11 February 2017

Crazy Ass Week

As the tile implies it’s been a messed up week.  I hope that next week is much better.  It’s all been work related, I got back logged and was overwhelmed.  It’s not pretty when I get that way, it’s like I am drowning and the more I try to stay afloat the deeper I sink.  Thankfully the week is over and were into the weekend.  I am still on-call but thus far it’s quiet.  I hope tomorrow is very much like today, one interruption and it was very minor.  

The cat kids are all doing okay.  They are a little upset with me because I went out to dinner tonight and just got home a short time ago.  They were fed long before I left so it’s not like they missed a meal.  However, now that I have come home they think that I should feed them again.  It don’t work like that. 

Dinner was with my friend, he called this afternoon early enough and we tried to get to our usual spot but they were booked.  We wound up eating at a Denny’s in the ghetto.  I was a little concerned but got over that pretty quickly.  The meal was okay for a double burger and fries.  Denny’s isn’t one of those places I tend to flock to, mostly because they don’t offer much that I want.  Anyway we sat there and he jaw jacked the night away until I finally said I think it’s time to head out.  Wow, if I wouldn’t have said anything he would probably still be talking my ear off.  I don’t mind listening because I know he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to and he is lonely.  Some of it was stimulating conversation but he went on for at least an hour an a half about on-line games and that was boring as all shit.  I acted interested which I am kind of sorry that I did because that just caused him to continue to spew.  I am sure I have talked about stuff and bored him just as he was boring me, I guess that is all just a part of friendship.  He picked up the check which was nice, it doesn’t compare to the meal I sprung for at PF Chang’s but I’ll take what I can get. 

Yesterday when I had a little bit of down time I found a new dating app called Bro.  Kind of a strange name but I played along.  There are some pretty good looking guys on there.  Not sure if there personalities match their looks but I am certainly trying to find out.  When you like someone but your unsure what to say you give them a fist bump.  You can message back and forth if you want to.  I find that making the first move is awkward as hell but someone has to do it or you’ll never break the ice and that’s an easy way to stay single.  I am jealous of my friend who found a friend shortly after losing his wife.  Now that time has passed for me and it’s been a few years I am ready to make a new friend and see where things go.  Everyone keeps telling me this is going to be a better year.  Well the only way to go is up. 

I heard back from the folks at Gazelle and my money for my old iPhone is on it’s way to me.  Everything checked out and the equipment was exactly as I purported it to be.  I am looking forward to getting my money.  My Mophie case arrived and I am much happier with it.  It’s built to accommodate my phone with the Mophie battery on it and it has their clip which secures it to my belt.  It won’t come undone unless I want it to.  So much more confidence there.  I took the other case back to Best Buy and got my money back.  It’s close to being a wash on cost. 

Got the cat food shopping done.  I got a coupon that gave me $10 off but you had to spend $30.  That helped me out a lot.  I got Marv’s dry food which by it’s self is $16.  I love to save money, even though chances are I’ll spend it somewhere else.  Plus I was able to pay cash so that helped out as well. 

The new lawn guy sent me an email this afternoon letting me know that my account according to his records was past due.  Thankfully I had plenty of documentation along with a copy of the cancelled check to prove that I paid the bill.  Funny thing is he tried to collect three times from the same invoice.  We talked about this early last month and he said he would delete the invoice from his system.  Apparently that didn’t happen.  I let him know that he is skating on thin ice with me and he’s very close to losing my business.  Hopefully he will shape up, if not there are plenty of others who will gladly take his place.  I asked myself today if I went from the frying pan to the fire.  I mean Lawn Boy kept great accounting records but he gave lousy customer service.  The new guy can’t keep his books straight and has to be reminded to show up, but he offers apologies where as Lawn Boy wouldn’t.  Don’t get me wrong there both bad situations I just wonder if the devil I knew was better than the devil I didn’t know. 

I finished up the OJ Trial on Netflix.  The thing that sunk this case was Mark Furhman.  When Johnny Cochran asked him did you plant or fabricate evidence in this case.  Furhman’s response was I wish to assert my 5th amendment privilege.  The gloves were a perfect fit, but OJ made it look like they didn’t fit.  Part of me believes he had some culpability but from what I saw he was framed by the LAPD and they did a sloppy job of preserving the crime scene.  If I were on the jury as I saw it, I would have voted as not guilty.  The thing that most people will lose sight of is that this is a persons life that is hanging in the balance.  You have to pay close attention and evaluate all of the evidence and arguments from both sides, in order to come up with an opinion.  Being a juror for a murder trial I am sure is hell in and of it’s self, but when it’s a high profile case that has media scrutiny behind it that makes it much worse.  The prisons in the US are full of people who were wrongly accused and convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.  I think our Justice System gets it right about 1/2 of the time and the other 1/2 of the time it’s just dead wrong.  That is my opinion and I realize just because of what I think, doesn’t make it so. 

Now I struggle with what I will watch next.  I love a series but it has to be something that interests me.  I am going to do some surfing and then I will call it a night and we shall see what I can find on the tele. 

My hope for next week is that my check arrives quickly, that ATT reaches out to me so we can put this phone issue to bed.  Time is running out, I have 14 days in which I can return the phone and pay the $45 restocking fee.  7 of those days are gone.  Next Saturday will be the 14th day and if we don’t communicate then I plan on making good on my promise to wash my hands of ATT.  I really want to keep what I have but it’s the principal of the matter.  I am not someone you can fuck with and expect to get away with it.  When I asked for the total cost of the upgrade the sales person shouldn’t have been deceptive and should have been forthright and told me.  If I went through with it then I would have no complaint but odds are I would have said thanks but no thanks, I’ll keep what I have.  Why is it that they told me what they thought I wanted to hear instead of being forthright and answering the question? 

Sunday will be finishing cleaning up the house, doing laundry the dreaded grocery shopping and of course the battle of where do I want to do for breakfast and what do I want to eat.  Not sure.  Payday is this week also so I have that to look forward to as well.  So I will have some money for a day or two but then it will be all gone.

Finally, I don’t know what came over me I think it was hormones.  The guy at work that I have it bad for but know is straight, we used to be friends but I found out that I am just a coworker to him.  Yeah that guy.  Well he has a thing for Oliva Pope (Kerry Washington).  Apparently he likes a little rough sex from where our conversation went.  Anyway I said to him, if you had a chance to sleep with her but in order to do so you had to sleep with another man first would you do it?  He hesitated and then said nah I’d have to ask my wife first so I’d pass.  That answer to me says I was right all along he has feelings for other guys but they are repressed.  Fuck I want him so bad.  As a person he isn’t my kind of guy but based on his physical looks yeah he totally fits the bill.  So it would be a meaningless encounter.  I was talking with another friend and she said are you sure that he won’t turn on you and file a sexual harassment claim?  That never crossed my mind, I mean we have talked about some pretty explicit stuff.  Besides that I did attach a disclaimer to my question and told him he didn’t have to answer if it made him uncomfortable.  I just don’t think I have anything to be concerned with, if he makes that move then I will have no choice but to deal with it.  Since I got that wake up call I’ll think twice before speaking.  We used to be pretty close but he fucked that all up when he told me that he just though of me as a co-worker.  It was a rush to actually have the balls to articulate the question.  I know that my crush is just that a crush and nothing will ever come of it.  That doesn’t squash my feelings. 

Okay well Momma’s upset that I am down here so late, even though it’s Saturday night.  I am looking forward to seeing SNL tonight, no doubt there will be plenty of political humor.  Hope your all doing well and that life is being kind to you.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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