12 July 2016

TV Tonight!

Looking forward to tonight and spending time with the kids and the TV.  Lance Bass will be on Celebrity Family Feud so that should be fun.  Tosh.O will also be on tonight and I always look forward to that.  No notification about mail, so looks like I get to skip the post office which will be nice.  Should be a great evening that will end way too quickly. 

Gator slept with me last night.  She was pretty respectful and stayed in her corner of the bed.  Her spot is the left side at the foot of the bed.  So if you want to get in you have to slide your feet in to get past her or get in on the right side.  She won’t move until she is ready or unless you press her.  Otherwise she is fine with my feet being there, doesn’t bother her at all.  With one hour before it was time to wake up, she started crowing.  I let her out and then Marv came in.  We cuddled for an hour while I was in and out of sleep.  Finally I gave up and just got up.  Might as well get started. 

Bear was the most upset by me going back to work.  I told him if it was up to me I would stay with him all day long but I can’t because I have bills to pay and that means that I have to work.  He cried a little bit trying to guilt me into staying but it didn’t work.  I told him that he would be fine and I am sure he is.  I have spied on them with the camera but they are all in hiding, which is normal.

Checked out my time off and looks like I can spare 2 days. However, a co-worker said to ask the boss about working from home.  Not sure how productive I would be and I can tell you that I would get sleepy and need a nap.  Probably better to take the time off.  If I forge forward then that would leave me with 7 days from now until the end of the year.  My two days for the concert are already deducted so I think I will fair just fine.  Still not happy about the dash coming out but it’s better to have that happen then be in the dog days of summer with no ac on the way home.  That would really suck. 

There has been way too much violence in the news lately.  If common folk such as myself would just obey the law then there wouldn’t be any problems.  However, you can’t play good guys vs bad guys if there aren’t any bad guys.  In real life there are plenty of bad people.  The world appears to be headed to hell in a hand basket, but I know that long term this will pass.  Life will go back to a state of normal and then out of the blue it will happen all over again.  Sad to say but it is the truth. 

I’ve got a webinar to attend all about security threats, beats my usual weekly Tuesday call about mobile device management.  I am sure there is something else on the calendar for later but not certain what that is.  My mind is focused on quitting time, can’t wait to leave.

Oh best part about my commute home my ear won’t be fried anymore.  I got some spray on sunscreen so that helps.  Used some last week and had no issues.  My ear was warm but wasn’t on fire, which is a very good thing. 

Off to the races.  Hope all is well in your world.

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