliding deductible it starts out at around $250 and over time goes down as you begin to pay off the phone.  I can’t go without mentioning that I was pressured pretty hard to purchase 3 accessories because that would build a bundle and give me a discount.  Once all of the dust settled with this I learned that I no longer got a discount on accessories.  Glad I only got what I absolutely needed.  I would have purchased my Mophie from them but dumb dumb told me that it wasn’t available in bright colors.  When I showed her the Mophie web page she didn’t know what to say, other than oh we don’t carry that.  No fucking shit. 

I asked about getting the upgrade fee waived, which has been done for me in times past.  She told me it wouldn’t happen.  The store manager couldn’t do it and I would have to phone into customer care and they may do it but it was very doubtful.  Yeah, well you don’t know me very well.  I was all worked up and really ready to call it quits but then the real kicker, even though the new phone hadn’t been taken out of the store if I wanted to return it, I would have to pay a restocking fee of $45.00.  So they got you no matter what.  This is deceptive at best.  Moving right along being frazzled as I was I forgot to mention before the deal was done that my voice mail is special and upgrading caused problems in the past.  So the sales person insisted on holding me hostage until the phone was done restoring from iCloud.  The estimated time was 2 hours.  Fuck I was mad and I was hot – I just wanted out of that store so bad.  She changed to different WIFI Networks in the hopes of bringing the time down, eventually we got it to around 1 hour.  I asked about checking my voice mail and she said nope not until the restore was done.  I had to watch her yawn, which was aggravating.  She left me alone for a short period of time and went into the back.  Then I happened to start looking at who was in the store and saw a cute guy salesperson.  What a nice ass and a pretty face.  I wanted him to be my boyfriend but never approached him.  The cock blocker returned to tell me that she went to blow her nose.  Like that was information that I needed to know.  Then she yammered on and on about how she gets no sleep, has to constantly work and when she does try to sleep she has to have a fan going.  All useless information to me.  She was buying time.  I would have rather taken off my jacket and went into the back with the cute guy salesperson, I mean I am sure my idea of passing time would have been better and much more fun provided that he was up for it.  Finally I posed the question about my voice mail differently and she called my number, which stopped the restore process.  As soon as I heard the greeting I knew that everything was fine.  Then thankfully I was allowed to leave.   The whole process seemed to take 2 hours in it’s self but really I was in there for 45 minutes to an hour tops. 

Remember when I said that she didn’t know me?  I was really pissed about the way I was treated and how I was deceived.  So I wrote a letter to the president of AT&T and told them to fix this or else I am leaving, I’ll take my TV and Home Phone along with my wireless to another provider and wash my hands of them if they don’t.  Bet you I get the upgrade fee waived at a minimum.  I’m asking for a lot more than that.  Start high work low – always your best option when negotiating.  All of the carriers have you sign an agreement that you can’t sue them and can’t participate in a class action lawsuit.  Your only remedy for settling disputes is binding arbitration.  That’s crap but legal fees can get out of hand quickly, don’t I know that.  The cost to file a complaint for arbitration is around $200 and in my case AT&T will pay that fee, regardless of the outcome.  That sounds a little more fair to me. 

Funny thing is when we talked about a Mophie and also the color of the phone, she pressed me to get black.  I told her to look at the parking lot at the black car, it’s a piece of shit and it’s brand new.  Then there is Bear, an all black cat.  I have had nothing but problems with both of them.  Black is clearly not my color and I will never, ever buy something in black if I have the choice of another color, even if that other color is bright neon pink.  She couldn’t believe my reaction but I told her if you went through what I have been through, you’d avoid black as well.  Bear is a sweet boy and none of his health problems are his fault.  I would easily own an all black cat again as long as it was as sweet as Bear is, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get an all black cat but if one wondered into my life I wouldn’t object.  Taz was all black as well and he too was sweet once he got his nuts chopped off.  Then again I think any man would be sweeter without nuts. 

Spent most of the day on Saturday with the phone thing.  It was frustrating, I got my 2 factor authentication app all set up and working.  I even found a way to move accounts that I had in Google Authenticator all to my preferred app which is Duo.  So I got to delete an app from my phone, happy about that.  Tested everything and it’s all working fine.  This was my biggest fear and what kept me from moving forward.  Now that I know it’s easy I wouldn’t hesitate to switch phones again if the need was there.  I had to hook the phone up to my computer in order to get all of my music to download on it and that went quickly. 

Wiped the old phone this morning, multiple times.  Got a great offer from Gazelle to sell it, so I am mailing it off tomorrow and within a few weeks should have my check.  I could have gotten faster payment and $3 more if I opted for an electronic Amazon gift card but decided that $3 wasn’t worth it and having the cash in hand is far better.  That way I can spend or save it as I see fit.  It was also good to be able to pay cash for all of the accessories that I ordered, dropped around $400 but that is normal for me when switching devices.  Got a case from Best Buy for $40 and it looks great the only problem is it easily slips off my belt while I am wearing my coat.  That won’t work.  So I ordered a case directly from Mophie for around the same cost.  If the new case arrives in time, I will take the old case back to Best Buy and get my money back, no sense in keeping something that I won’t use.  Finding a decent belt clip is hard, but I know Mophie products and love their belt clip so it should be a great fit. I look forward to getting it.

Last night (Saturday)I got a call from my pal that just lost his wife.  He told me that he met a woman and went on a date last night (Friday).  I was flabbergasted and happy for him.  They went back to his place after enjoying a nice meal and some wine.  He could have easily put the moves on her but they watched TV and talked a bit more.  He made it clear that he wasn’t interested in having sex off the bat, if the chemistry develops and the time is right then he would not be against it, but right now he is just interested in a companion.  Turns out she is recently widowed within the past year.  Her late husband had a stroke, was in a nursing home for years and finally passed away.  I told him after I got done setting up my phone I would be driving to his house and maybe he could find me a man.  We talked about how difficult it was to actually hold a conversation with anyone on-line and to actually get meaningful replies.  Dating in general seems to be a lot of people that want to get off and then move on.  That’s all well and good but not what either of us is looking for.  Not sure if things will progress with his lady friend but I do wish him the very best.  It would be awesome if things worked out for him.  He was on the site our-time when they met.  He’s on many sites but this one seems to be the best.  I know they also cater to the gay community but it’s typically older people in their 50’s and 60’s.  I really want someone closer to my age or younger. 

This morning I woke up very early from a horrible dream.  It was 5:45a and I couldn’t go back to sleep, even switched beds – it was a no go.  So I got up, fed the children and then came to the basement to write the complaint letter I spoke of earlier.  By the time I was done, dressed and out of the house it was 7:30.  I went to Cracker Barrel it was so early I walked in and was seated right away.  I also knew that the guy that allegedly liked me wouldn’t be there because it was so early.  Had their famous Blueberry Pancakes.  The kitchen messed up and gave me bacon (not my fav) so I got that and sausage.  It was really a great meal.  Then I moved on to the grocery store where I glided through the store, no worries everything I needed was in stock and I got out for under $100 so I was happy about that. 

Came home, unloaded the groceries rented a movie started watching it and got sleepy.  Took a much needed nap and Gator made sure I was up in time to feed her lunch so I didn’t sleep the day away, which I could have easily done.  My back is killing me from my massage, it’s getting worse instead of better or so it feels.  Not sure if I will be getting a another massage on Thursday but if I do I will tell her to ease up.  If I wanted to be in pain I could easily find someone to beat the shit out of me, I pay her to feel good not to feel like shit. 

Supper will be the Chicken, Broccoli and Pasta casserole with breadcrumb topping from Stouffers that I like.  It takes forever to cook which is why I always have it on weekends when time isn’t of the essence.  Plus I will cut myself off after eating half of it so that I can have some left for tomorrow night.  I know I’ll look forward to coming home to that.  I’ll be finishing my movie while it cooks but first I have to put away the laundry.  Shave and shower and then I’ll be ready to make me some delicious dinner and feed the needy and greedy furry children. 

I will be on call starting tomorrow.  Last week was hellish and I was very glad it wasn’t my week.  Not sure what this week will be like but I am sure I will be busy, which is fine so long as it’s during working hours and doesn’t take up too much of my night.  I am not against overtime but would rather not work it unless I have to.  Oh and I found out that were getting corrected W-2’s because they screwed up so I may have to file an amended return after all.  My employer says not but I’ll take Turbo Taxes word over theirs when it comes to taxes.  The best part about my new phone is that I can’t get company email on it until tomorrow when someone releases it, after that then it will be buzzing and humming.  So for now I am enjoying the silence.  I am going to under take my first big project and upgrade our Anti-Virus client.  Working with my boss tomorrow to put together a plan and Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday I will be starting.  There shouldn’t be any problems it’s pretty straight forward.  I hope it goes as well as everyone says it will.  I am a little nervous but you have to start somewhere and I realize this is giving me a chance to learn in the process, which I am truly grateful for.  I have been so happy that my boss took a chance on me – I know he’s pleased and I am as well.  This job has it’s difficult aspects but most things are pretty easy.

Well on to my chores, dinner and my movie.  Stay warm, be safe and if your watching the big game, I hope that your team wins.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon. 

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