09 July 2016

Everything Happens for a Reason

I got to sleep in, had strawberry cheesecake for breakfast and then watched TV and went back to sleep once the sugar kicked in.  The kids were successful in waking me up in time to feed them lunch around noon.  I got dressed and came downstairs.  Played on the computer for an hour and then set out on my quest for lunch. 

On the way out, I stopped by the post office to pick up a note from my insurance company among other things.  The note was letting me know about changes in auto coverage.  Somethings aren’t offered any more and if you use the payment plan they are raising the rate by one dollar.  Oh goodie!  Just can’t wait to see the price on my renewal, especially since it will be the annual renewal and that is where they get you for your mileage. 

I headed to try a new place that just opened, today was their 3rd day.  As luck would have it I got a hot waiter.  His name was Eric.  He took my drink order and while he was away a female came up and told me that she would be taking care of me.  I told her that someone already took my drink order.  I looked over the menu and decided on Fried Chicken.  It had some spice to it but they said it would be juicy.  So Eric came back with my drink.  I told him what I wanted. I got Mashed Potatoes and Mac & Cheese.  They make the gravy with beer.  You can taste it a little bit, but it’s not over powering.  The meal came and it was damn good.  I opted to leave 1 breast and what was left of the mashed potatoes to take home.  At one point the female came over again and told me that Eric had to leave but that she would be taking care of me.  Funny, he was still walking around the place.  Eric took really good care of me, even wrapped up my left overs.  He put a smiley face on the outside with the date. The container was wrapped in plastic wrap.  I am secretly hoping that he put his phone number on the inside of the container.  I am sure that won’t be the case when I decide to open it.  Anyway, Ms. Cock block got my check for me and took the payment.  Her name was on the ticket as the waitress but Eric did all the work.  I didn’t leave her a damn dime, I was pretty pissed at her.  I didn’t get why she was trying to take credit for something she didn’t do.  The most she did was bring me a soda refill.  I knew I had cash in my wallet so I sat in anticipation of seeing Eric and eventually he appeared.  He had food that he was serving to  table, so I waited then went after him.  He was a fast mover and since I am so old it was a little bit of a challenge to catch up to him, especially since my belly was full of that fried chicken goodness.  So I used the best thing I could and that was my loud booming voice.  I shouted Eric.  Man the whole place stopped.  He thought something was seriously wrong.  I told him that I wanted him to have this, and gave him the largest bill I had in my wallet.  I told him he did a great job and even thought the check had a different servers name I wanted to make sure he got the tip.  Oh boy I’d love to give him more than the tip, but that is a story for another time.  Needless to say he was cute, hot and everything that my desperate ass is looking for. 

As I left the restaurant I noticed that I brought my prox card to get into the office.  I was thinking about the lady we just lost and the man she worked for.  I am really worried about him, so I opted to drive into the office.  He is a workaholic and he readily admits it.  He is in the office 7 days a week, starts between 5 and 6 in the morning and goes home around 5 or 6 at night.  He only lives a couple blocks from the office so he ahs the easiest commute of all of us, he walks to work.  He is married and how his wife puts up with this is beyond me but it works for them and that is all that matters.  Anyway, I got in the office and much to my dismay he was gone.  I just wanted to stop by to chat a little bit.  I drove an awful long way and didn’t want it to go un-noticed.  So I wrote him a short note and gave him my cell phone number, basically said that I was concerned about him and that I am keeping him in my thoughts & prayers.  Told him to call me if he needs anything or there is anything that I can do.  I know lots of people make those offers but when you call on them they can’t back it up.

After placing the note on his desk, I left the building and drove home.  I was rewarded for my kind gesture with lower gas prices, so I stopped and filled up.  I didn’t mind the fact that I drove in and he wasn’t there.  It was odd that I took my card with me and thought that everything happens for a reason and why not stop by, I know it will mean the world to him.  They worked together for 25 years and she was his right hand.  When she went out on medical leave he was lost, but he kept hope alive that she would return.  Sad to say that won’t be the case.  I know that this is going to be a tough thing for him to accept but he is capable of doing it and he will keep the ball moving.  I think the only break he will take is to attend her funeral on Monday.  Outside of that you will see him in the office.  He only goes on vacation 1 time per year and that is in March/April.  He’s loaded and lives a really good life.  I just hope that he takes time to process what happened and grieve the loss or it will eat him alive.  I know that from personal experience. 

I am a little miffed at the car dealer.  They have been calling me, emailing me to tell me I have an appointment on Monday.  Jeez I am an adult and I’ve never missed an appointment yet.  It’s the whole reason why I took the day off work.  They want to buy my car from me or get me to trade it.  They lead me down this rosy path that they will make me an offer for my car, I need to meet with a salesman and of course he is going to occupy my time with test driving new vehicles in the hopes that I will buy one.  I have a little surprise for them.  I am going to be sitting in the lounge with the rest of the customers waiting on their cars.  I am not looking at a new vehicle and not talking to a salesman.  I have prepared a nice cease and desist letter to their general manager that I will be hand delivering.  I explain the situation, how the extra contact is unwelcome and that they went over board.  I go on to say that if you comply with my terms and limit contact when the time is right I will be back and you can sell me a car.  Violate the terms and you will lose my business forever, plus I will file a formal complaint with the brand they represent.  I put in that I was a Surviving Spouse of an auto worker but decided to take that out.  It really has no bearing on the situation and I would be telling him I am gay when he really doesn’t need to know that.  Now who’s zooming who? 

I really want a new car, it feels semi right that I can make the move now and be okay.  However, I think that is more emotions talking than the more practical financial side.  I need to let a couple months play out, see what I can put away in savings and then just maybe I will make the move.  Meanwhile I have 22 thousand miles to go or until next September before I no longer have a warranty.  I paid for the warranty, why not enjoy being car payment free and get my monies worth now.  I can get a refund for the unused portion of the warranty but I really don’t think now is the right time.  The downside is that I will have inflated insurance rates because I will be paying for 2 vehicles when I primarily only use 1 of them.  I think that is a small price to pay instead of getting lower rates and obligating myself to car payments for several years.  I still need to get the wheel bearing fixed on the truck, but am trying to hold out as long as I can or even just not do it at all. 

Tomorrow will be cat food, grocery store and starting the day off with having breakfast out.  Then home to put it all away and to finish up laundry, clean the house, relax and enjoy what is left of the day.  Perhaps take in a movie or two.  Not sure if I want to go out for that or just stay home and stream something.  Really want to spend a good amount of time with the kids.  Monday get the car serviced.  I really want to go to the funeral but don’t think that emotionally it will be good for me.  Not sure what I will do with the rest of the day but I am sure some how, some way the time will pass and Tuesday will be here before you know it.  Then it’s back to the 4 day grind of work. 

I hope that your staying cool, happy, healthy and living a great life.  Check back again for another update in my world.  Take care.

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