25 July 2016

Gr8 Monday

Gr8 it’s Monday!  Seems like all I did was turn out the lights and the alarm clock went off.  Ain’t that the way it is when you need to wake up early?  Slept pretty good, woke up a couple times during the night but my Marv was there by my side.  Chatty little guy. 

Found Bears outside my door this morning, which means he used his version of a litterbox.  Plus he was hungry.  Got everyone fed, got a shower and medicated Bear & Momma.  Decided to stop the antibiotics for Bear because I think that is the source of his discomfort or my perception of how he feels.  I passed out an extra can of food before I left for two reasons.  One Bear needs as much water as he can get, wet food = water.  Second because I was up early and when everyone stomach rattles because it’s empty, I wanted them to have something to put in their pie holes.  Happy Cats are the best cats!

Bear wormed his way into my room, he was partially there before I left.  By the time I got the camera up at work he was no where to be found.  I just hope that I don’t have any messes to clean up tonight, other than the normal stuff.  I am super excited to go home and see him and the other children.  More so than usual given everything he has been through.  I just can’t get enough Bear time.  I brushed him last night and he just took that all in.  When I was done he decided I shouldn’t stop but I did.  Then he rolled over after I went to the trash can.  So when I was done with taking care of me, I went back and brushed the other side of him.  What a ham!

Training is going on, were at lunch.  Thank God I got a different instructor and he is doing a pretty good job.  However, this is still very boring stuff.  I still look forward to Wednesday because things should be back to normal then and then I only have to work 2 more days.  Something to look forward to, I suppose. 

So I got a notification that I have mail waiting for me.  Going to track Bear’s supplement and so long as it shows arrived I will stop and pick up mail.  I pray it’s there because I am anxious to get him on that and hopefully can get him off of the muscle relaxer.  Trading 1 pill for another but 1 is super expensive and the other, not so much. 

Ever wonder how far you drive to work?  I decided to track it this morning.  Came up with a whopping 35 miles, that is 1 way – That is 70 miles per day and doesn’t take into consideration stopping for mail.  Now I see how the miles add up on the car.  Speaking of which the AC was working overtime this morning, had to turn it down because the windows were starting to fog up.  It was super chilly and ever since I worked in a computer room that is the temperature I like.  It takes some getting used to but when you do it long enough it’s like second nature.  Now come winter I like it warm but not HOT.  Strange but I have an intolerance to heat.

Nothing good on TV tonight so I will have to scrounge for content but as long as all of my kids are doing well it should be a good night TV or not.  Hope your Monday is going well.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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