06 July 2016

Computer Woe

I thought I would give Webroot Security a try on my home machine.  It installs without bothering your current virus protection.  I got it installed and set it to scan.  Then went to bed, this happened over the weekend.  I came back it found nothing.  The more I thought about it I elected to pass and uninstalled it from my machine, because I wasn’t able to surf the web without Internet Exploder blowing up.  I am one of the uncool kids and use IE instead of Chrome or any other browser alternatives.  I like what it does and despite me making fun of it’s name, it is reasonably stable.  So I uninstalled Webroot, rebooted and figured that would be the end of my woes.  Not so.  Webroot got it’s hooks into my browser so much that it uninstalled last pass from my machine without asking me.  That was not cool. 

I had to fight a very long battle, several reboots, registry cleanings and trying to figure out where Webroot shoved it’s code.  Finally as of this morning I am Webroot free and back to using IE without any problems.  I tried a windows restore point but that failed, windows said it was because I had antivirus installed.  Well duh, if your using windows and aren’t using some form of AV then your just asking for it.  So I turned off the AV and tried it again, still no luck.  Tried the webroot uninstaller, it helped by finding somethings that I didn’t think to look for but it was an outdated piece of software written for older versions of their program, so it wasn’t 100% helpful. 

While I am thankful that this worked out, I really thought that I was going to have to spend my weekend rebuilding my machine which would have really ticked me off.  Phew.

Since I was a little more engaged with technology last night than I had planned, tonight it going to be a TV night and I will spend it with the needy children.  They will lap it up like gravy.  Gator has been letting me brush her, which is not normal.  She has quite the coat and while she is always cold when the AC is on, I don’t understand how that is possible.  It’s like she is wearing a fur coat on top of a fur coat.  So I continue to brush as long as she lets me.  Perhaps this will cut down on her self grooming and getting sick.  I wash a cover and within an hour she has it dirty again.  It’s discouraging, but it’s not the end of the world.

That’s it from here.  Now it’s back to work.  Were 1/2 to the weekend.  Hang in there!

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