14 July 2016


We had some wicked storms yesterday.  Lots of people are without power, none of them are in my neighborhood.  However, there are a couple people at work that were affected.  I have some down limbs and a tree branch.  Not the best but certainly not the worst.  I backed out the driveway this morning and looked over at the hillbilly’s house and they lost a whole tree.  That sucks but it’s times like these that make me thankful that I got the roof taken care of. 

I knew this would be a large payday for me but didn’t know how large.  Man I am going to enjoy paying bills tonight.  I should have plenty left over.  No worries because there will be rent to pay to the post office for the box and car insurance so it will be money saved now that will be gobbled up in the next month.  Very thankful for each and every penny, as well as each and every paycheck.  I am still in awe of myself that I have made it and I am doing reasonably well. 

Took an hour out to get a massage, I told her to be gentle and she was as gentle as she could be while trying to be aggressive at the same time. I can feel that my shoulders are tight, just wonder what I will feel like tomorrow.  Going to take some ibuprofen and keep the fluid going.

Got the call I have been waiting for, the part is in for my car.  They want to do the repair next week everyday but Monday is open.  I won’t know until Monday when my boss gets back as to what will work best or if I can strike a deal where I can ‘work from home’.  That is just like taking time off but you actually do some work.  The beauty of my job is that I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer.  Not a lot of people can say that.  I would save a ton of money if I could telecommute but there is just something about getting up and coming to work, it the norm and I don’t do well with change.

Been busy secretly helping out others on my team as much as I can.  Their plates are full and well mine is kind of empty at the moment.  I do have things to do and videos to watch, courses to complete but doing the actual work keeps me awake.  Getting ready to go into an hour long boring meeting, can you tell how excited I am? 

TV last night was amazing.  I didn’t get to watch all of Suits on screen because Bear kept me hoping plus I was trying to get ready for the this morning.  He really hates it when I mess with his legs (aka back paws) but he had stepped in it and I wasn’t going to let him track it all over the house, the humane thing to do is clean it up so that is what I did.  He just sees it as aggravation.  He has recently figured out that he can take care of his legs so he takes pride in that.  I get it but there was stuff on there that while nature would deem okay for him to injest I would rather he not.

Can’t finish up this entry without talking about Momma.  She was flying through the house last night.  Her Thyroid is acting up, she gets these wild burst of energy and she has to be moving, can’t sit still.  She came over to wipe herself on my arm, which she does infrequently.  I hate it and usually make a fuss over it but this time I didn’t say anything.  Her rear didn’t look pleasant at all.  I skipped the Thyroid and gave her the yucky liquid antibiotic to help her stomach out, hopefully it helps out her rear.  As for my arm nothing a little soap and water couldn’t cure.

As if I didn’t have enough fun with the cats I decided to mutilate myself.  My feet were killing me, the little pinky toe on both feet.  Calos or a Corn some build up of skin.  I trim it away and it usually feels better.  Well last night I managed to cut both toes and they started bleeding.  Worse yet I was in my room and it’s all carpet.  I made it to the bathroom and got band-aids on.  Taking them off this morning wasn’t any fun.  Now I have to walk and it still hurts, looks like I didn’t solve my problem.

Here’s hoping for a more pleasant evening tonight.   

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