30 June 2016

Need a Laugh?

Sure who couldn’t use a good chuckle – it will help you forget your troubles and you might just have some fun.  So pick your favorite TV show and type it’s name along with the word bloopers into You Tube, then pick away.  It’s a wonder that I actually consume any food I have been doing this for a couple days and I am sure everyone wonders what the hell is so funny.  Some of them really get me going.  I have looked at Suits, Baby Daddy, Young & Hungry as well as The Big Bang Theory.  Good stuff.

So I checked the local treasurers website and still no property tax payment has been recorded.  Today I reached out to the bank.  I talked to the same person I talked to a year ago about my homeowners issue, only she didn’t remember me but I remembered her.  She passed the buck and said that she would have someone from customer service call me.  Yeah like that will do any good.  Sure as 2 and 2 is 4 I will be filing formal complaints with the appropriate regulatory agencies if they even come close to missing the payment.  I should have sat back and relaxed, waited for it to be late and then started screaming.  Instead I am on top of things because I can’t trust them (the bank) to be on top of things.  Very tempting to refinance just to get away from them but there are some issues with the house that I think might set off bells, primarily what I believe is mold in my bathroom and water staining in the master bedroom, as well as the unfinished shower.  Otherwise, I would be on the phone and making it happen.  I may still yet have to do this in order to get away from this particular bank.  I am not a fan of any mortgage company after the ordeal I went through in getting the property into my name, but that is a whole other story.

Driving into work this morning, I was in some odd state.  I wasn’t feeling pain or sadness, but I wasn’t overly happy either.  Sort of in a trance like state.  I kept drifting into thought while driving.  Then I would snap out of it, wonder how I got to this part in my commute and then fall back into another thought.  The biggest thing on my mind is talking to my boss about my sexuality.  While I don’t think this would happen I work in one of the few states left in the USA where you can be fired for being gay.  Yeah you come out on Monday and Tuesday you have no job.  This place isn’t known for that, we have openly gay people working throughout the place, so that won’t be an issue.  However, once you have felt a negative impact in any way, shape or form you tend to not want to repeat the process for fear that you will have a bad experience again.  Also in telling him I will be letting him know that there is content on my phone that I would rather be kept to myself.  Were not having this discussion until tomorrow but the ball is in motion and I can’t back out now.  It is a HUGE step for me to take but I think it will also help foster a better working relationship with my boss or so I hope.  He trusts me and took a chance in giving me the position so why not be 100% honest with him?  I don’t expect any negative consequences.

Well time for another meeting, oddly on Mobile Device Management.  It’s a time waster for an hour.  We are however inching closer and closer to the weekend, so that is a very good thing.  Happy Thursday and let’s bring on Friday!!

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