27 July 2016

Back to reality

Feels pretty good to be back to my normal routine.  I do wish that I was leaving early today, that was nice to get home earlier than normal and have a nice long evening.  I do have the option to talk with my manager about changing my hours but I won’t be doing that anytime soon.  I don’t want to rock the boat right now.  I am on solid ground and everything is fine, but in my mind I think differently.  It’s tough being me sometimes but we all have our issues.

Last night I was relaxing and winding down, I heard some noise in my room put the TV on pause.  Nothing.  Then I said Bear is that you.  I got a response.  Bear had walked into my room after using the bathroom.  Very unusual.  He used to sleep with me every night like clock work.  I had both boys.  Now it’s anyone’s guess as to if I will have any cat in my room.  So I got him cleaned up and everything put away.  He opted to stay, which is fine.  I wrapped things up and called it a night.  I had both boys in my room.  Lights out and I was able to relax a bit before the first chirp.  Marvin wanted out.  Back to bed.  Then Bear made his way over by the bed and wanted me to pet him.  I got out of that and some how managed to fall asleep.  Had an unpleasant dream, woke up went to the bathroom.  Back in bed and guess who wants to hold hands?  Seriously it’s 2am and I need my beauty sleep.  He had me up for a while but I got him calmed down and eventually I was able to fall back asleep.  It was nice to have him back in my room.

Served the king (Bear) breakfast in my room, of course what I brought wasn’t good enough so he turned his nose up at it after a couple bites.  I didn’t realize this but he wasn’t protesting either, that is until I walked back into the room.  I rotated the plate for him, gave him a couple pets he lapped up a little gravy and then started making noise.  Okay so you get a new can of food.  He gobbled that down by the time I had my shower.  When I went in to get dressed he was asking for more food.  Did he get it?  Yes indeed, but he had to take his medicine first. 

I believe my cats will be the death of me.  I love them so much but they can try your last nerve.  I caught Bear in time, he needed to go to the bathroom but was in the hallway – too lazy to move but he was communicating to me with his wiggling and meowing.  I grabbed a pad and got it placed in time, 2 seconds later I would have had a mess to clean up.  So I got him cleaned up and then it was time to leave.  He really hammed it up for attention.  Which he wormed out of me.  He brings a lot of joy to me, but he also spends my money and eats me out of house and home, but if it wasn’t for love he wouldn’t be there. 

So dating life got interesting.  I had someone hit me up and we went back and forth in conversation.  Long story short he’s very interested in me.  He looks and sound good to me  However, the problem is were a million miles apart.  I need someone I can feel and touch, not  virtual boyfriend.  He’s not moving and neither am I, so don’t think this will last terribly long.  He wants me to text him, which is a big thing with guys these days.  I don’t just give anyone my cell phone number.  The exception being the hot waiter last week.  I really don’t even want to open the app he contacted me on.  I don’t want to hurt anyone or deliver bad news but I suppose it’s all just another day in the life when your in the dating game.  As for the waiter no contact yet.  It has been suggested to me that a lot of people don’t reach out right away so they don’t appear desperate.  I have been told that I should go back to the restaurant and get something to eat, as a way of making my presence known.  I would love to do nothing more than that and am considering it, but I think it will make me come off not only as desperate but as a bit of a stalker.  I don’t want to make him uncomfortable regardless how he feels about me.  Seeing him makes me light up but I realize the feeling might not be mutual and he could just be one of those people in the world that doesn’t know how to say no when the answer is truly no and there is no chance in hell that we would ever meet up.  Waiting sucks because you start to second guess yourself and have doubts but at the end of the day the ball is in his court and he has to make a choice about what to do.  All I can do is sit back and wait.

I ordered a logo shirt with my employers name on it a few weeks ago.  Something that I have been wanting to do for a while.  The thing is out for delivery today and deliveries are usually made by now.  I pray they don’t screw this up and that I get my shirt today.  UPS works great at home but not so much at work it’s like playing the lottery but the odds are a little better it’s 50 / 50.  Speaking of packages I have confirmed that Bear’s supplement is waiting for me at the post office, so I will make a special trip and stop by tonight.  Can’t wait to get him started on this, he probably won’t like it but I hope this is the miracle pill we have been waiting for and that he responds to it and no longer forms crystals. 

Got a call from a friend last night, his wife has a cyst on her ovary.  It needs to come out but the big question is, cancer or not?  Her doc already referred them to an oncologist and they see that doctor on Thursday.  Sounds like they know already that it is cancer and that simple surgery won’t fix it.  If this is cancer, I hope that her body responds to the treatment.  He would be beside himself if his wife died.  I can already tell he is scared.  He’s older than me we all used to work together.  I like them both and don’t want to see anything bad happen to them.  However, a little rain falls in everyone’s life from time to time. 

Speaking of which I got my next dose of rain.  Slight problem but it will all work out.  So back to work I go because I owe, I owe boy do I owe.  Great joke for the day … What do you call a red head that goes crazy?  Answer, Ginger Snap! 

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