13 July 2016

The Other Shoe

Last night Momma sat with me as we watched TV.  She had just finished her snack and was licking her chops.  I don’t care if it’s a dog or a cat I just love to see them lick their chops, it’s like they are satisfied and the closest thing you can see to a smile.  Anyway, it looked like she had a piece of food stuck, so I thought I’d give her a hand.  Nope wasn’t food.  She has some growth on her face, it’s small at the moment.  She had an ulcer on her foot and it’s healed.  Perhaps the same thing will happen to her face.  Still it’s been on my mind so I turned to Google this morning.  It can be a few things but most common is a tumor.  I am going to keep an eye on it.  I am pretty sure if I took her to the vet they would probably tell me it was cancer.  She needs to go back for blood work and I am thinking this is a side effect of increasing her thyroid medicine.  The vet can shed some light on the matter but not without sucking money from my wallet.  So for now we wait, we watch and pray for a good outcome.  If this thing gets bigger or if more of them start cropping up then we go to the vet, no questions.  She doesn’t appear to be in any pain or discomfort and she is still a happy cat so I think being cautious and taking a wait & see approach is best at the moment.  Maybe I am crazy but me and my critters have been through enough.

It’s odd that problems start just when people start to inquire how the animals are.  I always think of Bear but it could be any of them.  I’d rather talk about the weather than for someone to ask me how the cats are, it’s like a sign that something bad is about to happen. 

Saw Lance Bass on Family Feud last night.  It was a good show.  Same for Tosh.O.  I got a call from a co-worker who was looking for advice so that took up most of my evening.  There are so many things in this world that are not in our control.  I provided a suggestion or two but I really felt like I was under the spotlight to come up with magical answers to get rid of the problems.  Hey if I could do that, don’t you think I would do it for myself first?  If you don’t your kidding yourself. 

Tonight Suits is back on and I am looking forward to seeing Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) again.  I love the show but he is the main reason why I watch.  He’s so hot he is on fire.  That’s just my opinion.  This will be interesting to see how things play out because Mike is in prison. 

I heard a blurb on the news this morning about Pandora.  Apparently a long time ago they suffered a breach.  Hackers just now have posted some username and passwords on the web.  If your affected Pandora sends you an email encouraging you to change your password.  I’m a subscriber and didn’t get an email from them but changed my password anyway.  I am starting to think that I should adopt a policy from work, where every so many days you have to change your passwords.  It’s better for your protection, that is a proven fact.  However, it is a pain to deal with regardless if you use a password manager or not. 

Driving into work this morning I felt depressed and panicked, like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I kept telling myself nothing is wrong and there isn’t another shoe.  However, I wasn’t convincing enough.  I’ve since calmed down but it just feels like something is about to go wrong and I don’t know what it is.  Probably nothing more than a result of a dream I had last night.  On the bright side I got in some quality snuggle time with Marvin.  He was mad when I rolled over, but I had to my back was bothering me.  I’m concerned about him as well because he seems like he has dropped some weight.  He hasn’t been to the vet in at least 3 if not 4 years.  Having multiple cats is nice but when it comes to the cost part be it food, litter or medical care it sucks.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world because they are my life right now. 

Okay enough of as my world turns.  I need to get back to the daily grind.  No meetings at all today, very nice.  Hoping that I can take in some on line training to learn more about my job.  I learned yesterday, don’t do that after lunch because you will fall asleep.  It’s like food coma kicks in.  I never recovered until it was time to leave, then I had to be awake for the drive home or I would have never made it.  The older I get the more exhausted I feel and in the grand scheme of things I am still very young, just feel old. 

Have a nice day!

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