01 July 2016

Taxes,Hacking & Work, the fun never stops!

Well I did a check this morning and despite no one calling me back from the Mortgage company I see that the taxes were paid yesterday.  What a coincidence the same day I call the payment gets there.  What are the chances of that happening?  So were all good now until September when the next installment is due. 

Yesterday I just had this random thought.  What if you woke up one day and forgot all of your passwords and pins?  Just think about that for a second, it would be scary as hell.  No access to cash, ability to make debit purchases, couldn’t logon to your computer, voicemail or even use your cell phone.  What a predicament.

I picked up my pride shirt yesterday.  Checked on my phone and there was 0 waiting time at the salon but it said that everyone was busy until 7p.  I went ahead and reserved a spot and went straight there.  They took me early, which is normal at times.  I was at the shampoo bowl when the lady washing my hair stopped and said she would be right back.  Uh okay.  Turns out the other girl got a call and was giving out the fax number then followed by the last 5 guests, their names and phone numbers.  The caller said he was from the corporate office and that their transactions weren’t going through.  The security guy in me was concerned because corporate wouldn’t ask for your fax number, they would know it already.  I knew in my heart something wasn’t right but it was brushed off.  Haircut is done and I went about my evening. 

Fast forward to about 8:15 when my phone rings and I see that it’s the salon calling.  Odd because they close at 8p.  Wonder what’s wrong.  It was the manager she called and apologized, apparently the caller wasn’t from corporate at all.  He was from some goofy radio show I have never heard of.  They called back and told the lady that gave them the information that she was fired and to leave the store immediately. She was in hysterics.  Then they called several of the customers and said rude things to them.  Not sure what exactly was said but it wasn’t nice.  I told her that I figured something was amiss because corporate wouldn’t ask for your fax number.  This whole thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  You can’t just randomly handout peoples PII (Personally Identifiable Information) without facing severe consequences.  I don’t know that anyone will bring any action because of it but I am not pleased that my non published phone number was handed out.  I gave that information in confidence for them to have a data breach through a simple social engineering trick is scary.  What if they would have given my address or any other information about me.  Besides that my name and phone number are a good start to tracking me, any information that a hacker can get just brings them closer to you.  I am going to voice my displeasure about the situation.  I went a step further in my thoughts.  The caller said he was from corporate and the tickets weren’t going through, how odd that they had computer problems the very same time.  I think this was more than a phone prank, what are the odds that your computer system would be down at the same time this prank took place?  I say slim to none.  I think someone is in their system and that could pose a larger problem for the company.  I hope I am wrong and this was something that was just ill timed. 

Ah so the big day is here, I am about 3 hours away from having the talk with my boss.  I have oddly been paying a little extra attention to those prepaid cell commercials, looks like an attractive way to have a cell phone.  I’m not partial to one carrier but I am not a fan of Sprint.  Verizon offers prepaid service and if you give them a credit card to auto bill you get extra data.  Depending upon how our talk goes I may or may not be getting a second phone.  I remember the days of having to carry two devices, it’s kind of cumbersome and it’s just another headache that I really don’t want.  However, if that is the only way to keep prying eyes out of my business then I will do it in a heartbeat.  Privacy is something that we have less and less of, I want to maintain what little bit I have left.  I am not ashamed of who I am, what my sexual orientation is or anything else but I don’t go around advertising it and see no reason why anyone that I work with has a right to that information with a couple keystrokes, should they decide to get nosy. 

Long weekend ahead.  I need to hit up Target in addition to the normal shopping I do, not looking forward to it.  I am getting together with my friends on the 4th for food and hopefully a good time.  If all goes well I will be home by 6pm at the earliest.  I don’t want to make a late night, better to stop in, eat, sit for a bit and then it’s time to run.  Tuesday will be back to work and I am sure things will be mounting up.  The boss man is getting ready to go on vacation and he expects us to keep busy while he is gone, even though some of our meetings have been cancelled.  Trust me when I say we will be busy.  I am not so sure that anything productive is going to happen here today.  It’s tough to keep focused knowing that your hours away from starting a long weekend.

Hope your weekend is safe and productive.  Stay cool!

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