11 July 2016

Extended Warranty

Today I was very happy that I purchased an extended warranty.  I mentioned my AC problem and how I added Freon.  The dealer did a leak test and sure enough there was one.  The AC Evaporator Coil is leaking.  The cost of the repair is $2,000.00 because they have to pull the dashboard out.  It will take 9 hours to do the repair.  Cost to me is $100.  This repair alone covers the cost I paid for the contract and then some.  I’ve only had to use this warranty twice but it sure was a damn good thing to have.  There is no way in hell I can come up with $2,000.00 for a car repair. 

The bad news is like I said they have to pull the dash out.  I am not crazy about that at all.  Often when they put it back together things don’t always jive correctly.  Not to mention I installed my radar detector hiding the wires behind the dash, so you can’t tell I have one.  I have to rip that all out and usually there is only one reason why I rip it out, it’s because I am trading cars.  I also have to take more time off work and I am not at all happy about that.  They will give me a loaner for the day but all I will do is drive it home.  Not sure if I can get by with taking 1 day or if I will have to take 2 days.  Maybe 1 day and a late start on the 2nd day.  But you figure that I will need to reinstall my radar detector and that will take time so might as well take 2 days.

I had the same exact thing happen to me on my last car, only the experience was different.  I was backing out of the driveway and heard this loud pop noise.  The evaporator bit the dust.  That repair was also covered under a warranty.  I am bummed out about the car but once it’s all said and done I will be okay. Reason being is they can’t replace just the evaporator they have to replace the entire AC unit.  Not a bad deal. 

When I dropped the car off they told me that I needed to do a coolant flush.  Holy shit that is more money.  I dropped $200 for an oil change, coolant flush and to have the tires balanced.  The cost to rotate the tires was built into the price of the oil change.  I get a $10 rebate, wow.  Maybe it will come in time that I can put it towards the $100 I have to pay for the AC Repair. 

I did have a moment where I briefly thought about just getting a new vehicle but put that out of my mind because of the warranty.  The best part is I am still covered until I reach 100 thousand miles or until late September 2017.  Might as well drive it until the warranty comes close to running out, then it would make sense to get something new. 

Thought about going to my late co-workers funeral but by the time I got out of the dealer there is no way I could have made it and that is probably for the best.  I felt bad but it’s not like she will know I wasn’t there.  I did send my condolences to her family so that should suffice. 

Grabbed the mail on the way home and I have been here since close to noon.  Had my left over Fried Chicken for lunch.  Eric didn’t put in his phone number.  Fed the kids lunch.  Stocked the fridges with soda.  Started watching TV.  Cleaned up the DVR.  Worked in a nap.  Had a personal pizza for supper while watching a 99 cent movie called Get A Job on Amazon.  It’s got Miles Teller in it.  He’s HOT and it was funny.  Not a bad way to spend a dollar.  Fed the kids their dinner and here I am pecking away at the keyboard.

Still have to go and pack my lunch, get ready for tomorrow and pair & put away my socks.  I hate that because they are all varying shades of black and I rarely get a true match but it’s darn close.  No one has yet to call me on it and I don’t think they ever will. 

I got a lot accomplished this weekend but some how forgot to clean the microwave.  I blame that on the ants.  Yeah had an ant problem again yesterday.  Had to throw out all of Marv’s dry food.  That shit is expensive.  Wash the feeder and then kill all of the ants.  Never knew it but Wasp spray seems to instantly do the trick.  They are gone.  Usually I get them once per year but this year it’s been a couple times.  I am really clean and don’t leave food laying around, so it doesn’t make sense to me – but it’s been that way for several years now.  That and in the summer I have gnats in the house.  I have no idea where they come from, how they get in but they seem to appear out of nowhere.  It’s a dame shame they aren’t money. 

Speaking of money my bonus will be on my check Friday and I feel like it’s already spent.  Between the car & existing bills I wonder if I will ever be able to stock pile a decent sum of money away.  I am still going to try but it will just be harder.  The first person you have to pay is yourself – then pay your bills.  I normally pay the bills first and then pay myself.  I have to adopt a new mindset. 

Yesterday afternoon when I went out for cat food, I decided to reward myself and stopped at Denny’s for some nachos.  They were pretty good.  The place only had 1 other customer besides me.  The two waitresses were talking oddly about cars and money.  The one waitress said I told my boyfriend about how you got your guy a truck and it sounds shady.  So then I got the story.  Turns out her man had no credit and he needed a co-signer.  She had a credit score of 4 hundred something which is horrible.  It’s because she was late in paying her last car off.  She signed for him and he walked out with a $22 thousand dollar truck that he has to pay $26 thousand dollars for.  Then they started talking about credit scores and how to get credit and build a good score.  They had some of the basic concepts right but they still needed to be educated.  I wasn’t sticking my nose in, but the other guy in the place added his two cents in. 

Rule number 1 no matter who it is, no matter how much you love them or they give you pleasure – do not under any circumstances co-sign for anyone.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  I don’t think that the lady that did the cosigning realizes that regardless if they work out or not, she is financially obligated to pay for his truck, even if he decides to stop paying.  Plus even if she makes the payments should he stop paying, it will tank her credit and her credit score.  Shaking My Head. 

Back to the old bump and grind tomorrow.  4 days and then I will get a weekend again.  My boss is on vacation until next Monday so unless I call in sick, I can’t schedule anytime off until he returns.  I have to run a report to figure out how much time I have left and remember to deduct two days for the concert I am going to later in the year.  My big fear is that I will run out of time and have to take time without pay, which I can’t afford to do.  I will probably and hopefully breathe easier once I run the report.  Better to be aware than have your head in the clouds and get caught by surprise. 

So there you have it that’s a wrap on this guys 3 day weekend.  Talk with you all again soon.

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