21 July 2016

Bear & The Car

Bear came home today.  He was really putting on quite the show at the vet and I told some stories about him.  They never knew he was such an interesting cat.  I told them now you see why I can part with him and they totally understood.  I got his medicine as well as momma’s medicine refilled.  They worked to keep it on the low side of the estimate, which is good. 

As soon as he came home he wanted food, which I knew would be the case.  I got him taken care of.  Fed the girls and then I went to have supper.  He started chirping and he wanted water.  Got him water.  Back to taking care of me.  Chirp, time to rotate the plate.  Had dinner, then he starts in again.  Now it’s time for special food, got him a can of that.  Retired to the couch to take it easy.  He started up again.  It was like he just wasn’t happy.  Kind of nervous.  Jumped in his bed and went to the bathroom, very small amount.  Jumped out.  Still needing attention.  Jumped back in his bed went again a little amount.  Got him calmed down then the phone rings.  While I was on the phone he jumped back in his bed and really let loose.  Wow, so proud to see that.  I changed his bed out and now he is hiding under the couch.  As if he doesn’t feel good and just wants away from the world.

So I have to go by the compounding pharmacy to get more muscle relaxers for him, they called in a months supply.  Last time 12 pills were $40 I have no idea what 60 pills are going to cost.  I may have to tell them to chop the order in 1/2 I can shell out a ton of money on pills right now. 

He is going on Methionine it’s a pill and you have to cut it in two.  He will need 2 whole pills per day.  This will help break up the crystals and hopefully prevent him from blocking again.  This is his last hope, if this doesn’t work and he block up again quickly, sorry but I think we will be parting ways.  I will keep a very close eye on him. 

The vet wants to see him in a week just to make sure he is okay.  I have no plans on taking him back.  With all of the fluid they ran through his system he should be cleaner than clean.  I am going to limit his treats when I start back up.  Right now treats just means another can of wet food.  The more wet food he gets the better off he will be. 

I will admit he does have me worried but I am much happier now that he is at home. 

Dropped off the car this morning, I was extra early thinking that it would give them more time.  They said it would be done today, but I knew it wouldn’t.  Sure enough car is not done, they will finish it up tomorrow and give me a call.  Got a ride home in a nice Lincoln MKX.  It’s a very nice car but it goes for around $53 thousand dollars so it should be nice.  The nice ride didn’t help my new car fever.

I did some number crunching today and it looks like I can afford a new car but I am still going to be cautious and keep what I have, despite what the devil is telling me to do.  If I bite for a new car it will be later this year.  I look forward to getting my baby back home tomorrow.  Depending on how things go I might just go for pie or go back to the new place I was at a few weeks back. 

While I was sitting around doing nothing today, I took time to call the cable company and get my bill lowered by $10 per month for a year, which will help.  I use them for internet access.  That is $100 per year.  Then I reached out to AT&T about my uverse and they too took $10 off the bill for a year, so another $100 saved.  Beats not calling and not saving anything.  Every dollar helps. 

I am a little panicked from a financial standpoint but after running numbers today, it doesn’t appear that things are as tight as I presumed.  However, seeing how much money is going out the door is scary.  There is no way in hell I would survive if I lost my job.  I am serious about saving money, really need to build up a nice cushion. 

As for now I am going to climb the steps, eat some cheesecake and drink a large glass of chocolate milk.  Then it will be time to pass out cat medicine.  Brush my teeth and retire for the night, until I eventually fall asleep.  I got in 2 naps today – more than I should have. 

No doubt the kids will have me up early to get them breakfast.  They love their schedule.  Speaking of the little furry creatures, I caught Ruth on the kitchen table today – not once but twice.  She really has some guts.  I yelled at her and she just looked at me like are you talking to me.  Oh that really ticked me off so I got louder and then she got the message.  Horrible that I have to trim her claws this weekend, that won’t be any fun at all. 

Now to the cheesecake and beyond!  Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.

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