29 July 2016


I can’t believe it’s already Friday, it doesn’t feel like a Friday to me.  Heard back from the vet they want to start Bear out on 3 tablets 1 time per day and said it will take 2 weeks to take effect.  Thus far he is doing well with 3 tablets 2 times per day.  I saw his flow this morning and its stronger than what it has been.  I’d say this stuff appears to be working.  I haven’t seen him with a steady strong flowing stream in a while.  It’ not like a faucet when he was younger, but somehow his brother has managed to maintain that type of strong flow.  Unless there are problems I see no reason to change what I am doing.  It will be hard to keep that up on the weekends, because on a Friday and Saturday night I usually give breaks from medicine.  I know they don’t like taking the stuff and I really get tired of giving it.  3 pills added to each dose of medicine is a little bit of a challenge for Bear, I can tell he is not happy about it.  I should go buy some butter and coat them in that so they go down smoother.  Most cats love butter.

Yesterday was a busy day, like calm and then out of no where it just picked up.  Plus I was dealing with some additional information I got on the phone hack that was done to the salon I go to.  So between the little personal stuff I did and work – the day was over with as quickly as it began.

I got a piece of mail for my late partner last night.  It was a check up notice for his hearing aids.  I notified all of his healthcare providers but some how managed to skip them.  I sent off a note by fax last night and it was a little difficult to compose.  I just at and looked at his name on the envelope for the longest time, thinking I wish you were still here.  I am rather surprised I didn’t hear a huh what did you say?!  It sucks but there isn’t anything I can do but move forward.  I was thinking about our talks we used to have about one of us passing away.  We both agreed that the survivor would have it pretty difficult and we were both sad to think about that.  Neither of us wanted to leave the other but much like a good movie all things come to an end. 

This morning I was thinking about something he (my late partner) used to say.  You know your getting older when you have the choice of having an orgasm or choosing sleep.  When your young you chose the orgasm, when your older you choose sleep.  Last night I was thinking about the orgasm but fell asleep and when I woke up I decided time for bed.  I was really bushed.  Missing the orgasm but it’s not like it won’t happen again.

Speaking of orgasms, I have pretty well decided I am going back to the restaurant this weekend.  Unless I managed to talk myself out of it tomorrow I will be there for lunch or supper.  Not sure what will happen but I will behave myself as much as humanly possible.  Showing restraint for something or someone that I want is not my strong suit. 

We have a meeting today at my normal lunch time so I wanted to take a couple minutes on a quick break to make a post.  I see Bear on the camera at home, the big oaf is laying in his food.  I can’t wait to get home to see him.  Tonight will be the first night this entire week that I will be able to go from work straight home without having to stop for mail.  That gives me a little extra time to spend with everyone and on a Friday night it just helps to make a Friday night extra special. 

Hope you all have a good weekend.  Wish me luck this is the drop dead weekend for trimming Ruth’s claws, lets hope she remembers I am her friend and not her enemy.  Talk with you all again soon.

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