24 July 2016

It’s Sunday already

Wow, Sunday already.  Where did all of the time go?  Feels like yesterday I was just starting this expensive staycation.  I accomplished most of what I set out to do.  I could have done without the Bear issue, for my sanity and my wallets sake.  Still it was a nice break and now back to five full days of work, or so I think.  I haven’t worked 5 full days since last month so this will be a little foreign to me. 

So the shipment of the supplement is on track to be delivered tomorrow.  Mr. Bear has bee plowing through the pee pads so I ordered some more, they will be in on Tuesday.  Good thing I will be getting off work early, just not certain if it will be early enough to make it to the post office.  They will hold the package for 15 days so as long as I get on Saturday I will be fine.

Right now I am concerned about Bear.  He was out this morning, ate his breakfast, took his pills.  I went to the store and when I got back he had gone to the bathroom.  I was happy about that.  I got him cleaned up and then I had to put away the groceries and rest.  I was exhausted from the heat and then all of the physical activity.  A short time later I went to give him his bath.  He heard me futzing with the water and then I came to him and said Bath and he retreated under the couch like I was the vacuum cleaner.  I fished him out, he was crying and protesting but I said your gonna like this.  Sure enough he loved it.  Got him dried off.  Fed everyone lunch and then after he was done he retreated under the couch. 

Supper time usually brings everyone out of there hiding spots.  I had the full crew, minus Bear.  Marvin eats with him so he was a little perplexed as to why I wasn’t setting the food down.  I drug Bear out and put the food in front of him, Marv stopped by took a couple bites and left.  I had my supper cooking and went back to rotate the plate for Bear but he was under the couch and the food was hardly touched.  Scary.  So I opened a can of special food and served it to him under the couch.  He was lapping it up so I went about my business.  Went back to check on him and found that the majority of the food was still there but he did get the liquid and he got some of the food. 

Odd but the vet called again to check on him.  They are concerned.  I said he’s under the couch but seems to be doing okay.  I don’t know if the house is too cold, he just wants to be left alone or what the deal is.  I don’t like under the couch. 

I will be headed up in a bit for the night.  Passing out treats, which now is more wet food.  I stopped the crunchy dry treats because of the crystals.  Once he gets started on the supplement I will bring them back but slowly.  Things to me just don’t sound good.  I love him and letting go is the hardest thing in the world to do.  Might have to just resign myself to the fact that I have to and there is no other choice.  I am monitoring the situation and what steps I take next depend upon his actions or lack there of.  I hope he bounces back but the poor guy has really been through the ringer.  Plus he is still on antibiotics, which could be the whole issue because they upset the tummy and cause diarrhea.  We have 3 more days to go but I may stop before then.

No phone call from the waiter.  The more time passes the more I wonder if he will call.  I have serious doubts but it is still possible.  The bigger question that I can’t seem to answer is if he doesn’t call should I go back to the restaurant where he works to eat?  The food is damn good, I just don’t want it to be awkward for either of us.  Let me know what you think.  Right now I don’t have plans to return anytime soon.

That’s a wrap for this post and for Sunday.  Got to go set the alarm to wake up super early, which won’t be any fun.  The good news is I will be by myself in an office so if it gets boring I can nap.  I looked into trying to watch videos to learn more about the product I am being trained on through a 3rd party site but they want money and I am not passing that out right now.  So we shall see what happens tomorrow. 


Jude said...

Good luck with Bear, poor lil' guy. Yes keep eating there if you like the food, if you never get a call from him and you see him there just nod a hello and leave it at that.

Jeremy Ryan said...

Thanks for the feedback. My problem is that going back I seem to get him as my waiter. I didn't think it would happen last time but I guess I am pre-disposed to getting him. He does a great job. I guess I would just keep the conversation limited to my order and let him make any moves to steer it beyond that. Sure would be awkward. I would like it much better if he would just pickup the phone.