22 February 2017

One more day

I am not exactly looking forward to Friday but I am eager to put it behind me.  One more day of work and then my 3 day weekend will start.  Let’s hope nothing but good happens.

I found out today that I am going to be pregnant, we got a King Cake at work.  I don’t recall ever having tried this before so I cut off a small piece.  It’s like a large sweet roll and not like traditional cake.  In any event I hit a snag the knife wouldn’t cut through and I knew it, I got the baby.  So I looked it up on-line and it said that it means your going to get pregnant and also it’s your turn to bring the King Cake next year.  Yeah well if I get pregnant then I won’t be there next year I’ll be basking in wealth from a truly immaculate conception.  I just hope it doesn’t mean that I’m going to get more furry babies because I don’t need any. 

Lunch time came around and I decided to look through Instagram at various posts.  I found a screen shot of a twitter conversation, one where a guy was complaining to a well known pizza chain that he just had the oddest experience.  He ordered a pizza and it was delivered, but there were no toppings and no sauce, just crust.  The chain responded back to him and said please message us at xyz address and tell us more.  The guy responds back oh, sorry my bad I was high AF and opened the box upside down.  Holy shit the whole office heard me erupt into laughter.  A few minutes later I see a photo of a text conversation between two people.  It goes like this … Your really cute I’d like to go out with you.  Response, I’ve got a boyfriend.  Oh I’ve got a math test tomorrow.  Response what does that have to do with anything.  Oh, I thought we were making a list of things we could cheat on.  There I went again.  I found a 3rd but the first two are all I remember. 

On my way into work this morning there was a 3 car pile up, they were blocking part of a lane and traffic was all messed up.  I opted to call it in.  I had a very bad connection, it was like it was playing back in slow motion.  9    1    1   what   is   your   emergency.  It was all distorted.  I made the report and then got a question asked which was unintelligible.  At that point I opted to hang up and call back.  Now normally when you hang up on 911 they call you back but that didn’t happen this time.  I think this was a cellular carrier problem and not a car issue, but then again I’ll probably never know for sure.  When I called back everything was fine.  I don’t call many things in because I figure like everyone else, oh someone has probably already called.  However, it was evident that this just happened.  On my return call I didn’t want to mess around, I still had to drive in bumper to bumper traffic so my instincts took over and I used radio lingo, so they probably thought I was a cop – hey whatever it takes I didn’t want to have a gab session.  Looked like it was a property damage issue only and no one was hurt. 

My thumb has calmed down and the blister feels a little bit like leather.  My fear is that it’s going to bust and then I’ll be in more pain.  It’s a huge monster but it only looks bad.  There is no pain now if I touch something it just feels a little odd.  My iPhone reads my thumbprint fine now.  How strange is that. 

It’s a full night of TV and I need to get to scooping the litter boxes and then I can park and lounge for a bit.  Big Boy is protesting eating his dry food, that is what is saving his life.  So if he doesn’t give in I will have to trick him tomorrow morning and feed him a can of the same food as the dry food only in the wet version.  I’m almost out so I am using the remaining cans sparingly.  It’s super expensive food wet or dry. 

That’s all I have folks.  Hope things are going well for you.  Talk with you all again soon!

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