07 February 2017

Wild & Crazy 2 days

It’s been an interesting 2 days.  Monday is just a blur, the day went by incredibly fast.  Tuesday (today) started with the guy that has my old job calling in, saying he has a bad cold and can’t come to work.  Aw I feel so sorry for him (not).  He’s called in so much that I am still shocked, stunned and surprised that he is still employed here.  I mean you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and you certainly don’t spit in it’s face.  I think of my job (employment) as a gift and I treasure it because without it I wouldn’t have money to pay bills or subsist. 

Moving right along, covering for the sick guy plus doing my job.  I’ve been all over the place.  Plus my project of upgrading the anti-virus clients began today.  That didn’t start on time or go like it was supposed to.  I found the snags and fixed them on my own, without ever saying a word to anyone.  That felt good.  Then someone comes along and finds that I forgot to mention their office in the list of upgrades, rats.  Here I was thinking everything was perfect.  Not sure how I missed them but they have been added to the list. 

Last night Ruth saw me sit down on the couch.  I no more than said Hi to her and she was all up in my grill.  I never thought she cared that much.  This is highly unusual behavior for her.  It was like someone catnapped my cat, I wanted to say who are you and where is the real Ruth?  She meowed at me, knowing full well she wanted her back scratched I said back scratch?  She meowed again and I started.  Oh that just made her whole day.  Kind of made mine as well.  Then I got her to leave, jump off the couch and eventually come back and jump up on the couch. She was purring and kneading with her claws.  Very rare to spot her doing this so I decided to record it.  I got my new phone a little too close and she took a playful swipe at my hand, no claws.  She was just eating it up.  Then I stopped the recording and played it back, showing her.    Her eyes got as big as a half dollar and she was a little confused.  She almost started to hiss at herself but realized oh, it’s TV.  I played it a couple times and she was just as confused but it was fun to see her reaction.  Maybe she is softening up after all.  I’d like to be able to hold her and at least give her a kiss w/o her turning into a dragon and trying to kill me. 

I’m watching American Crime Story – The OJ Trial on Netflix.  That series has brought a ton of clarity to the case and I have learned things thus far that I never knew before.  It’s interesting to see how it all plays out, even though I know in the end he is innocent.  Right now I am buying that but let’s see how I feel once I have watched the whole show.  The crime it’s self is very sad and shouldn’t have happened. 

Well about time to go play in traffic so I am going to wrap up here.  Hope you had a great two days.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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